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  1. 1. Website: Firefox<br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?35750588900Is it user friendly?35750595250Appealing to both students and teacher33845570485<br />Description of website: I actually had some practice using Mozilla Firefox. It is one of the web browsers I use. Currently, I am using Internet Explorer on my laptop, but when I do use Firefox I am able to identify the differences. Firefox is definitely faster the Internet Explorer, it is easy to use and navigate, and it has great security that protects my desktop computer safe from viruses and threats.<br />Website: Moodle<br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?35750554610Is it user friendly?35750583820Appealing to both students and teacher357981113420<br />Description of website: A great way for professors to keep students updated on their assignments and grades. As a student, Moodle is a user friendly website. I am able to upload all of my assignments that are due all on one site, I can also keep in touch with my classmates and professors through chat or messaging.<br />Website: Delicious<br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?35798077812Is it user friendly?35798067929Appealing to both students and teacher35750588900<br />Description of website: I really like this site! It is a great tool where I am allowed to save all of my favorite websites all into one place. I enjoyed practicing my bookmarking, tags, bundles, and network skills. Its DELICIOUS!<br />Website: Google Apps <br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?33845581280Is it user friendly?33517956846Appealing to both students and teacher29675878334<br />Description of website: I have never had a Gmail account. ED 451 as allowed me to explore this site and frankly I like it. I never knew that Google offered many things until I took this course. I thought Google was just for research, but I was completely wrong. I really like how I could create a document in my Gmail account, I am able to keep meetings and appointments using calendar. <br />Website: Blogger <br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?34344573462Is it user friendly?32385040640Appealing to both students and teacher34290085090320392-306182<br />Description of website: Blogger was definitely a step out of my comfort box. I am used to Facebook and Myspace, but this sort of blogging was all new to me. I really like how I am able to share my work with people on the web if followed. This site is great to for students to read each others assignment and leave comments about the assignment. One thing I really like about Blogger is having the opportunity to choose a template. Since this site is “out of my box” I did have some difficulties. I had difficulties inserting tables and indenting paragraphs. With a little more practice, I am sure I could get the hang of this. <br />Website: Prezi<br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?33464583820Is it user friendly?33464589535Appealing to both students and teacher33464588265<br />Description of website: I LOVE Prezi! This PowerPoint look alike is a fantastic tools for students to use when they have a presentation. Its innovative and mind boggling to use. It could be a bit tedious and time consuming, but not so difficult to use. I really liked this site because it portrayed a mind mapping outline for my ideas, I was able to upload pictures and I recently found out that videos could also be uploaded into this site. It is fun and easy to use.<br />Website: Media Fire<br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?35029673468Is it user friendly?35029686637Appealing to both students and teacher35029685073<br />Description of website: MediaFire is a great site to store documents, presentations, videos, and images. This site is not only for storing, but also great for sharing. This site is easy for students to use, downloading files is quick depending on the file size, and students will be able to organize their files by creating folders. <br />Website: Yugma<br />Awesome!5Great!4Nice!3Interesting!2Its Okay1Is the website useful?38925564770Is it user friendly?38925555245Appealing to both students and teacher38954861706<br />Description of website: Yugma is an online conferencing website. It serves like a regular chatroom and what I like about this tool is that the one is hosting the conference could display their desktop to the others in the chatroom. This site is great for students to communicate with others, as well as their teachers. This site could be used for group meetings and presentation purposes. The downfall of this site is that there is no source of media such as speakerphone or webcam and the textbox is pretty small to use. This site can be very tedious, the one hosting the conference has to send personal invites to those whom he/she wants to communicate with. <br />