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mHealth Strategic Vision at du
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mHealth Strategic Vision at du


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Our vision and conceptualisation of where telcos wil play in the mobile health field

Our vision and conceptualisation of where telcos wil play in the mobile health field

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  • 1. Mobile Health 2012Facilitating healthcare through connectedcommunitiesSantanu
  • 2. Facilitating socio economic transformation is enabling change incore sectors; healthcare and finance are key Organize society into sectors of interest – health, education, entertainment, leisure, retail, banking, government in a phased manner Develop the community into a secure reliable network of known users and suppliers who begin to transact and interact safely and conveniently on a network through devices and interfaces that are intuitive Understand preferences and offer bouquet of services that will be consumed – appeal to the individual, give him health wellness and infotainment content
  • 3. The world is going digital and the region’s usage trends bright interms of mobile internet and application penetration • Within the UAE there are 3.7 million Internet users, currently accounting for 75% of the population. • UAE has the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, more mobiles than people Market Internet Internet Mobile users penetration % penetration % Healthcare + Information Technology + Wireless Jun 2011 Jun 2011 Jun 2011 KSA 11,400,000 43.6% 166% UAE 3,777,900 75% 193% Qatar 563,800 66.5% 100% Bahrain 649,300 53.5% 144% Kuwait 1,100,000 42.4% 106% Oman 1,093,420 26.4% 82% © Source and Credit – Optinet, Cweb survey, UAE Wave 7,14,19
  • 4. The stage is set for a revolution again – this time in bringinginnovation in healthcare delivery to an empowered consumerInnovative models of healthcaredelivery, disease management,information usage and connectedhealthcare governance are emerging © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed
  • 5. The healthcare sector is changing – again! The imperatives of costburden and personalised healthcare are real
  • 6. Telecom has a social responsibility to enable this transformationand is poised through sectoral strengths to facilitate this.• Personalised actionable healthcare will be enabled• Healthcare to the home is an achievable target• Behavioral changes matter and will be encouraged• Access to healthcare is paramount and will be delivered• Linking patients to their doctors is needed and life saving © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed
  • 7. Dire need to manage epidemic-like spread of lifestyle diseases –hyper tension, diabetes, obesity threaten the nation’s healthmHealth has the capability to connectpatients and healthcare providers,empower patients, and create a vasthealth network that can lead to improvedoutcomes © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed
  • 8. Its ALWAYS ON – the mobile device is ubiquitous, connected andpersonal and brings everyone closer to the moment The Motivated Healthy The Information Seekers The Chronically ill Make it easy! Adoption will depend on making the healthcare information & monitoring process easy for consumers. They need simple, intuitive, yet feature- rich devices and online tools that are designed for their specific needs. © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed © Source and Credit – IBM: The Future of Connected Devices
  • 9. A growing awareness in the youth and healthy for fitness and selfresponsibility is creating the World of Wellness Mobile Internet Users Internet Users Age & gender of mobile Internet users (MENA) Young people dominate the net © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed © Source and Credit – Optinet, Cweb survey, UAE Wave 7,14,19
  • 10. The Doctor is IN – the physician of the future is Smart Phoneready and willing! © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed
  • 11. The challenge – align clinical drivers & sustainable businessmodels; work of regulators & govt for right policy will be key Unmet Regulatory Medical Approvals NeedsChange in Medical Innovation Practice Business Development Alignment Clinical Trial Validation © Source and Credit – Images – TED, TEDMed
  • 12. du is committed to the long term success of these initiatives –content, connectivity and mHealth is a strategic pillar Smart Health is the utilization of mobile communication technologies to deliver healthcare services. It is our brand for the portfolio of all mobile health and eHealth services.
  • 13. Connected communities that own a stake in their own wellnessand prosperity – will be the building blocks of modern Arabia • Our customers are our reason • The region’s needs drive us • Technology has enabled us • Our vision will create possibilities
  • 14. Add life to lifeis our brand promise...