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Boat enviromentalist
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Boat enviromentalist


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. NATIONAL SERVICE OF LEARNING FORM FORMATION`S PROJECT Dirección General Dirección de Formación Profesional Name: __Boat Environmental__________________________________ Grade: _9-D_______ Direction Web: Equipo89d@blogspot.com_______________________ Tel: 419-4440______________ I.E.T.I.S.D 1.2 MUNICIPALITY: Marinilla 1.1 EducationalInstitution: Boat environmental 1.2 Name of the project: god my perfil for the gorld of work (gradesa integration of the I.E.T.I.S.D with the technical media) 1.3 Training Program that responds to 10 months 1.4 Estimated time of execution of the project (months): (finance ondas) 1.5Companies or institutions that take part in his formulation or financing : (if exist) 1.7 Key words of search half-ambient
  • 2. 2. Structure of the Project 2.1 Approaching the Problem pretendemos solve the problems of the enviroment includin water (especiality the of marinilla) and other mucipalities 2.2 Justification of theProject for wath:this project will help us to decontaminate the water of rivers and streams .for what: marinilla purified and deams the water of the rivers and not have diseases 2.3 General objetive this project called enviromental boat we want it to crate to decontaminate the water of the rivers 2.4 Specific objetive: the planet is growing closer destroy by shortoge of water this is focused in decontaminating water river in our municipality people do not realize that the contamination this damaging all sources water and is one of the principality in our daily life 2.5 scope 2.5.1 Beneficiaries of theproject our whole community Social Economic don´t spend money just with the energy solar we will work Environmental will not pollute the enviromental Technological 2.5.2 Impact better health charlie 2.5.3 Restrictionsorassociatedrisks: when there is no sun for much time will not be recharge the panel solar and will not operate the boat 2.5.4. Products or results of the project a water potable,purifica descontaminated
  • 3. 2.6:Innovation/ Technologicalmanagement Yes The project addresses a need of the productive sector yes/no Yes The project improves the process / product / service exists?. yes/no Yes The project involves the use of new techniques and process technologies yes/no Not The end products are susceptible to industrial protection and / or copyright yes/no Yes The products obtained in the project can be positioned in the market?. yes/no 2.7 Productiveassessment Yes With the development of the project can meet the need for a potential customer. yes/no Feasibility of project business plan yes/no Yes 3. Planning
  • 4. 3.1 PROCESSSTAGES Fase 1: Fundamentación PHASE 2:formulación PHASE 3:DIAGNOSTIC 3.2 ACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT 3.3. RESULTS OF LEARNING(a partirof the program of formation) 3.4 ASSOCIATEC DESCRIPTION OF THEACTIVITY OMPETITION TEACHERSTHA HOURS TTAKEPART EVIDENCES Brainstorm Ask l.u.p video reflection This had various ideas of Natural construction sciences, the proyect technology to give the soluction ask research jusfication objetives Frameword Theoretical solutions With this we word and Natural pusimo name sciences, the proyect technology solved you the ask We solved questions and Jairo miranda started with the construction of Alba ines the proyect Two hours Blogger Portafolio Learned to handle internet tool Natural sciences, technology We learned to word with our Jairo miranda proyect on the internet working Alba ines with multiple programs Two hours Blogger We word in the exposure the technology where we show our proyect technology We set out our proyect to companions of the hau Two hours Blogger 4 PHASE:ANALYSIS AND Ask CONSTRUCTION OF THE Queen PROPOSAL We organized teams and relations with the technology steps Jairo miranda Alba ines Jairo miranda Alba ines Two hours Videos Photos Blogger Prezi Poster Portafolio Portafolio
  • 5. 5 PHASE: Blogger We word in the exhibition Natural the sciences, technology technology where we show our pr.. We set ou to all the students of the institution and parentsto show nuesyro proyect Jairo miranda Alba ines Luz marina Six hours Poster Photos Portafolio Blogger