Weighbridges: What Is It All About?


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The article provides a sneak peek on weighbridges, its types, capacity and benefits of the same. Read the post to explore more about the same.

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Weighbridges: What Is It All About?

  1. 1. Weighbridges: What Is It All About?Weighbridges play a crucial role in the process related industries, it actsas an important point of control for vehicles that arrive or leave thesites. The conventional concept of weighbridge has undergone a seachange; the emphasis is shifted to encompass and improve the key areaslike vehicle management and site security coupled with overallimprovement in the system and integration ofsystem-site wide, internationally and nationwide.Axle load scales can easily weigh one or two axlein a stipulated time frame, while full length truckscales can be portable or can be installedpermanently.Portable truck scales tend to be placed on asmooth surface that can be slab, wooden beam,etc. Portable scales are expensive because of theframework. But the biggest benefit is one can easily move it from oneplace to another and it is ideal for road builders or contractors. Scalescan be permanently mounted or above ground. The main benefit of a pitscale is there is no additional requirement of ramps both entry and exit,snow will not get accumulated. Moreover, the cost of a pit kind of scaletends to be more in contrast to cost of excavation and pit construction.Weighbridge manufacturers in India think that in case you are planningto buy a weighbridge for an operation, it is essential to take into accountbelow mentioned factors:Amount of weighing that is expectedKind of vehicleWhether it is a part of weighbridge or notWeight of weighbridgeFor instance in case of pit less type of weighbridge can be used in a rockyland or where there is an unsteady surface or there is a problem ofwater logging. In a similar vein, pit type of weighbridge requires lessspace and the ramps are also not required for loading and unloading ofthe vehicles.
  2. 2. Electronic weighbridge is also called as part length weighbridge. Thiskind of weighbridge finds its application in agriculture tractor and trailercombinations and in brick manufacturing unit. Other kinds ofweighbridge include concrete deck, full electronic, bumper, concretedeck, steel deck, check rod resistant, etc. Steel deck requires less labor,less cost and is durable. Electromechanical requires simple wiring andthe greatest benefit is less power is required and is less susceptible todamage. Check rod don’t requires excessive maintenance and don’tallow movement in the weighbridge. The feature of good weighbridge is;it is highly accurate, auxiliary display, less power consumption and lessresponse time.There are innumerable manufacturers and suppliers of electronicweighbridges; all you need to do is to select the right one. It is in yourinterest to select the manufacturer that offers complete reliability ininvolved operations and offers you heavy- duty load cells. Further, thesemanufacturers provide weighbridge according to the customizedrequirements of the clients. There are two capacities involved in truckscales- first with normal capacity and second with concentrated loadcapacity.