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  • Before we get into introductions, lets open with building some context of my topic of discussion -
  • Let’s start by a good marketing strategy – your brand’s all over the place – You got all the Ps right – Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. So you paint the town with your brand….
  • But oops..there goes the million dollars spent in marketing…the very powerful “word of mouth ” and “social influence” is deciding today whether consumers will buy your product or not. So there is no debating the fact that you need to integrate your social media strategy into your marketing strategy..hopefully during the course of this presentation we might find a way to do it! `````````````````````````
  • That’s what the social influence comprises of – Recommendations, Opinions, Conversations, Word of Mouth…its not a new phenomena! They have always been influencing buying decisions and Brand Perceptions. Its nothing new. But hey…now you what makes them run on steroids or more powerful are the social platforms which are enabling this social influence to travel so fast that brands are finding difficult to catch up! Earlier a bad experience was shared between a group of friends but now it can spread into millions, it gets archived or worse searchable!
  • Small tag cloud about myself…..I incubated quasar talk as specialized division within quasar about an year we are a strong team and of course making good revenue..
  • Unfortunately, our medium has been a tick mark medium – this is from a marketers perspective. The tick mark has played a vital role in our industries growth but please give us a break…
  • Initially for many marketers the digital media was a tick mark….lets do it because we have to do it Then came search…then viral…and now its happening to social…clients after clients keep coming to us with a brief “they want to do something on social”
  • Do you think that’s integration at all – Social is actually a far cry…but its good to start somewhere!
  • Lets start with some basics…every brand has a defined personality…every brand stands for some attributes which makes a brand stand out and be distinct in perception and positioning from others!
  • Brands live their personality through the visuals, the tones they use, the activities they indulge in and associations they form. Of course its very important for a brand to deliver on its promise to live to consumer expectation of the brand’s personality but here I am just talking about the communication aspects…the aspects which builds the perception for the brand.
  • Social Media lets you do all of this – When a brands take a decision to go to social media. It’s a very strategic decision to give life to the brand. To actually humanize the brand – wasn’t that always the marketers dream. Social Media can help brands live that dream and get talking straight to their customers, become their friends and share yours and theirs joys and sorrows!
  • Social media sandeep_sansylos

    1. 1. INTEGRATING Social Media into Marketing Strategy
    2. 5. Sandeep Singh @zynx Quasar Business Head Digital Media Social Media Quasar Talk Photographer WPP Q M Hi! Beta
    4. 7. Digital Medium Search Viral Facebook / Twitter Marketer’s Perspective
    5. 8. Integration Any one?
    6. 11. Masculine
    7. 12. Celebrations
    8. 13. Seductive
    9. 17. Activities
    10. 20. Answer 4 Questions to chalk out your Social Media Strategy
    11. 21. Who are you ? If the brand was a person how will he be personified in digital space?
    12. 22. What do you stand for? If the brand was a person what values, activities, agendas it stands for?
    13. 23. What you say? If the brand was a person what conversations it will be a part of?
    14. 24. How do you say it? If the brand was a person how will he speak in these conversations?
    15. 25. Your Brands SOCIAL DNA
    16. 26. SOCIALIZE
    17. 27. Do’s & Don'ts
    18. 28. [1] Think Long Term
    19. 29. [2] Plan before you jump
    20. 30. [3] FREE MEDIA?
    21. 31. [4] Don’t Fake
    22. 32. [5] Grow Organically
    23. 33. [6] Don’t follow the HERD
    24. 34. [7] Good Content Videos Applications Conversations Exclusive Topical Engaging
    25. 35. [8] Cross Pollination
    26. 36. [9] Own your Fans
    27. 37. [10] Integrate
    28. 38. Thank you very much for listening! [ All images courtesy Social Media ] [email_address] @zynx