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  • 1. The Lake Report By: Blake Kellum, SJRA August 1, 2012Even with July’s record setting rainfall rate for some parts of Southeast Texas, some area lakes andponds are still struggling to maintain good water levels. It seems that the recent rains were verytargeted in their delivery of much needed precipitation. Northwest Harris County may have received aLion’s share as did the Bryan, College Station area and others. A neighbor in San Jacinto Countyreported over 8 inches of rain in just one week, while I got only 1.5 inches in my rain gauge 5 miles awayduring the same period.Thus our area lakes have responded accordingly. Lake Conroe for instance struggled to reclaim about ½a foot of water during July and is still over 2 feet below normal; having never completely recovered fromlast year’s drought. Lake Livingston is still running right at normal pool elevation and has been sinceearly in the year. Many smaller lakes and ponds with much smaller watersheds are also suffering fromthe effects of spotty rainfall, and their levels are being driven down by shear evaporation unless theywere lucky enough to receive substantial rainfall.By the way, evaporation is running at about ¼ inch per day currently. That’s 1.5 inches per week or 10.5inches per month!We all need to appreciate the fact that Southeast Texas is no longer considered to be in a drought butalso realize that the effects are far from over. Just look at the amount of dead and still dying timber inour forests for evidence of the fact.Lake Information:Lake Conroe is reporting a level of 198.77msl as of this morning and with little rain in the forecast, islikely to recede a bit more over the next few weeks. No discharges are being made from the dam norhave there been since last summer’s call for water by the City of Houston.Lake Livingston is almost at full pool reporting a level of 130.89msl and releasing 1000cfs through thedam to downstream stakeholders.For more information, as always, go to:www.sjra.net or www.trinityra.org