Reflections on Digital Literacy
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Reflections on Digital Literacy






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Reflections on Digital Literacy Reflections on Digital Literacy Presentation Transcript

  • Reflections… On Digital Literacy
  • It all started with this…
    • Week 1: Introduction: Defining information and digital literacy
    • And I thought to myself:
    • I’m going to beat my friend in *Bejeweled Blitz after this course
    • (*a facebook application)
  • Then, I learnt that…
    • DL = Digital Literacy = Information Literacy in the Digital Era
    • DL ≠ ITL
    • (which means I am not going to beat my Bejeweled score  )
    • UNESCO, ACRL, Big 6 frameworks
    • WHICH
    • serve as overarching purpose and direction for the other topics that follow
  • In FACT Evaluating the Search/ Info On the ethical and correct use of Info Digital Literacy Privacy Issues
  • The Search
    • Huh,
    • which one(s)?
  • The Search A One - Stop Solution? The 1st - Stop Centre OR Evaluating the Information
  • Evaluating the Search/ Information
    • Digital Literacy in the generation
    http:// =_XqRR5WJ85k
  • Evaluating the Search/ Information
    • Being IT literate teaches you WHERE to search for the worms
    • And being digitally literate allows you to decipher and separate the GOOD worms from the BAD ones
    • You need to know who is the EXPERT
  • Ethical and Correct Use of Info
    • Plagiarism?
    Me, a Pirate? Says who?
  • Ethical and Correct Use of Info
    • Mention web 2.0
    • And you get THIS
  • Ethical and Correct Use of Info
    • With so many content-sharing/ creation tools and applications out there, often it’s not the students’ intent to purposefully “steal” another one’s work/ ideas
    • it’s no longer (just) about
    • How can we STOP plagiarism?”
  • Ethical and Correct Use of Info
    • The RIGHT Question :
    • How can we build AWARENESS and Good Spirit on the Ethical and Rightful Use of Information?
  • Combating Plagiarism – A fish bone diagram Ethical and Correct Use of Info
    • Proper Education
    • Not just Instructional but on the values and principles behind
    • Anti-plagiarism tools
    • turnitin
    • Means to an end
    • Are they really effective?
    Education On the Spirit of Ethical and Correct Use of Information
    • Pedogical Approach
    • Relook at Instructional Design and assessments
    • Courses
    • Proper Citation and references
    • Improper/ Incorrect Citation is better than NO citation
  • In Conclusion
    • The course:
      • Introduces me to new concepts
      • Gets me to scrutinise global issues in the educational setting
      • Forces me to relook and rethink our current pedagogical approaches and instructional design, from a global perspective
  • In Conclusion
    • Because DL = ITL,
      • I’m not doing this to keep up with my students
      • I’m doing this because:
        • Global trends are changing the ways we learn (and teach) – open movement, web 2.0
        • Being digitally illiterate can have vast consequences
        • It is my responsibility as an educator
  • In Conclusion
    • Digital Literacy –
    • like critical thinking is a life skill and
    • should be developed as a
    • core Competency.