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100416 gaming   lab seminar

100416 gaming lab seminar






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    100416 gaming   lab seminar 100416 gaming lab seminar Presentation Transcript

    • Gaming
      - Essays on Algorithmic Culture
      Song, Junho
      Digital Contents Convergence, GSCST, SNU
      16 April 2010
      • Gamic Action, Four Moments
      • Origins of the First-Person Shooter
      • Social Realism
      • Allegories of Control
      • Countergaming
    • Gamic Action, Four Moments
      • Flow
      Photographs  images
      Films moving images
      Video game actions
      (ARG  experience)
      Camera vsjoystic (vs media )
      Image vsaction (vs experience)
      Watching vs doing (vs surprising )
      - Player act <-> Machine act
    • Gamic Action, Four Moments
      • Operator, machine and diegetic, nondiegetic
      Pure Process
      • ambience act
      • ‘Shenmue’
      • move act, fire
      Subjective Algorithm
      • pause, cheats, setup action
      • ‘Warcraft3’, ‘Final Fantasy X’
      • game over, gauge
      (knowing – unknowing)
    • Origins of the First-Person Shooter
      • Subjective Shot
    • Origins of the First-Person Shooter
      • Subjective Shot
      Mental Affect
      - to show the optical perspective of a drugged, drowsy, drunk… intoxicated character
      Detachment or Distancing
      - the feeling of disembodiment
      Criminals and Monsters
      - criminals, monsters or characters deemed inhuman
      - computerized, cybernetic or machinicvision (Terminator, Robocop, Predator)
      cinema, subjective shot  game, FPS
    • Origins of the First-Person Shooter
      • Gamic Vision
      film game
      angle director has complete control over player control
      space build only the portion of the set all frames
      time & space director control & discontinuous player control & continuous
      first-person use it for special occasions use it effectively
    • Social Realism
      • Issues
      - new generation of cyber-warriors ready to fight real foes
      realistic training tools
      - representation  correspondence
      watch play, action
      meaning creation
      Plato Mimesis Aristotle
      • “Realisticness” vs Social Realism
      - realistic narrative and realistic representation
      SOCOM VS. The Sims,
      Unreal Tournament VS. Grand Theft Auto 3
      ※ representation-- chasm --empirical reality
      - realism in the cinema
      “phenomenological qualities” (dirty details, hopeful desires…)  social critique
      Neo-Realism : nonprofessional actors, real life scenery, long takes ….
       social political practice
    • Social Realism
      • “Realisticness” vs Social Realism
      - realism in game
      not just realistic representation, but reflect critically personal drama, everyday..
       ‘reality game’ kumawar.com
      • The Congruence Requirement
      - ‘play will become more and more linked to broad social structures of control’
      - protorealism
      - riot game : State of Emergency
      rife with absurdities, brutal realities of urban violence
      marginalized communities(disenfranchised youth, ethnic minorities)
      unbridled anticorporate rebellion
      - EtoyvseToys
      social reality of the gamer  game environment
    • Social Realism
      • Are Military Games Realist?
      - ‘America’s Army’ designed and published by the US Army
      vs realism (direct criticism of current society)
       fun, well designed but not realist
      - ‘Special Force’ released by the Lebanese organization Hizbullah
      - ‘Under Ash’ released by the Syrian publisher Dar Al-Fikr
      social ideology
      • The Affect of the Gamer
      - realism in gaming requires a special congruence
      between the social reality depicted in the game and lived by the player
      - Hollywood filmmaker : representation
      realist filmmaker : social realities
      realist game designer : social realities and correct social milieu
      fidelity of context is key for realism in gaming
    • Allegories of Control
      • Playing the Algorithm
      - ‘Allegorical interpretation is a type of scanning that, moving back and forth across the text…
      - ‘They are structuring absences.’
      - ‘digitization’ of allegorical interpretation
      text  video machine + PC
      - ‘intermedia network’ called by Gene Youngblood
      - Deleuze
      ‘disciplinary societies’ ‘societies of control’
      were characterized by physical semiotic immaterial ones
      signature, document password, computer(networks)
      confinement, enclosure extension of controlled mobility
      - social transformation
      MS call center : from Redmond to Bangalore
      SARS : global medical surveillance system
      military : computer networks  weapons system
    • Allegories of Control
      • Playing the Algorithm
      - film : informatic control is the most important thing (CONTROL)
      representation of political control is eclipsed
      The Wrong Man - Hitchcock, The Killer – John Woo, Bad Boys, Heat….
      conspiracy film
      - video game
      play  play the code of the game
      win  know the system
      interpret  interpret its algorithm (to discover its parallel ‘allegorithm’)
      ex. Sid Meier’s Civilization 3
      - player can execute an algorithm in order to win
      hidden login – its algorithm
      - not sublimating, but making it coterminous with the entire game
    • Allegories of Control
      • A Theory of Pretending
      - definition of allegory
      extended metaphor  enacted metaphor
      - parallelism : actual playing of the game AND the playing of informatics
      - allegory consists of
      NOT a text and another text, BUT an enacted text and another enacted text
    • Countergaming
      • Artist-Made Game Mods
      - video game is modified by
      visual design, rules of the game, software technology
      - spaces to be seen and watched , rather than played
      Brody Condon
      - countercinema
      against the formalist and ideological domination of Hollywood cinema
    • Countergaming
      • Radical Action
      - fiction vs. reality : not a useful classification scheme for gaming
      Conventional video game Countergaming