Raritan Dominion PX - The most intelligent rack PDUs
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Raritan Dominion PX - The most intelligent rack PDUs



Raritan Dominion PX - The most intelligent rack PDUs

Raritan Dominion PX - The most intelligent rack PDUs



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  • At a macro level, we’re seeing many of our customers experiencing very similar IT pain points, including Lack of budgets and growing costs to IT operations over time (see chart) Challenges in keeping the many devices and software (from several vendors) that they have deployed over many years time Limited resources from a people perspective, for example having the right people with the right skills or having enough people Beginning to see customers worry about cost of power (see chart) Finally, the need and challenge to implement best practice processes to manage the IT organization, e.g. ITIL service support (Incident, problem, change, configuration, release mgmt) and service delivery So what’s the problem? The top chart should be very familiar as you many of you have seen this before. It’s about the cost of mgmt and admin associated with the sheer amount of servers being deployed. What’s getting more and more attention recently is the associated cost of power AND cooling those servers and the heightened awareness for data center efficiency and being green, so although the bottom chart looks similar to the top, it’s focused on a different cost center driven from the same root cause.
  • This is a chart published by ASHRAE (American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers), points out the fact that whether we’re talking about tape storage, standalone workstations, storage servers, compute servers, or communications, there is a GENERAL TREND towards higher equipment power densities. Blades, 1U, 2U, front/back racking, NAS, SAN, and very large com equipment like Cisco 7600 series with their 6000Watt power supplies are requiring A LOT more power & cooling per sq ft of space in the Data Center. I recently heard of a survey where the half of all respondents in the poll mentioned that they will run out of data center capacity by the end of 2008 if they continue at their current growth rate. If you think back to the internet boom, there was a lot of data center build out in anticipation of need back in the late 90s, to very early 2000’s, then the internet bust and lots of excess capacity. Well that capacity has been used up and back then nobody realized what kind of power/heat densities they would be dealing with. DC managers have to evolve and become much more intelligent and sophisticated about how they architect and manage their environments to gain maximum flexibility and efficiencies.
  • When you take a look at how the data center consumes power, the largest portion or about 50% is for servers and IT equipment while the balance for cooling, moving air, and losses from electrical conversions from when electricity enters the building to transformers, PDU’s (not rack PDU’s), RPPs, UPS’s (the whole AC to DC back to AC thing), and so forth.
  • In the initial release, we will keep the 7 most popular models in stock. Other models will be available on a custom basis.

Raritan Dominion PX - The most intelligent rack PDUs Raritan Dominion PX - The most intelligent rack PDUs Presentation Transcript

