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Hweo parent letter Document Transcript

  • 1. Grade 5 - Canadian International School Programme Of Inquiry How We Express Ourselves 23 August 2010 to 24 September 2010 The purpose of this Unit is for students to develop an understanding of how we can use technology to communicate to a local and global audience. We will explore the connections between the presenter and the audience and the decisions that must be made to get a message across to an audience most effectively. CENTRAL IDEA Changes in communication technology create different types of connections between people and their audience. ENDURING UNDERSTANDINGS: The enduring understandings that we intend the students to gain are as follows: 1. Through the changes in technology, we are both creators and recipients of information. 2. Communication technologies have given people a broader voice and a greater audience. 3. There is a greater sense of responsibility as we connect to a wider audience. KEY CONCEPTS: The concepts being taught in this unit: CHANGE - How is communication technology changing? CONNECTION - How is the presenter connected to the audience? FORM - What is communication technology like? RELATED CONCEPTS: Ethics, Integrity, Responsibility LINES OF INQUIRY: “STOP SPEAKING TO ME WITH CAPS LOCK ON!” - different kinds of communication technologies (Concept: FORM) - changes in communication technologies over LEARNER PROFILE: time (Concept: CHANGE) We intend to develop the following attributes of - how audience interaction has been affected by the IB Learner Profile: changes in communication technology (Concept: - Communicator: The children will work towards CONNECTION/CHANGE) understanding and expressing ideas and information confidently. - Inquirer: The children will work towards TEACHER QUESTIONS: acquiring skills to conduct inquiry and 1. Ho do connections develop between people and research; They will work towards showing their audience? independence. 2. When we express ourselves, how do we know - Principled: The children will work towards which communication technology will be most acting with integrity and honesty; They will effective? work towards taking responsibility for own actions.
  • 2. ATTITUDES UNIT ASSESSMENT We will encourage the students to develop the following attitudes: Assessment tasks will give the students the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the Central Idea as Respect - They will respect themselves, well as the Enduring Understandings, Knowledge and others and the world around them Skills. They will also be assessed on the use of appropriate subject-specific vocabulary. Independence - They will think and act independently and make their own The assessment tasks and assessment criteria will be judgements based on reasoned shared and discussed with students in the early stages of arguments; justifying and defending the unit, so they are best prepared for success. positions taken. What you can do with your child at home ... SKILLS: - Discuss how people and groups of people Throughout this Unit of Inquiry, we will communicate with each other. focus on and assess the following skills: - Talk about your child’s experiences when they have tried to convey a message and/or deliver information. Thinking Skills: - Following relevant news stories on the T.V., Radio or The children will read and understand a Newspaper wide variety of texts, presentations and - Look at other people’s blogs and discuss the situations. effectiveness of the message being given. Research Skills: CROSS CURRICULAR LINKS The children will present their research A number of cross curricular links will be made in the findings to an audience. study of this unit of inquiry: These technology skills will be taught Numeracy - throughout the year: The children will interview people about their use of Technology Skills: typing, blogs, iMovie, technology in communicating with others. They will then Photobooth/iPhoto, Garageband, Comic- conduct an analysis of the survey results and present the Life, Survey Software, Excel/Numbers, findings in a graphic format (ie. pie charts, bar graphs, Word/Pages, Keynote/Powerpoint. line graphs, etc.) SPECIALIST SUPPORT: Literacy - To complete our Unit of Inquiry, we will The children will look at poetry as a way of be supported by the following communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings. They will specialists within school: read and analyze a number of different poetry styles looking for more effective presentations and styles. They - LTT Department to support the children will be given an opportunity to write their own teaching and learning with the whole unit KEY VOCABULARY - Guidance Counselor to support the - Audience - Network teaching and learning of ethics. - Communication - Community - Connection - Identity - Content - Effective - Media/Medium - Presenter - Technology - Tools - Message