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Neyveli lignite corporation limited
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Neyveli lignite corporation limited






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  • 50% indian lignite reserve3300 mil tonnes in 480 sqkmsIso 9001 quality 14001 environment
  • Maharatnanavaratnaminiratnapse
  • Afforestation and ash handling
  • Low ash / Rapid and complete combustion / 25 million years neededMoisture due to Ground water Aquifer exerting pressure nearly 6-8 Kg/cm2Hard strata – bwe teeth vanadium
  • German Excavation technology in opencast mining, using Bucket Wheel Excavators, Conveyors and Spreaders is used in this Mine for the first time in India.(about 11 times of overburden is to be removed for mining one tonne of lignite).Storm Water Management: evacuating the flood water through float pump mounted on floating pontoons
  • To meet the fuel needs of the 250 MW Independent Power Project put up at Neyveli and additional requirements of NLC's Thermal Power Stations, NLC has developed a new mine, Mine-IA The Mine-IA project is one of the mega projects of NLC that has been completed without cost and time over run.
  • Mine-II had to face problems in the excavation of sticky clayey soil during initial stageThe lignite production in this mine meet the fuel requirements of Thermal Power Station-II. The method of mining and equipment used are similar to that of Mine-I.
  • Unit 1 347 Days of continuous servicethe readiness of the generating station to deliver ex-bus output expressed as a percentage of its related ex-bus output capability as per rated capacity.
  • Mu p baseddcs
  • Largest lignite fired thermal power station in Asia,First and tallest tower type boiler in the country (92.7m height),First software based burner management systemFirst hydrogen/hydrogen cooled generator of this size.D digital CS
  • Vilai pattiyal
  • The main core activity of NLC is Lignite Excavation and power generation using lignite excavated. Also raw lignite is being sold to small scale industries to use it as fuel in their production activities.

Neyveli lignite corporation limited Neyveli lignite corporation limited Presentation Transcript

  • NEYVELI LIGNITECORPORATION LIMITED ‘Navaratna’ – A Government of India Enterprise The Black Pride of Tamil Nadu
  • ‘Navaratna’ Enter prise
  • NLC INSTITUTIONS1. Mines i. Mine I ii. Mine IA iii. Mine II2. Thermal Power Stations i. TPS I ii. TPS I Expansion iii. TPS II3. Fertilizer plant
  • BLACK DIAMONDFixed 20%CarbonAsh 3%Moisture 53%Volatile 24%MatterCalorific 2400value KCal/Kg
  • MINE I Area of 26.69 sq.kms. with a reserve of 365 million tones. Production capacity of 10.5 million tones of lignite per annum Feeds lignite to the 600 MW capacity of First Thermal Power Stationand 420MW Thermal Power Station I Expansion. The lignite seam was first exposed in August 1961 and regular miningof lignite commenced in May 1962. Overburden thickness : 50-95 metres, lignite thickness : 10-23 metres.
  • MINE IA Capacity of 3 million tonnes of lignite per annum. Reserve of 120 million tonnes Area of 11.6 sq.kms. The excavation of overburden commenced on 30th July 2001 andthe lignite production commenced on 30th March 2003.
  • MINE II Capacity 4.7 MT of lignite per annum Area of 26 sq.kms. with 390 million tonnes reserves. The initial mine cut was started in April 1981. The lignite seamwas first exposed in September 1984 and regular lignite miningcommenced from March 1985. Overburden thickness : 50-100 m and the lignite thickness : 8 to22m.
  • TPS I Indo-Soviet Collaboration Capacity : 600MW Commissioned with one Unit of 50 MW in May 1962. Presently this Power Station consists of six units of 50 MW each and three unitsof 100 MW each. The Power generated from this Thermal Station is fed to the Grid of TamilNadu Transmission Corporation Limited(TANTRANSCO),the sole beneficiary. From 01.01.2007 Availability Based Tariff is used.
  • TPS IA Capacity - 2 X 210 MW Date of Govt. Approval - 12.02.1996 Lignite Requirement - 2.94 Million Tonnes per annum Lignite source - MINE - I Expansion (4 MT / ANNUM)
  • TPS II Thermal power station - II has been a major source of power to all southernstates of India. Capacity - 1470MW Consists of 7 units of 210MW each. The first 210MW unit was synchronized in March 1986 and the last unit in June1993. Meeting the needs of Southern States viz., Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh and Union Territory of Pondicherry
  • TOTAL CORPORATE POPULATIONType of Employee Count Number Executives 4031 Non-executives 7899 Labour 6504 Total 18434
  • WELFARE TO EMPLOYEES Township with over 21000 houses Subsidised transport Medicare with 369 bed hospital (being expanded to 500) supported by5 peripheral dispensaries. Canteens - 8 Industrial Canteens. Education - 34 schools and 1 college in Neyveli Campus. Sports with all infrastructural facilities..
  • TPS I Power Generation : 600 MW ( 6 * 50 MW + 3 * 100 MW) in 9 units ALLOTED TO % TNEB Export 79% Station Consumption 12% NLC schemes 9%(Mines, Township & others)
  • TPS IA Power Generation : 420 MW ( 2 * 210 MW ) in 2 units ALLOTED TO % KPTCL 22.00 KSEB 14.00 TNEB 46.00 PONDY 3.00Unallocated power 15.00
  • Power Generation : 1470 MWTPS II ( 7 * 210 MW ) in 7 units ALLOTED TO % ACTUALAndhra Pradesh 19 277 MW Karnataka 14 199 MW Kerala 10 153 MW Tamil Nadu 30 441 MW Pondicherry 5 80 MW NLC (Aux & Internal 7 100 MW consumption)Unallocated share 15 220 MW
  • Project brief onFUTURE PLANS
  • COMMISSIONING PROJECT CAPACITY SCHEDULE Commissioned inMine-II Expansion 4.5 MTPA March 2010 Unit-I Dec 2010TPS-II Expansion 2x250 MW UNit-II Jun 2011 Barsingsar Commissioned in 2.10 MTPAMine(Rajasthan) January 2010 Barsingsar Unit-I Jun 2010 2x125 MWPower(Rajasthan) Unit-II Sep 2010Coal based power Unit-I Apr 2012 (2x500 MW) project Tuticorin Unit-II Aug 2012
  • Thank you By Santhosh Sachithanantham EEE final year SMVEC batmansanthosh@gmail.comWednesday, December 14, 2011 © 2011 SAN Labs