  • Dominion® PX PDU End User Introduction (Version 3) Prepared by: KVM Dot Ro (kvm.ro / raritan.ro ) February 23, 2009
  • Agenda
    • IT power challenges
    • Dominion PX solution
    • What is the Dominion PX?
    • Dominion PX management GUI
    • Current model options
    • Out of space
    • Heat densities
    • Out of power
    • Increasing power and cooling cost
    • Maintain uptime
    • Capacity planning
    • Green and efficiency
    Data Center Issues
  • Equipment power densities rising Equipment Power Densities Rising
  • Energy Usage in the Data Center Source: EYP Mission Critical Facilities Inc., New York
    • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study on data center power allocation:
    • 46 percent used by IT equipment such as servers
    • 23 percent used by HVAC cooling equipment
    • 8 percent by HVAC fans
    • 8 percent by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment losses
    • 4 percent by lighting
    • 11 percent other uses, e.g., misc. electrical losses, support office area, etc.
    Source: EPA, 2007
  • 3 Places to Measure Power Uptime institute, “4 Metrics that define Data Center Greenness”
  • Dominion PX Solution
    • The most intelligent rack PDUs
    • Real-time PDU-level and outlet-level monitoring of power
    • Remote PDU-level and outlet-level power switching
    • Rack temperature and humidity monitoring
    • Solutions that help IT administrators and facilities managers
    • Improve uptime and staff productivity
    • Efficiently utilize power resources
    • Make informed capacity planning decisions
    • Save power and money
    • Take a step towards becoming a more green data center
  • What is Dominion PX?
    • Remote power control
    • PDU-level and outlet-level power switching
    • Integrated with Dominion KX II, Paragon II and CommandCenter Secure Gateway
    • Power metering and environmental monitoring
    • RMS current and power metering, locally and remote, at strip and outlet level
    • Temperature and humidity probe options
    • History function for highest current used
    • Alerts and traps (SNMP, SMTP, Syslog)
    • IP ready
    • Web interface (HTML)
    • IPMI 2.0, SMASH-CLI
    • SNMP alerts controls
    • Secure
    • Modern circuit breaker and soft breaker
    • 256-bit AES encryption hardware core
    • User authentication via LDAP, MSAD, CCSG
    • SSH CLI
    • No management hardware/software required
  • Dominion PX Front View Serial (RJ-45) Feature (RJ-12) LAN (RJ-45) Blue ON Indicator
    • Serial: Connects to the serial (COM1) port on computer
    • Feature: Sensors, e.g., temperature
    • LAN: Connects to network
  • Dominion PX Rear View Outlet #8 Outlet #1 Push either button to cycle through outlets. Push both buttons to toggle between Volts and Amps. Top display: Volts or Amps Bottom display: Outlet number Outlet 00 is entire PDU LED outlet indicator: RED: Power ON (relay closed) and LIVE (voltage present) RED Flashing: ON and LIVE but current has crossed non-critical threshold GREEN: OFF (relay open) and LIVE GREEN Flashing: OFF and circuit breaker OFF YELLOW Flashing: ON and NOT LIVE (circuit breaker open or other high voltage rail error)
  • Dominion PX Management GUI Outlets Display Turn individual or group of outlets OFF and ON and monitor the outlets or PDU level power consumption Each outlet features an icon whose color and flashing status indicates the status of the outlet.
  • Dominion PX Management GUI Outlets Details Window Displays the current, voltage and power values and status of a specific outlet and allows the user to power on, off and cycle the outlet.
  • Dominion PX Management GUI Event Log Settings Window Allows users to configure event logging, including selecting the desired events and entering the e-mail address for notifications or other standards-based methods for storing events.
  • Dominion PX Management GUI Outlet Setup Window Allows users to give each outlet a name to help identify the connected devices and to set non-critical and critical thresholds.
  • Current Model Options
    • Zero U, 1U, 2U units
    • 8, 12, 20 NEMA and IEC outlets
    • NEMA and IEC plugs
    • Amp / Voltage options
      • 15A, 20A, 30A / 120V
      • 20A, 30A / 208V
      • 16A, 32A / 250V
      • Custom configurations available
    • Max. total PDU load: 32A, 8000 W
    IEC NEMA IEC 60302 C-13 IEC 60309 6H-P NEMA 5-15R NEMA 5-15P NEMA 5-20P NEMA L5-20P NEMA L5-30P NEMA L6-20P NEMA L6-30P
  • 5 Things to Know About Dominion PX
    • Dominion PX provides
    • Accurate outlet-level and PDU-level metering with thresholds and alerting
    • Standalone remote outlet switching and seamless integration with Raritan console management
    • Innovative environmental monitoring and sensor support
    • The most secure with 256-bit AES encryption, strong passwords, SNMP V3 encryption, granular user/group permissions, and support for existing enterprise directory services, e.g. LDAP and RADIUS.
    • The only PDU that supports the latest standards based mgmt protocols, SNMP V2, V3, sets/gets/traps, IPMI, SMASH-CLP
    Raritan improves data center uptime, capacity planning, and enables efficiency greening of the data center with the industry’s most intelligent rack power distribution unit.
  • Thank You kvm.ro / raritan.ro (Raritan Romania)