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Success story writing tips



Tips on writing success stories for NGOs, development workers, journalists and writers

Tips on writing success stories for NGOs, development workers, journalists and writers



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Success story writing tips Presentation Transcript

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  • 11. Success story checklist 11 Title SITUATION a) Clearly describes an important issue or concern - why we should care a) Shows that issue or need is appropriate for the program’s response a) Includes data demonstrating need RESPONSE (inputs and outputs) a) Spells out the program’s role/contribution a) Identifies participants: numbers and demographics of individuals, businesses, and/or communities that were reached a) Identifies partnerships, if applicable a) Identifies funding sources, if applicable RESULTS (outcomes-impact) a) Tells who benefited and how a) Uses numeric and/or narrative data to describe important outcomes a) Answers “So what?” Makes value clear to reader a) Links story to research, if appropriate a) States future plans based on results For multi-year effort a) Shows important progress for the reporting period a) Links work across years EVIDENCE (evaluation) a) Describes data collection method a) Includes sample (number and how selected) a) Provides response rate a) Tells when data were collected WRITING STYLE a) Active voice a) Reads like a story a) Compelling and significant facts a) No jargon or acronyms a) Concise, complete sentences a) Names/titles, not “this agent” Adapted from: University of Wisconsin – Extension Journal of Extension: Writing Success Stories for Program Enhancement and Accountability
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  • 13. References • Jennifer Stewart • University of Wisconsin Contact: @sankuchy 13