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  1. 1. MOBILE MARKETING AS ADVERTISING STRATEGY FOR COMPANIES IN COLIMA CITY MARCO ANTONIO BARAJAS FIGUEROAFull time professor and researcher at Universidad de Colima, Marketing Department Avenida Universidad 333. Colima, Col. 28040. México abarajas@ucol.mx JUAN FLORES PRECIADOFull time professor and researcher at Universidad de Colima, Marketing Department Avenida Universidad 333. Colima, Col. 28040. México jflores@ucol.mx ALMA RUTH REBOLLEDO MENDOZAFull time professor and researcher at Universidad de Colima, Marketing Department Avenida Universidad 333. Colima, Col. 28040. México almaruth_rebolledo@ucol.mx CLAUDIA GUTIERREZ MONTAÑO th 8 grade student of Marketing at Universidad de Colima Avenida Universidad 333. Colima, Col. 28040. México gutierrez_claudia@ucol.mx JULIO ADRIAN VALLADARES GUTIERREZ 8th grade student of Marketing at Universidad de Colima Avenida Universidad 333. Colima, Col. 28040. México julio_valladares@ucol.mx ABSTRACTMobile marketing is a set of practices that allows companies to communicate andcollaborate with their hearings in interactive and relevant way through any mobiledevice or network. In addition, it is also considered an advertising strategy of directmarketing, and there are several forms or applications that can be used for advertisingcampaigns.Marketing is a complete system of activities that includes a set of processes throughwhich identifies needs or desires of the consumers to satisfy them in the best possibleway. Kotler (2009) defines Marketing as a social and administrative process by whichgroups and individuals obtain what they need and want, through create, provide andexchange value products with their fellows1. On having promoted this exchange ofgoods and/or value services with them produces a utility or benefit to the company ororganization.To make the consumers aware of the product or service that could satisfy their needsor wishes, it is necessary that the company possesses an optimum advertising strategy,through which advertise those products or services. Marketing terms, advertising isthe instrument that communicates companies with the market2, as a part of theMarketing 4p´s: promotion. Advertising is defined as any paid form of presentationand non-personal promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor3. Inthis way companies can transmit advertising messages to consumers, in order topromote their goods and services.
  2. 2. Nowadays direct marketing is one of the most commonly used forms of advertising.This is because companies look increasingly to establish free intermediariescommunication channels with your target market. Since 45 years, direct marketing isa reality which has been consolidated in Mexico with a strong growth rate4.Direct marketing can be defined as the set of techniques that facilitate immediate anddirect contact with potential buyer for promoting a product, a service or an idea, usingmedia or systems of direct contact: mailing, telemarketing, couponing, door-to-door,teleshopping, e-mail marketing, mobile multimedia systems, and any other interactivemedia5. It success lies mainly in the possibility of segmenting the market incompartments with well-defined targets and assess results of a direct and measurableform.A clear example of direct marketing is mobile marketing. This is a set of practices thatallows companies to communicate and collaborate with their audiences of interactiveand relevant way through any mobile device or network6. When interactivity exists,communication becomes dynamic and reciprocal so you get a feedback fromconsumers.Today, mobile marketing is an excellent area of opportunity for businesses promote,its growth and its use is growing rapidly worldwide. Nielsen discussed the use ofmobile media and estimates that by 2010 the mobile marketing industry will have anaccelerated development7.Keyword: Mobile marketing, Direct marketing, Mobile device, Internet. PRECEDENTSThe materialization of mobile marketing gave thanks to founding of EnpocketCompany’s first tests in 2001. Enpocket was offering advertising for global mobilesservices and began developing and practicing with tools for advertising campaignsmanagement.At the beginning of 2004, The History Channel took the services offered by EnpocketCompany with an interactive campaign as the premiere of his new program promotion"The Barbarians". Using the ability of profile and target of machinery of Enpocket,The History Channel promoted this program directly to viewers through text messages(SMS). This campaign was officially the first evidence that integrates mobilemarketing tools.In 2004 already it was possible to observe how there was increasing the frequency ofcompanies were