Independent candidates can win elections 2014


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Are you thinking of entering politics? You need to read this and understand the nitty gritty of today's politics to ensure that you WIN and election and not just be another candidate who tried and failed.

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Independent candidates can win elections 2014

  1. 1. “Independent Candidates can Win” MUMBAI HOW TO WIN YOUR NEXT ELECTION The First question that the If any candidate decides candidate must ask is: “Why to fight an election, then am I contesting”? the purpose must be ‘TO A totally honest answer to WIN’. this question will be the core Any lesser goal is the philosophy of the political easiest path to losing the campaign. election; along-with loss of money, credibility, Serious contenders enter the election fray for serious reputation and support of those who trusted and reasons - corruption in Govt. , lack of law & order, depended on their lack of Industrial prosperity, Candidate. economic recession, or any other reason that affects not only the candidate, but also the community around the candidate.  India is controlled by Geriatric politicians.  The average age of Cabinet ministers is 67.  Younger politicians are mostly 2nd / 3rd generation political families.  Disconnect between Politicians & Voters is massive 2 Generations. Trust deficit is the first obstacle to be overcome to ensure that you win. This can only happen if you communicate with your potential voters from your heart & convey real beliefs.  Why should the Voters trust you?  How much do they know you?  Do they know your political outlook?  How much have you shared with them? Building blocks of a successful campaignIntegrated Campaign: Using technology, core staff, volunteers and supporters in correct combinations to ensure a ‘Clear & Concise’ political message to voters. Foot Soldiers and Mouse clicks: Campaign staff have to be visible on-the-ground - having street corner meetings with voters, distributing brochures, calling voters or sending personal sms, hosting house meeting, and ensuring candidate visibility. All this is best organized through the social media using FB, Twitter, Pintrest, Quora, Google Hangout, etc.
  2. 2. Page 2 “Independent Candidates can Win” MUMBAI New Media drives Old style media. With the astounding growth of New Media (Blogs, Forums, User made videos) that are popular amongst those who have their own view points (mostly against the Govt. corruption and apathy) the established media (Newspapers & TV channels) have also For your politics to stand out and succeed, you have to put a primary focus on the social media space, go in big (halfway will not do), and do it better than most, right from the start . “discovered” blogs and are now offering “user– generated” content that is almost identical to paid– news type stories. This is actually multiplying the power of social media, creating a new model of media management in politics. messages are now on mobile phones; with a high growth in number of users. With easy access to Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube and similar sites; internet is now a popular platform for political discourse and debates. Online democracy is now Platforms that deliver and affecting and reflecting real exchange audio– visual democracy. This merging creates trends, that affect Voters and influence them. Economies of Campaign Management. The one single rule for ‘voter mobilization’: Personal appeals always work best. produce one vote for every 18 people contacted. The next best way is for Having your campaign real humans to phone call volunteers visiting voter, and chat with your potential door-to-door; is still the voters. This tactic produces best way to get Voters to one voter for every 45 calls mobilize in your favor. made. On a average this will Flyers distributed via news- The New Media Outreach papers or by post will yield one voter for every 400 flyers. Where ever human elements are needed to contact the voter, the cost is usually between Rs: 1500 to Rs 5000 per hour. On an average the cost of each vote will be Rs: 2200 per vote. (Cost, not bribe). By using new (social) media, the Candidates can expand their outreach globally. This has three advantages—the first being that you are connecting to people across the world without any boundaries, and second, this out-reach helps generate discussions and view-points from political observers who have no stake in your election results. The third most important facet is that social media outreach is extremely cheap and has a fixed cost for most basic services. The disadvantage is that social media is non-personal and reduces candidates human interaction with the voters to minimum.
