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Website Development

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  2. 2. Internet has gained tremendous importance in every field. Every companyowns its own website through which they describe their company’s profile,their product range and also allows the viewer to buy the products online.These websites are also called as networking sites. There is also a conceptcalled a database websites which is in great demand these days due to itsimportance especially for companies.Making a website is very easy these days and due to the presence of Drupal ithas become even easier. There are certain processes which have to befollowed for making a good website.
  3. 3. Website Development Designing Coding Maintenance Analyzing Building Content & & &the business requirements Writing Development testing Updating
  4. 4. Analyzing the business :The basic thing that anyone needs to do before developing networking sites is analyzing thebusiness for which the website is to be prepared. Only important data is to be posted on thewebsites so it is important to analyze before coming to a conclusion.Building requirements based on analysis :Once the analysis of information is over then comes the need to judge the requirements of thewebsites. Requirements here refer to the type of design to be made, pages to be used, designand so on. It is advised for large companies to opt for database websites in order to makemaximum usage of the website for promoting their business.Designing and development :In this process the actual website is designed and all the necessary data is posted on to it. Onecan also use Wordpress in order to make a attractive website in no time. PHP language is used indeveloping the website.Content writing :This also is one of the important aspects which can never be neglected while making a website.It is the content in the website that attracts the viewer so one should always see to it that thecontent that is to be posted in such site is unique and one which can easily attract the reader.PHP language is used here also in order to post the content on such website.
  5. 5. Coding and testing :This department is in the hand of programmers and getting positive results here is veryimportant to make a successful website. It is very important to test the website before it isstarted using as there are a number of components that can become faulty. Thus it’s better tocheck them before using it.Maintenance and updating :After completing the website it is also very important to do a regular maintenance of suchwebsite and also updating it with the latest news. Drupal is one such software which can helpyou in the same and one can easily maintain and update the website from time to time. One canalso take help of CMS for the said purpose. Content Management system is a common way ofupdating the website. Joomla is one such CMS software which is used frequently.One can also opt for Internet portal especially large sized firms should definitely go for it.Internet portal can help such firms and companies in increasing their customer base within notime. Now one has all the necessary steps to develop, a website can start right ways withdeveloping the one themselves.
  6. 6. 981 8282