Patient Perspectives on Healthcare in Europe


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Patient Perspectives on Healthcare in Europe. Bedlington N. eHealth week 2010 (Barcelona: CCIB Convention Centre; 2010)

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Patient Perspectives on Healthcare in Europe

  1. 1. European Patients’ Forum’s Perspective – Cross Border Healthcare and eHealth Nicola Bedlington, EPF Director 17 March 2010
  2. 2. o High quality, patient-centred equitable healthcare across the EU o Strong and united voice o Umbrella body of 42 European disease specific patients’ organisations and national coalitions o 150 million EU patients with chronic conditions
  3. 3. eHealth a priority for EPF • Huge potential if appropriately harnessed • Patient-centred disease management; patient - healthcare professional dialogue; personalised healthcare; cross border mobility; quality and continuity of care and patient safety, • Sustainability of health systems • Much EPF Policy and Programme activity on eHealth • Important Spanish Presidency has identified eHealth as a priority • eHealth governance is here to stay !!
  4. 4. Directive – Patients Rights in Cross Border Healthcare • Bedrock for eHealth • Inherent to Commission original proposal • Reinforced in European Parliament • Weakened in December Compromise Text despite clear competence in eHealth • Principles of quality and safety in healthcare June 2006 Council Conclusions • Count on Spanish and future Presidencies to advance on this –strengthen text - reinforce comitology
  5. 5. EPF Activities on eHealth • CALLIOPE • RENEWING HEALTH • CHAIN OF TRUST • Electronic Health Records etc • ICT as part of a comprehensive information to patients strategy • Strong relationship with other eHealth stakeholders – and industry
  6. 6. Rationale behind EPF’s engagement on eHealth • Our members’ belief that eHealth solutions can only work if patients are involved meaningfully from inception to delivery • Value + has provided a model on patient involvement - added value in EU projects And policies...... • Exciting new development – eHealth governance • eHealth Joint Action/Thematic Network
  7. 7. eHealth Governance- Involvement of Stakeholders • Fundamental to address some of the core challenges • Bridging the gap between policy-makers and stakeholders • Meeting the needs of users • CONFIDENCE, ACCEPTANCE, ETHICAL ISSUES • Channelling expertise and good practice • Mobilising constituencies at all levels
  8. 8. Added Value-stakeholder involvement • Pharmaceutical Forum-Ministerial Conclusions • EUNetPAS Joint Action on Patient Safety • European Medicines Agency - patients and consumers working party • EU Health Policy Forum • eHealth Users Stakeholder Group
  9. 9. Conclusions and Way Forward • Technologies to develop from needs - not the way round – user-led, societal • EPF and other stakeholders -a strong and resourced strategic role in eHealth governance – same path to be followed at MS level • Meaningful patient involvement in eHealth calls built into application and evaluation processes • Quality of Life Indicators for evaluating technologies • eHealth Literacy vital
  10. 10. More information 10