Selling Techniques For Capital Equipments


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Tips on Selling high value capital equipments.

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Selling Techniques For Capital Equipments

  1. 1. By: Sanjeev Sharma Regional Business Head
  2. 2. • Sales is the act of meeting prospective buyers & providing them with a product or service in turn of money or other required compensation. Starts with an Enquiry or Generation of need. Proceeds with Understanding the exact requirement and offering a technically suitable, cost effective solution. Taken further with discussions, presentations, technical queries and bringing prospective buyer in confidence loop about meeting his requirement. Offering right terms andconditions to make buyer comfortablein taking a decision. Closing the deal by documenting.
  3. 3. Sent for Execution Enquiry Closing deal by Understanding documentation the requirement Right commercial Tech Discussions terms & conditions/Compet for technical itors activities clearance
  4. 4. • Offering right solution in the very beginning is most important otherwise buyer may not even consider the solution being given to him or will have a negative image about product/organization/sales professional/skills/intentions involved.• This comes from understanding the requirement thoroughly and having a clear understanding of own products/strength’s/limitations and matching them with client’s requirement• Once done, half of the job is almost done as client has a faith that he is in right hands.• Example: A past example of case: Case Study.
  5. 5. • Helps in removing any of the doubts in clients mind about product/application feasibility/after sales & support/servicing.• Makes buyer inclined towards product/organization offering right technical solution in advance manner.• Helps client in taking a final decision about your product.• Helps in creating a brand image about product/company/sales person.
  6. 6. Offering right terms & conditions helps client in taking aquick decision in your favor.While doing so, companies policies, interests andprocedures should always be kept in mind and matchedwith buyer’s requirement without affecting any side.Remember, here it is imperative that client must get a truefeeling that “SALES PERSON IS ON HIS SIDE AND WANTSHIS LONG TERM BENEFIT BY OFFERING “ A RIGHTSOLUTION AT A RIGHT PRICE”.Seller and buyer are like two rails of a track which willnever meet each other (In terms of price & conditions)but should never part with each other also and go side byside in exact tuning to achieve a common target(Sales/Purchase).
  7. 7. • Having done all above, it is very important to bring the entire discussion/agreement in Black & White clearly or document all as this avoids lots of unnecessary hassles later on and side by side completes legal formalities required at both ends.
  8. 8. • Above all becomes more relevant and applicable when it comes to Capital Goods/High Tech equipments as sale is influenced/guided by many factors as these being major decisions, can not be reversed or changed taken. Few constraints for a sales professional could be-• Highly technical and experienced people to deal with.• Bigger companies with large turnover, better infrastructure in client’s arena as well as competitors also.• Higher designation of people to deal with like MD/VP/Tech Director etc.• Inclination of prospective buyer towards a particular brand based on recommendations/previous experience/market credibility.• Technical feasibility/price compatibility of product w r t other competitors.
  9. 9. • Drive & Zeal to succeed and achieve targets• Effective use of time & resources available• Constant watch on all cases being handled and touch with clients.• Proper and effective verbal & written communication• Ability to dig out required information from client which can be used in influencing decision in his favor• Honesty with himself/organization/client• Quick response to all (be it internal or external customer).• Easily available/approachable to all.• Be ready for new opportunities w r t his tools/presentation and response time• Not to be a victim but take charge and lead from front.
  10. 10. • Effective and convincing representation at each step, be it introduction, offer, finalization stage.• Technically oriented, aware of happenings in market and related areas wrt product, applications, new launches, competitors activities.• Open communicator with realistic projections with internal and external clients• Polite and affirmative with VISIBLE WILLINGNESS to help/serve clients• Aggressive/Non compromising when it comes to targets, decision related to business welfare.
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