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Team Top Guns : Motivation, Innovation and Dreams
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Team Top Guns : Motivation, Innovation and Dreams


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Team Top Guns is the AeroDesign team of NIT Jamshedpur, IN. Conceived in 2009 out of fascination for aircraft, the team has added several feathers to its hat since then - from constructing India's …

Team Top Guns is the AeroDesign team of NIT Jamshedpur, IN. Conceived in 2009 out of fascination for aircraft, the team has added several feathers to its hat since then - from constructing India's cheapest MAV to winning the NASA Systems Engineering Award in 2011, we have showed we love our work, and take it pretty seriously. For more details, head over to

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 2. Who are we?We are the AeroDesign team of National Institute of Technology,Jamshedpur. We participate in the SAE Aero Design Competition.We dream. We work. We make things fly.
  • 3. About SAE Aero Design SAE Aero Design is a unique R/C aero designing event held in the US. The event is sponsored by some big names - NASA and Lockheed Martin. The event is one of the most prestigiousTip Lockheed Martin is the chief aero design events held anywhere in themanufacturer of the US armyaircrafts. NASA, well, needs not be world.introduced.
  • 4. Welcome to the world of ourDREAMS :)
  • 5. Micro UAV : Airborne! Watch the video @
  • 6. Regular UAV : Yeah, we made it Watch the video @
  • 7. ? What makes us special? There are a few reasons!
  • 8. We are the 1st Indian team ever to win the NASA Systems Engineering Award.The award is given for extraordinary overall performance in a particular class of the event.
  • 9. Winning moments! Watch the video @
  • 10. We are the only Indian team to successfully participate in the event with 2 aircrafts for 2 consecutive years, in all classes of the event.Also, we are one of only few teams in the world to have made aircrafts of all 3 classes.
  • 11. We are quite high on ourinnovation quotient. Following slides will testify this. :)
  • 12. Micro ClassInnovative features of our MAV – ROHINI Total Weight: 250 gm. One of the lightest and few successful MAVs built ever in India. Very low cost. Can be used for military surveillance purposes. Unlike other present day MAVs, has a payload bay which can be used to dock electronic equipment.
  • 13. Advanced ClassInnovative Features of our UAV - VIVRALEE Empty Weight: 20 lbs. Payload: 30 lbs. On-board DAS that can measure the take-off and landing distance. Built-in electronic infrastructure makes deployment of other electronic equipment easy. Vivralee can be successfully deployed on disaster relief missions apart from regular UAV missions. Its is a Short Take-off and Landing aircraft. This makes it favorable to take-off and land even in adverse conditions.
  • 14. The team is our family. We live together, and love each other. :)THE GALLERY.
  • 15. We believe, its not the prize that matters. It’s the journeytowards victory, the numerous falls and rises, and thesatisfaction of seeing what we have made flying high in theskies that matter.It’s the dream that matters.
  • 16. Want to see more of us?Help us follow our dreams.Support us.
  • 17. Contact Information / 9708711437 / 8987692744