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Messaging sjk

  1. 1. Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the internet. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer clickable - hyperlinks, voice over IP or video chat,.
  2. 2. From popular instant messaging programs, including AIM and Yahoo Messenger, to web-based and mobile chat applications, IM connects millions of people each day across a variety of platforms. But, while writing and sending these messages is instantaneous and relatively seamless, there is a lot more than meets the eye.
  3. 3. skype We chat line What app Yahoo talk
  4. 4. skype yahoo messanger non skype msn
  5. 5. There are many advantages to using instant messenger. It connects people regardless where they are actually located. In the company, colleagues can send and reply instant message in real time without face to face, meanwhile the work report can be shared during the instant chat session; the IM can make a virtual conference without get all the related people together in a physical meeting room. People can speak to multiple people in the virtual conference, share ideas and get conclusions. People on a business trip can contact the co-works inside the company through IM as well. What’s more, the staff can talk to customers or vendors online as well, in other word, now people can do business through the instant messenger direct rather than use the traditional method like make phone calls.
  6. 6. A disadvantage is there's no tone with instant messaging. I could say one thing, and mean it very sarcastically, which someone could grasp had they heard me say it over the phone. However, if I simply type it, the sarcasm factor may not be noticed, and the person I'm talking to could take whatever I said the wrong way. That's the only disadvantage I have with it personally. However, some may add about online predators. if you will Some kids, even teens and adults, are as smart as they should be when they talk online. Most people will talk to anyone who IM's, and it's so easy for these predators to beat specific information out of them if they're not using common sense and keeping their guard up
  7. 7. Hi I m sanjoli kanodia from 9G THANKS TO WATCH MY PPT
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