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  • Heard a quote ”Computers were designed to make people more productive and then someone Invented the internet”Arpanet-Advanced Research Projects Agency Networkfirst operational packet switching networks, the first network to implement TCP/IPInternet of Computers’Internet of People – Social Web including Networking sitesInternet of Devices- Devices around u like, TV,Camera,Mobilephones gets connected to InternetAnd Now the Internet of Things
  • Quoting WikipediaBut then, Personally I like Mikes definitionSo IOT is basicallyBillions of connected devices along with sensors producing a sea of datapeople + process + data + thingsViva: A distributed system: components located on networked computers communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messagesPervasive networking is the ability for devices to (semi-) autonomously arrange themselves into local networks and exchange information through these networks. 
  • Global dependace on our Mobiles and devices are increasing rapdlyTo add with it, The cost of internet has gone down than what it was and will soon further downAnd now the introduction of IPV6 network protocolsPaving path-new Gen devices are IOT oriented
  • Next gen devices are IOT orientedDo u know any of the devices displayed??NESTPebble watchSpacetop 3D
  • The World Wide Web (WWW) is one set of software services running on the Internet. The Internet itself is a global, interconnected network of computing devicesAcademia- Internet was founded for academic purposeBrouchure web- Soon became a place where data were sharedTranactional web- place where transactions take placeSocial web- Where networking with people to people
  • 5year – time taken for internet to double5B – Mobile subscriptions1B – Shipped WIFI enabled devices in 2013And the introduction to smartdust and sensorsIPV4 – 4 Billion AdressesIPV6-2^128 addresses which means52 thousand trillion trillion addresses/person
  • Smart HomeEverything in your home is connectedPhones connected to your doors, Light bulbs AC etc..Smart HealthMonitor your sleep, food, excersiseDevices are helping u 2 be updated about your physical health probably connecting a doctorSmart CityVirtually connected Environment and trees
  • Internet of things

    1. 1. Internet of Things Sanju Sony Kurian
    2. 2. History lane of Internet
    3. 3. History lane of Internet
    4. 4. History lane of Internet
    5. 5. So What is IOT? billions of connected devices intelligent connections network of networks global data field interconnected linked devices sensors sea of data things on the internet “nervous system” people + process + data + things connected objects
    6. 6. Q. What do cows, Shoes and trees have in common?? Ans. They are all part of The Internet of Things
    7. 7. Trend is already here Internet
    8. 8. Next Gen Tech..
    9. 9. Evolution of WWW and Internet WWW Internet
    10. 10. IOT-The First true evolution of Internet WHY?? • More Machine than Humans • New Protocol(IPV6) • New Architecture models • Sensor and actuators laden
    11. 11. IOT-The First true evolution of Internet WHY?? • More Machine than Humans • New Protocol(IPV6) • New Architecture models • Sensor and actuators laden
    12. 12. IOT-The First true evolution of Internet WHY?? • More Machine than Humans • New Protocol(IPV6) • New Architecture models • Sensor and actuators laden
    13. 13. What paved the way 2^128=3.4028237e+38 4 Billion addresses
    14. 14. Its all about imagination
    15. 15. Its all about imagination
    16. 16. Its all about imagination
    17. 17. Its all about imagination
    18. 18. Its all about imagination
    19. 19. Its all about imagination
    20. 20. Its all about imagination
    21. 21. Its all about imagination
    22. 22. Wireless sensor Networks • Information's from densely distributed nodes • Situation awareness implementations in • Biomedical monitoring • Environmental monitoring • Building control and home security • Etc.. • Characteristics: • Dense distribution • Low power, low cost • Information provided only when Scheduled,Requested,Triggered
    23. 23. Issues with IPV6 IPV6 identity is not secure • DOS Attacks • End-End session required When a thing assigned to IP • It may not run TCP/IP • It is tied to a network Resource
    24. 24. Open issues IoT will inherit the drawbacks of the current internet on an infinitely larger, but more invisible scale
    25. 25. Open issues ❑ Heterogeneity ❑ Transport Protocol ❑ TCP implements connection setup so too much overhead ❑ TCP implements congestion control but not effective ❑ TCP use receive buffer data to support ordered data, Battery less, so too costly ❑ Alternative to TCP is required ❑ Security and Privacy ❑ Physical attacks ❑ Wireless so eve dropping ❑ Limited in schemes and computation so no complex schemes security ❑ Availability, Mobility and Scalability ❑ Connections of real and virtual world ❑ Standards
    26. 26. References • IERC - European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things ,IoT Week 2012-Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan, Dr. Peter Friess • From Autonomous to Cooperative Distributed Monitoring and Control: Towards the Internet of SmartSmart Things- Dr. Jorge Pereira • The Internet of Things – Promise for the Future? An Introduction-Louis, Johan EKSTEEN • The Internet of Everything-How More Relevant and Valuable Connections Will Change the World-Dave Evans (Cisco White Paper) Thanks for Listening.. Any Questions??? Images used in this presentation are creative work of the owner and the author do not claim any right to any images displayed. This presentation is distributed under General purpose license and can be reproduced or used for presentation giving proper credit to the original author