Social Network Integration – Great tool for Business
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Social Network Integration – Great tool for Business






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Social Network Integration – Great tool for Business Social Network Integration – Great tool for Business Document Transcript

  • Social Networking Website Development Online Media Marketing Social Network Integration – A great tool for businessSocial media has become a very important part of everyone’s life in today’s world.Now, it’s the time for businesses to turn towards them for their advertisementand increase their profits, thereby expand their business. Social NetworkIntegration provides just that to the businesses and companies. It’s a way throughwhich they can reach to a wider audience and that too in much less time ascompared with other advertisement strategy.All one has to do in Social Network Integration is integrate their site withavailable social media sites and that’s it and therefore expand their reach. Ingeneral one can separate the whole procedure in ten stages through which abusiness goes through while they move toward full social media integration: • Observe everything and report – This can be considered as the entry mark where the businesses know about the marketplace. It consists basically of two things – listening and reporting. Listening devices like the Google Alerts are used to keep a track of conversation and the instances that are in association with the keywords. Reporting provides the decision makers with the much needed information of impact of the social media on business. • Setting of stage and dress rehearsal – In this stage the businesses create their account on the various social media sites and start publishing their content. • Socializing Media – The companies in this stage start paying attention to the audience so that they could improve their content in response and provide human communication. • Search of voice and finding the sense behind purpose – Now after hearing and seeing the response of the audience business gain inspiration or ideas so as to put a sense behind the purpose into their social media programs. • Converting words into real action - Now after all discussions and gaining of ideas businesses in this stage start bringing out their ideas into practice. • Making the brand human and defining the real experience – Now after the brand has created its name, its message and talks start spreading from consumer something which in short can be termed as mouth to mouth advertisement. • Community – Community is not only made by making a profile on social network. Through the earlier stages businesses gain them through their hard work. Businesses make a path that is required to take their customers towards a great network that is filled with information and important connections. • Social Darwinism – Now after the above stages the introduction of whole new roles will change the structure of team and therefore workflow. Hence an organizational transformation would take place
  • that will be required for supporting effective engagement and to maintain the relevance of the brand. • Socialization of the business process – Many disciplines and also the departments of business would now socialize and therefore the adaptation of the infrastructure would be required to manage the social workflow. • Performance metrics of business – For measurement of the real effect of the social media on business number and data is required every time. That is what now happens at this stage.Social Network Integration is definitely a great tool for the business to make theirbusiness more relevant and reach out to a greater audience and create a name forthemAnil BhatCell : +91 – 9911720780Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.comUrl :