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Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. PowerPoint Presentation PPT : a low cost and effective tool
  2. 2. PPT presentation provides your organization the edge it needs.In the era where innumerable companies are started every day, the needfor effective publicity and marketing strategies are required to show thepublic or your targeted clients the caliber of your organization.When it comes to PowerPoint Presentation, “little is more “is the mantra.It shouldnt be used as a means to give a written speech on a big screen; itshould be a simple tool to convey your idea. PPT’s are of great use whentime is a constraint. PPT should have simple slides with effective captionsthat summarize the whole idea in a couple of lines with animations ifneeded. The slides should cover the aspects that are prominent and makeyou stand out from the rest.PPT’s are effective in many ways.They can be noted shortly as:1.To present a new project that might substantially increase you growth.2. To show the summary of the company’s growth.3. To show your clients the genuine nature of your project
  3. 3. We had hand-drawn images, slides, overhead projectors and a lot ofgadgetry to make our presentations effective. Times have changed andso have technologies. Animation and Multimedia tasks have becomesophisticated. Presentations are no more limited to classrooms. They areeverywhere. Just walk out of your office and there stands a mobilecompany salesman voicing structured rhetoric about products that areblurringly set in peep holes. Right across him stands a girl balancing acrystal clear container drawn from a zero-bacteria can and the perspiringpedestrian cannot wait to have a sip.Lovely presentations and effective too. But Microsoft isn’t satisfied. Likealways they are one-up on the competition. They have PowerPointPresentations evolved in 1990 and in current versions MS Office PPT 2010for Windows and MS Office PPT 2011 for Mac. The net and Visual mediaare all over the place. Be it a school auditorium or a boardroom, apresentation has now come to be synonymous with PPT Presentation.
  4. 4. PPT Presentation begins with the creation of a theme. A theme is acoordinated set of fonts, colours and graphic effects appearing at the top ofa page that can be applied to the entire document. It also includes the slidemaster and slide layout for background options. Audios (recordednarrations) and videos can be suitably mixed to give audio-visualtransparency to the presentation. Graphical content like Charts or Diagramscan easily trounce a monologue that would rather invite a resonant droneof a snore. Animations and Transitions inserted in the right places in rightdosages can be very appealing.Because of their hyper effect overdoing animation can be a total distractionfor the original presentation. The Screen Layout could get the audiencefocused. A poor picture can also turn them off.The PPT Presentation can even be made with notes appearing on the sideand slides published in handouts. With the large repertoire of tools availableit is necessary to get it right the first time. Rehearsals are possible so we neednot miss out on anything. All the same the whole PPT Presentation is to betrimmed to a manageable size so that everyone hears the last word on thesubject.
  5. 5. PPT Presentation is pretty simple to start with. If we have aPowerPoint program Word and Excel also become availableautomatically. To begin with we download a free PPT file and openit with PowerPoint. We can now examine the slides and learn to addpictures and titles as we examine them. Soon through a trial anderror method and, of course, the inevitable “Help?” Symbol we areon our way. Before signing out let us hear this from Vint Serf,“Power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.”