resorting to use of SMS as advertising strategy. Trademarks werelooking promotion using text-to-win, coupons and information-text.This did companies knew that mobile marketing use was effective as an advertisingstrategy, because it provided to brands a new way of reaching their market selectively,distinguishing each consumer by age and gender, between other demographic factors.This way, the so-called mobile couponing promises to give many surprises to mobilemarketing in coming years. A study carried out in Germany in 2010 by ACHARD andIB-LAB showed that approximately 70% of consumers claim to have interest inreceiving coupons via mobile phone. According to this report, more than 50% of userswho up to today have proved to be opposed to discount coupons, admits to feelattracted by the new formula of mobile couponing.And while consumers are warning the introduction of mobile coupons in all sectors(from do-it-yourself stores to cafes and from fast food restaurants to domestic
  3. 3. appliances chains), is in the food sector where mobile couponing has more option oftriumphs.79% of consumers consulted by ACHARD and IB-LAB said willing to use mobilecoupons in food industry. In addition, companies that distribute discount coupons onmobile phones were perceived by consumers as "innovative" (63%) and "customer-oriented" (43%) reported Horizon magazine9.Particularly in Mexico, studies show that there is an 87% of penetration in mobiledevices which reaffirms that mobile marketing is an area can be used and exploitedfor use in advertising campaigns8.For this reason it is important to investigate the development of mobile marketing inColima City, can also analyze the feasibility of its use as advertising strategy forbusiness. METHODOLOGYTo carry out this research work will draw to development of a qualitative research toobtain information to help determine if mobile marketing is a real opportunity forcompanies in Colima City.The stratified sampling technique will be used for data collection. It is intended tocover all sectors of the Colima City population with homogeneous and proportionalstrata. Surveys and focus groups will be the instruments. AWAITED RESULTSTo complete this research may provide useful information to support the decision-making of companies in Colima City to use mobile marketing in developing ofadvertising campaigns. OBJECTIVEAnalyze the impact of the mobile marketing as an advertising strategy for companiesin Colima City, so that finally to define if its implementation is profitable on theColima’s market. REFERENCES1. Thompson, Ivan (Octubre 2006). Definición de Marketing. Recuperado el 13 deSeptiembre del 2010, http://www.marketing-free.com/articulos/definicion-marketing.html.2. Herramientas de Marketing. Capítulo VI: La comunicación de mercado y lapublicidad, Febrero del 2005. Recuperado el 13 de Septiembre de 2010, dehttp://www.altawebs.com/newsletters/newsletters_zoom.asp?CODNEW=118.3. Buenfil, Carlos. Publicidad en Dispositivos Móviles: Aspectos que determinan suviabilidad. Recuperado el 14 de Septiembre de 2010, dehttp://www.razonypalabra.org.mx/N/n68/varia/cbuenfil.html.4. Muñiz González, Rafael. Capítulo 10: Marketing directo. Recuperado el 20 deSeptiembre de 2010, de http://www.marketing-xxi.com/marketing-directo-123.htm.5. Muñiz González, Rafael. Capítulo 10: Marketing directo. Recuperado el 20 deSeptiembre de 2010, de http://www.marketing-xxi.com/marketing-directo-123.htm.6. MMA Updates Definition of Mobile Marketing. Recuperado el 20 de Septiembrede 2010, de http://mmaglobal.com/news/mma-updates-definition-mobile-marketing.7. MMA Updates Definition of Mobile Marketing. Nielsen estima un buen 2010 parael marketing móvil. Recuperado el 21 de Septiembre del 2010, de
  4. 4. http://www.informabtl.com/2009/nielsen-estima-un-buen-2010-para-el-marketing-movil.php.8. IAB Conecta 2010: ¿Qué es lo que sabes del mundo digital?. Recuperado el 21 deSeptiembre del 2010, de http://es.mediamind.com/tag/estadisticas/.9. MMA Updates Definition of Mobile Marketing.http://www.marketingdirecto.com/especiales/marketing-movil/los-consumidores-dicen-si-a-los-cupones-moviles/Goldberg, Rachel. Diccionario de Informática e Internet. Canadá: Thomson.Soriano, Claudio. (1998). Internet, el plan estratégico. Madrid: Ediciones DíazSantos.Tejera, Héctor. (1994). Diccionario Enciclopédico de Informática (Vol. I y II).México: Grupo Editorial Iberoamericana.Delabre, Trejo. (1996). La Nueva Alfombra Mágica. Madrid: FUNDESCO.Goldberg, Rachel. Diccionario de Informática e Internet. Canadá: ThomsonSoriano, Claudio. (1998). Internet, el plan estratégico. Madrid: Ediciones Díaz SantosTejera, Héctor. (1994). Diccionario Enciclopédico de Informática (Vol. I y II).México: Grupo Editorial Iberoamericana.