Autobiography of an angel!


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Autobiography of an angel!

  1. 1. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN ANGEL! I was like one tiny white grain, rounded and soft; Laid on a large green leaf, among the lot. With soothing hum and re-assurance While bringing us on this earth, Mom asked us to be able to face the challenges Right from the beginning, right from the birth. I hated myself, the day I was born; I was so ugly and so stubborn..... Small yet fatty, green in color With hairy, stingy bristles as my only armour! And had he seen what a hunger I had, Kumbhakarna would have been ashamed...... Munching on the tender leaves the whole day I wondered on my worthlessness in utter dismay... I used to see around and question myself... Why I wasnt born a beautiful flower? I wouldve given others fragrance and nectar... Color, beauty and reason to cheer! I used to see around and question myself..... Why I wasnt born a joyful honey-bee?I wouldve sung and danced around the lovely flowers In lieu receiving sweet nectar for free! I used to see the birds flying by Up in the sky, high and high! With envy in heart I dreamed to fly Like a little fairy – gentle and shy!
  2. 2. The other day I saw a human baby Peering hard at me with great curiosity! How I wanted him to play with me But the scared kid ran and flee! With low self-esteem and deep frustration I kept on munching the leaves in resignation, I was sad for my look – so scary and uglyWished some magic could make me – fair and lovely! Then I heard a distinct and re-assuring sound, Very known yet distant – almost a forgotten hum! Instinctively I rejoiced when I realized the hum To be of no one else but of my sweet Mum! Frantic and eager, I reached out... Looked for my mother and cried aloud; Mother, where are you? Where have you been? How could you be so cruel and mean? I searched among the leaves and in the bush, She was nowhere and there was a silent hush; Then, I saw a winged angel perched on a flower So colorful and pretty – she cant be my mother! I was about to turn around, When I heard her melodious sound; Look here, my darling! Im your mother, my prince charming! I was speechless and stunned, Couldnt belief what I saw and heard; She read my thought and smiled sweetly Being caught off-guard, I felt awkward !
  3. 3. Coming nearer; she said that she was just like me, Scary and ugly – the day born was she! Reassuringly said she, You also can be like me; But only if, my child, you want to be! Overjoyed and overwhelmed, I asked her to tell me the magic! To which she informed, that it requires Serious hardship to work the trick! With strong determination and resolve I insisted to evolve, Finally my mother let out the secretAnd I realized, why it isnt easy to become great! Giving up of eating was the first That was demanded for the trick; A voracious eater like me was afraid That it would made me so very weak! I however did as I was asked nonetheless As I was not to settle for anything less; I was then required to meditate, So that I could re-write my fate. For weeks inside a soft hairy ball As if all alone in a large echoing hall, I learned to focus and to concentrate I meditated to make my life appropriate! In the darkness within the cocoon, I could not see myself changing; But I had the distinct realization, That I was evolving into a better being.
  4. 4. Lost in time, darkness and isolation I wasnt aware of time moving on, Then, as if after ages gone by.... I heard my mothers hum close by! Its time, dear one..., said she; Come out now, and see! The beautiful world for a better tomorrow, Live happily now on, without pain and sorrow! Anxious and nervous, I pushed And pushed to break open the wall; But all my efforts went in vain, Weak from fast, I cried out in pain! Tired and exhausted, I lost all my hope I found myself stressed out, I could not cope! I am not strong-willed and virtuous as a pope Why would GOD help me? Nope! Nope! Nope! Dejected as I was, I almost surrendered..... Someone from deep inside then whispered YOU CAN DO IT, DONT GIVE UP, FEEL THE FIRE INSIDE YOU; GO GET UP! FACE THE CHALLENGE, ITS FOR YOUR BETTERTHIS EXERCISE IS NEEDED TO MAKE YOUR WINGS STRONGER! Desperate, I gave one final push to break free, Deafening was the noise as if a falling tree! A tiny crack opened in the wall of the cocoon God finally answered, granted me the boon!
  5. 5. Rejuvenated and energized, I pushed harder The crack broadened – wider and wider! I was out finally, out of my shell! Birds and bees greeted me with musical bell! Anxious and skeptic, I tried to fly! The wings fluttered as I leaped out for the sky!That small boy watched with wonder and joy in his eyeAt me the boneless winged angel, the BUTTERFLY!!! By Sanjoy Acharyya (First published on facebook on June 27th 2011)