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Santiago Rodriguez Portfolio April 09 Slideshare


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This file is my own hybrid business & design portfolio

This file is my own hybrid business & design portfolio

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Full time MBA Candidate 2009 April 2009 Santiago Rodriguez de Miguel Business & Design Portfolio
  • 2. Contents
    • My Design Thinking Experience
    • seniorWeb
    • IBD project – Vietnam National University
    • Study on Social Networks
    • Darden Innovation Challenge 2007
    • Selco Cosmetics
    • L’Oreal
    • Blogging
  • 3. My Design Thinking Experience Frameworks Observations Solutions Imperatives Abstract Concrete Analysis Synthesis
  • 4. seniorWeb
    • Group project for New Product Development class Fall 2008 Professors Sara Beckman, Nathan Shedroff and Alice Agogino UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
    • Challenge
    • Enhance the way senior citizens communicate and gather information
    • Process
    • Assessment of user needs through observation and interviews
    • Mapping of alternative solutions / competitive landscape
    • Iterative concept development
    • Prototype development
    • Solution
    • Developed a new desktop interface for senior citizens to communicate, share files and pictures and do collaborative web browsing with friends and relatives
    • Learnings
    • New Product Development process
    • Design Thinking
    • Cross-functional teams
    • Tools for team effectiveness
  • 5. User need’s assessment Concepts Affinity diagram Project collaboration site and design journal Final prototype Personas
  • 6. Business Plan, Vietnam National University
    • International Business Development - Consulting project Summer 2008
    • College of Economics (COE), Vietnam National University. Hanoi
    • UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
    • Challenge
    • Develop a business plan for the launch of an advanced undergraduate business degree at Vietnam National University's College of Economics.
    • Process
    • Students’ surveys and in-depth interviews with stakeholders and industry experts
    • Global education trends research and competitive analysis assessment
    • Development of frameworks to drive strategic recommendations
    • Prioritization of recommendations and implementation action plan
    • Solution
    • Developed a comprehensive business plan and implementation roadmap that would allow COE to become a top 20 business school in Asia 10-20 year time frame
    • Learnings
    • Education industry, Business school strategy and management
    • Client management
    • High-performance team dynamics
    • Cultural immersion
  • 7. Framework for recommendations Positioning map Vision statement
  • 8. Study on Social Networks
    • Group Independent Study Spring 2008 Supervised by Professor Rashi Glazer UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
    • Challenge
    • Identify and validate the core value proposition of online social networking as perceived by the consumers. Form recommendations on possible future developments
    • Process
    • Ecosystem and competitive landscape analysis
    • Value proposition research, including user focus groups, surveys and interviews with industry experts
    • Mapping of actual and potential monetization schemes
    • Solution
    • Paper that describes explicit and implicit behaviors of online social network users, proposes specific product and pricing recommendations and suggests next steps in research
    • Learnings
    • Communication behaviors on the social network platform
    • Social applications and their impact in the value of a social network
    • Transferability of "Social Capital" from offline to online
  • 9. Monetization schemes for Social Networks Social networks’ ecosystem
  • 10. Darden Innovation Challenge 2007 International Case Competition University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
    • Challenges
    • Creating a new experiential service for Harley-Davidson
    • Process
    • Brainstorming session / ideation
    • Customer engagement model
    • Concept development
    • Solution
    • On and off-line campaign aimed at capturing user-generated stories. TV show and companion website designed to galvanize core users and incorporate dreamers and pre-dreamers into an extended brand community
    • Learnings
    • Idea generation
    • Teamwork under time pressure
    • Presentation skills
    • My team achieved the fourth position amongst more than 300 contestants!
  • 11. Customer engagement model Press mock ad
  • 12.
    • Challenge
    • Help students in Spanish-speaking countries make the most of their college experience through social networking
    • Process
    • Customer needs assessment, segmentation analysis and optimal market positioning
    • Initial product concept. Translation into product specifications
    • Designed marketing collateral
    • Solution
    • Launched online university oriented social network for Spanish-speaking countries
    • Designed and oversaw the website launch campaign in Spain
    • Learnings
    • Tech entrepreneurship
    • Principles of web design Online Social Networking website Co- founder and CEO
  • 13. Profile and picture pages Banner Product specs
  • 14.
    • Retailing of men’s cosmetics
    • Co-founder and CEO
    Selco Cosmetics
    • Challenge
    • Launch of a new retail concept for men's cosmetics
    • Process
    • Extensive research on men's cosmetics industry
    • Coordinated prototype development
    • Designed corporate logo, frontal advertising surface and product displays
    • Solution
    • Innovative business model combining POS advertising, sampling & cosmetics distribution through vending machines
    • Learnings
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Prototyping
    • Business model and design interconnections
  • 15. Point of sale prototype “ Frankie”
  • 16. L’Oreal
    • Challenge
    • Supervision of merchandising budget (Euro1M+)
    • Process
    • Coordinated merchandising for the make-up products category
    • Development of point of sale non-permanent materials, from concept selection to point-of-sale implementation
    • Management of permanent materials, from specifications and to point-of-sale implementation and updating and renovation decisions
    • Other
    • Carried out extensive quantitative and qualitative market research: Nielsen sales data analysis, focus groups, Concept and Use tests, etc.
    • Learnings
    • Project management
    • Cross-functional teams
    • Customer research
    Product Manager and merchandising supervisor Lancome. L’Oreal Luxury Products Division. Madrid ˆ ´
  • 17. Blogging seemingly unconnected seemingly unconnected, a spin-off from my personal blog, reflects my personal views on marketing, design and inspiration