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Power point persnttion of moocs
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Power point persnttion of moocs


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  • 1. My interpretation of Mooc  Mooc is a current educational system that help people and students to engage with each other. Moreover, It is a learner centered approach website because anyone who joins it, become actively involve through participating and, learn something in return.
  • 2. My interpretation of Mooc  It further creates an environment where people become motivators, critical thinkers, and educators just to mention but a few ; and these people are able to exercise their skills publically by interacting with one another. This means that Moocs are there for teaching and learning purposes.
  • 3. The history of Moocs  At first Mooc was launched in 2008 and it was called connctivism.  This Mooc was created by Stephen Downes and George Siemens.  They build the first course at the university of Manitoba in Canada.
  • 4. The history of Moocs  They used a platform to engage students with facebook, blogs and many others social networks.  Manny people started signing up for moocs because it was free and open.  They ( people) enable to create their own social net work as well.
  • 5. The History of Moocs continues  In 2012 professors .Thrun, S. and Norvig, T. offers a free online courses called Introduction to artificial Intelligence.  This course was designed to mirror the real classroom experience and to offer high-quality to everyone.  Many students signed-up for Moocs 190 countries and as a result, the course was really massive.
  • 6. Mooc types  There are two types of Moocs namely: the C and the X Moocs. Under C Moocs there are: Academic , many to many(e.g. dialogue or peer to peer interactions and informal learning. Just to mention but a few.  Academic Moocs- This are the Moocs in which students are given information to read .  They are also given assessment to write and get feedback.
  • 7. Mooc types Contineus  Sometimes they are given group assignment and discuss about the assignment online.  They are there for teaching and learning purposes.  They help students to develop critical thinking as the get to argue about a particular topic.  Discussions are also allowed here.
  • 8. Types of Moocs continue  . Many- to- many ( Dialogue, peer to peer interactions)- This is the kinds of Mooc where many people interact with one another.  For example, a person can send one text to friends or many people at the same time.  In return, they can text him back while at the same time they are able to see one another’s text massage.
  • 9. Types of Moocs continue  This is a kind of Mooc in which multiple dialogue takes place.  Is the Mooc where dialogue between two people take place as well.  It is not meant for private stuff to be text on.
  • 10. Types of Moocs continues  Informal learning- It is the Mooc where informal learning takes place.  Informal learning are learning that does not require one to get in to a class (schooling).  In this kind of a Mooc people learn from each other through, sharing their experience, by giving one another information they read from: the book, news paper, or television and from other places.  One person can share a story in which others can learn something on it
  • 11. Types of Moocs continues  Under X Moocs, there is: more formal learning, one to many (student/ content, teacher/ student interactions) to say a list.  More formal learning- This is where online teaching and learning takes place .  Learners register for the course and start participating, however; there are some formal teaching where learners are taught and given assessment .
  • 12. Types of Moocs continues  one to many (student/ content, teacher/ student interactions)-is where students and a teacher interact with each other online through the proses of teaching and learning.  An educator teaches them (learners), and also give them assessment and feedback.  They are allowed to communicate and ask questions.
  • 13. My field of interest  My field of interest is English. I am interested in English because it is my major subject and I like it. .
  • 14. Topics I would like to pursue  The kinds of topic that I would like to pursue are:  Punctuation  Figure of speech  Conjunctions'  Transactional writing  Essay writing.
  • 15. List of references Tonny, B march (20120) on-moocs-and-mitx/ Greig Krull, Brenda Mallinson, and Sheila Drew Lyn goodnight. August 18, 2013 goodnight