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IBM Innovate 2013 Session: DevOps 101

IBM Innovate 2013 Session: DevOps 101






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  • Author Notes: This is the PowerPoint template for the Innovate 2013 Track Sessions This template has been built in PowerPoint 2003. If you ’re using PowerPoint 2007 or above, you may experience different usability results than what is provided as guidance here. To allow all masters of your exiting presentation to be updated correctly, download this template to your hard drive and copy your existing slides into the new template using slide sorter. IBMers can find additional information on presentation guidelines and resources at: https://w3-connections.ibm.com/wikis/home?lang=en-us#!/wiki/Rational%20Presentation%20Templates,%20Guidelines,%20and%20Resources IBM Rational presenters can leverage existing brand-level assets and sparklers (including Rational Brand Messaging Slides, Client Success Slides and Client Quotes, Statistics) from SSW ’s Brand Content Page: https://w3-03.sso.ibm.com/software/xl/myportal/content?synKey=R789607U42052O71 Imagery guidelines: Avoid using cartoon like clip-art, use photo-art instead. Third party material cannot be used in a presentation without written permission (this includes product and Web page screen shots, and photos). Images must be acquired from a ‘royalty-free to use’ source such as: Microsoft or Lotus Symphony Clip Art library http://www.freebyte.com/clipart_images_photos_icons/#freevectorgraphics http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ IBMers can use royalty-free images from the following repositories : IBM Brand Systems Center / Assets / Photography Login instructions: https://w3-connections.ibm.com/forums/html/topic?id=c1082624-e54c-4e04-bad1-ddb150ac7540 IBM Software Story Images https://w3-connections.ibm.com/files/app#/collection/b7570645-b2f8-4450-a27f-9269a163fc2d IBM Rational Presentation Image Library: https://w3-connections.ibm.com/wikis/home?lang=en_US#!/wiki/Rational%20Presentation%20Templates,%20Guidelines,%20and%20Resources/page/Presentation%20Image%20Library
  • IBM IOD 2011 06/06/13 Prensenter name here.ppt 06/06/13 20:17 Please note the following IBMers must include the next slide (verbatim) after your title slide. IBMers must also include the mandatory “Acknowledgements and Disclaimers” slide (see slide 10) at the end of your presentation before the closing “Thank You” slide. - You will need to customize the “Acknowledgements and Disclaimers” text in red appropriately.
  • Companies that can close the resulting execution gap stand to benefit. In fact, almost 70 percent of the companies currently leveraging software development for competitive advantage outperform their peers from a profitability standpoint -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Outperformers were determined by a self-assessment of profitability against peers in the industry, ranging from 1 (Significant underperformers) to 5 (Significant outperformers) Significant outperformers were ranked as a 5, Average performers a 3-4 and Underperformers 1-2
  • http://gizmodo.com/5931284/software-glitch-costs-trading-firm-440-million-in-45-minutes http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/06/25/rbs_natwest_what_went_wrong/ http://business.scoop.co.nz/2011/10/19/telecom-makes-2-7m-settlement-for-incorrect-meter-readings/
  • We start the presentation by immediately hitting the gas pedal. We want to unambiguously shape heads that “DevOps is not an option; it’s a business imperative”. Call out that cloud computing is something that ’s really driven change in the past twelve months. Notes Via Pete Marshall: “I'm thinking each of these four things could be decorated with a comparative statement: ‘Cloud-based businesses react to change 40% faster than non-cloud businesses’” First three arrows – key drivers – been around a while Why is it different this year – the reason why is that we have the other three but cloud is such a big factor.
  • .What is your reaction to the positioning of DevOps (from "Agenda" and BoA session)? .Do you recognize the market drivers, pains and opportunities in your organization/industry? .Are you doing DevOps today, or moving to DevOps? .What projects are early candidates for DevOps? .Who (what roles) will drive or influence DevOps in your organization?
  • We have Green Hat virtualized services today and SCD to automate the build, deploy, and test. What is new here is that we are leveraging the cloud for the GH test virtualization server and we have modified SCD to capture GH configuration data as part of a test environment. This gives us the ability to automate the deployment and setup of a test environment for application changes that automatically configures the GH virtualization stubs, turns them on, and configures the application to use the stubs. All of this is done leveraging the private cloud for its dynamic provisioning behavior giving us the ability to provision dedicated test environments without the dependency of complicated and sometimes costly end point services.
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  • IBM IOD 2011 06/06/13 Prensenter name here.ppt 06/06/13 20:17 Mandatory closing slide (1 of 2) Acknowledgements and disclaimers IBMers must include This mandatory “Acknowledgements and Disclaimers” slide at the end of your presentation before the closing “Thank You” slide. - You will need to customize the “Acknowledgements and Disclaimers” text in red appropriately.
  • Mandatory closing slide (2 of 2) Thank You Slide (available in English only).

IBM Innovate 2013 Session: DevOps 101 IBM Innovate 2013 Session: DevOps 101 Presentation Transcript