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  • This is a transition slide to shift the conversation to LinkedIn Recruiter. The combined solution of jobs and media allows customers to scale their recruiting with minimal effort. Recruiter is the best in class tool for proactively identifying the very best talent. We talked about how LinkedIn’s solution can help deliver a stream of high quality candidates automatically.Now I want to show you how we can help you take your sourcing to the next level through LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Demo logistics…All of your activity will be viewable by the entire GSO sales team and their customers. Avoid entering inappropriate content in notes and tags (e.g. ethnicity, gender,etc ).Clean up after yourself. We shouldn’t see the same person with 600 resume uploads. Delete them when you’re done if you do choose to upload during a demoAvoid using confidential information such as real resumes or spreadsheets including actual contact information for leads/candidates. If you like, you can use your own personal resume or you can utilize the sample resumes we have created for demo purposes.Etc…
  • Familiar LinkedIn Profile screenNow you can take action on LinkedIn Profiles1. Specify Source: Job board, conference, referral, etc2. Tag: Track and find individuals with key attributes You can think of a tag as a customer field Include anything about the lead that is not already included on their LinkedIn profile that your organization deems important Examples include Willing to Relocate, Technical Skills, Recruiter managing the relationship, etc.3. Status : What is the status of the lead before it enters the ATS?4. Adding contact info from resume, spreadsheet or business card5. See all activity activity performed by lead activity performed by other recruiters in your organization
  • Now you can search by Tags, Source, Status – Finding qualified leads faster, reducing time to hirePerform fresh searches Find leads that you have never seen before
  • If you would like to perform the same kind of searches across all of your leads, do it in LinkedIn Recruiter + Talent PipelineImport resumes, spreadsheets, etc.COMING SOON – ABILITY TO ADD LINKS and OTHER ATTACHMENTS
  • You can gain visibility into the health of your pipeline, tracking growth, progress and even team activity, something spreadsheets and folders have a difficult time providing. This will help you answer questions like:How many leads are in my pipeline and what’s their status? Which parts of my pipeline are bottlenecks, slowing down the recruiting process? How actively is my team using these tools to build and manage a pipeline?Which of my sources are generating the most leads and how is that changing over time? Which should I invest more or less in?
  • Talent pipeline overview deck

    1. 1. Talent SolutionsTalent Pipeline in LinkedIn RecruiterProduct Marketer: Sankar VenkatramanFebruary 2013
    2. 2. LinkedIn RecruiterIdentify and reach the very best candidates Source automatically Source strategically LinkedIn Solution LinkedIn Recruiter  Expand your reach and access the entire LinkedIn network  Contact candidates directly with InMail  Manage your pipeline with your team 2
    3. 3. Talent Pipeline in LinkedIn Recruiter All your talent leads. From any source. All in LinkedIn Recruiter. “LinkedIn Recruiter Just Got Better” 3
    4. 4. Talent Pipeline Value Propositions  All leads in one place: Build a pipeline and reduce time to hire  Make leads more valuable: Connect leads to LinkedIn for fresh data and new insights  Manage pipeline health: Track and improve performance with pipeline reports 4
    5. 5. Recruiters Like Talent Pipeline BecauseThey Now Can… Organize & Manage Leads Save Time by Searching Smarter Store All Leads in One Place Gain Visibility into Pipeline 5
    6. 6. Take Action on ProfilesOrganize and Manage Leads
    7. 7. New Search FiltersSearch Smarter and Save Time 7
    8. 8. Import LeadsStore them all in One Place 8
    9. 9. ReportingGain Visibility into Pipeline 9
    10. 10. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved ORGANIZATION NAME 10
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