  3. 3. “Independent Candidates can Win” MUMBAI Page 3 Political Focus of a Successful Campaign Involve the Voters: The voters have to be convinced that the election is about ‘everybody’- and that they stand to gain as much as the candidate when he wins. Communicate, don’t lecture: Candidates must have a conversation with Voters, not a one-way broadcast of ideas. Motivate the grass-root campaigners: Candidate’s supporters have to be motivated to work hard. It is necessary to hand over the grass-root campaign to them - motivating them to take a stake in the success of the campaign. Their success contributes to the Win. Dramatize Ideas: It is necessary for the Candidate to enlarge idea and perception in a manner that resonates with voters. Use one focal point that covers all ideas that you want to convey to the Voters. Challenge the competition: Voters seek Champions. You have to give Voters a reason to support you. Your objectives must be grand, yet do-able. Internet is not the real world: You have to be razor sharp in ground operations. The social media / internet is great for organization of meetings and communicating with the Voters. But, actual votes are earned only by traditional ways; door-to-door campaign, volunteers holding street corner meetings, candidates walking the ground and communicating face-to-face. Technology Strategy of a campaign The candidate’s web-site and Twitter has to be the heart of the entire strategy. Your campaign has to be a grass-roots upwards process. There has to be perfect synergy between technology & grass-root organization; the aim being the empowerment of your grass-root leaders to run parts of the campaign independently. On-line actions have to be tied-up to the on-the-ground activities. The internet is just a vehicle to empower the campaign and it’s people; raising funds, attracting volunteers and workers, allowing people to interact inside the campaign domain. This must lead to self-organized groups who will push the campaign on a personal basis through roadside meetings, community discussions, area get-togethers, and giving opportunity for emergence of local leaders that support the candidate, heart and soul. The Brotherhood of Voters Election is War; and just like any war, people gather behind their leaders to fight for what they believe in. Established party candidates will use false information, wrong information and total lies to bring down their opponents. The social media can be used aggressively to counter false claims and lies almost immediately. But, for that the candidate has to empower his voter base. A bond has to be built between the voters and the candidate. Website, Face-book ,Twitter and You-Tube are today’s bonds. With these the Candidate can start a two way communication with voters; listening and responding on an almost instant basis, on any issue that is being debated. Empowered voter will be a dedicated supporters; if the candidate builds a brotherhood. Over the last 65 years, Politics has moved from being Party centric to Voter centric. Today, it’s what the Voter wants is more important, political parties can either cater to the Voters wishes or perish.
  4. 4. VOTER SENA 12 Crucial Questions that Candidates need to Ask Themselves: 1. What is this campaign about? - (Mission and Vision) 2. What is the social and political environment during this campaign? 3. What are the main goals of your campaign? The Capacity & Efficiency of your Election Campaign will depend on: 1. Constant communication with the Voters.. 2. Use of Technology in your campaign. 3. Organizational Structure of your campaign. 4. Integration of Social Media with on –the- ground campaign 5. Correct use of campaign funds to get maximum results within the EC laws. 6. Winning the Elections through Strategy. 4. What is the competition? (Rival candidates / rival parties) 5. What is the political strategy that you will use to stand out? 6. What are the singular (Measurable) goals of your campaign? 7. What are the available dead-lines to accomplish these goals? 8. How is your campaign force organized? 9. What are your current activities? 10. What results are you expecting for each activity? 11. What are the phases of the process for each activity? (Time lines) 12. What are the personal skills & experience of your campaign staff? Using the Web and other technologies to Succeed  Technology is now a critical tool in politics. 78% of the current voters are in the 18-34 age group.  Almost 100% voters in Urban areas & 67% in rural areas use mobile phones. In urban areas, 60% voters use smart phones and are connected to Face-book, Twitter and You-tube.  Social media and E-technology; if used correctly, can overwhelm the opposition and ensure a win.  While individualism is growing; advances in technology mean that voters share choices & opinions with a wider audience and social media will definitely influence voter choices.  Technology is one tool that organizes & inspires at grass-root levels, faster than any other known method. Any candidate who takes advantage of this trend and genuinely connects with the Voters will enjoy historic win in the next election.  Tapping the power of the Individual (You) gives great rewards. When candidate empowers the Voter and communicates on a One-to -one basis; the basis of electoral success is established immediately.  Internet can be your Campaign manager - helping you communicate with Voter, organize grass-root events, involve voters with your idea on a constant basis, assist in fund-raising, and ensure a huge voter turn-out in your favor on voting day. TECHNOLOGY SUCCEEDS.