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Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
Dress For Success
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Dress For Success


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Grooming and attire at workplace.

Grooming and attire at workplace.

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  • 1.  
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    • First impressions are made by others within the first three minutes of meeting you
    • The better you are dressed, the more confidence you will feel and exude
    • How you’re dressed sets the tone of the meeting/interaction with colleagues etc
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    • Apparent level of sophistication
    • Color of tie, shoes, dress
    • Well-groomed appearance
    • Overall attractiveness
    • Non-verbal signals
    • Apparent level of self-confidence
  • 6.
    • Your appearance plays a supporting role in any meeting/conference/workplace
    • Your appearance can convey strong feelings of trust to your colleagues and boss
    • Your appearance can convey a sense of self-confidence, dependability and professionalism.
    • Your appearance can determine how people you meet will react to you.
  • 7.
    • Dark to medium range blues
    • Navy Blue – respected by all socio-economic levels
    • Gray
    • Camel/Beige
    • Pastel shades
    • Dark Brown
    • Rust
  • 8.
    • Neatly ironed Shirt and Trousers for men/Suits in winters or at official engagements.
    • Salwar Kameez/Saree/Trousers and shirts for women.
    • Minimal jewelry, cologne and makeup
    • Leather shoes for men; closed-toe sandals for women
    • Even if it is a Friday dressing environment, be smart
    • Be fully buttoned (some people leave one more button undone)
  • 9.
    • Hair – clean and neat
    • Details – no missing buttons, lint or tags
    • Hands – clean fingernails
    • Cloth Fit – clean, pressed and proper fit
    • Smell – little or no cologne; no cigarette odor
    • Breath – fresh, clean breath; use a breath mint, if needed, before a meeting and after official lunch/dinners.
  • 10.
    • Shoes – never lighter than the hem of your trousers/dress.
    • Belts – quality leather, which can hold the cloth in place.
    • Bags – Smart Leather bags/haversacks
    • Jewelry – minimal; business watch, nothing flashy
  • 11.
    • Do’s
    • Make frequent eye contact
    • Smile
    • Take notes
    • Smile
    • Nod frequently
    • Smile
    • Keep you hands out of your pocket
    • Don’ts
    • Slouch
    • Cross you arms
    • Tap your feet
    • Clear your throat repeatedly
    • Bite your lips or nails
  • 12.
    • Don’t be overdressed. See the workplace culture and dress appropriately.
    • Dress appropriately for official engagements and meetings. You convey respect to the person you are meeting.
    • Define your audience – clients, senior management, colleagues etc
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