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Open Source Web Development
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Open Source Web Development


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Open Source CMS Drupal Joomla Wordpress Website Development Open Source Web DevelopmentWeb development is the creation of a website for the internet (world-wide web-www) or intranet (private network). A large organization may require a largenumber of web developers but a small one can do with a webmaster, graphicdesigner and information systems technician.Open Source Web Development is now possible free of charge because costs arecovered by advertisements, sponsorship and donations. Using the followingframeworks we can weave and design websites that will fit smugly in slots andgenerate income from target and random clients.Magento is a feature-rich e-Commerce platform built on open source technologythat enables merchant user to control the appearance, content and functionalityof his store. Through search engine optimization and content management toolshe can create websites tailor-made to suit his business needs.Drupal is a multi-user system that can promote content through Twitter andFacebook. It can scale sites with a million pages and respond to 20,000 requestsper second and is yet, highly secure.CakePHP facilitates development, deployment and maintenance of webapplications. It is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5. CakePHP reduces coderepetition and sets standards in security and sessions handling.ZEND Framework is a powerful open source Model View Controller (MVC)framework for developing PHP5 web application. It has more secure, reliable andmodern Web 2.0 applications and services. ZEND Framework has a rich libraryfor reference and can separate View from internal application MVC to aid easyfocus on target areas and reduce development time.Wordpress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool used on millions of sites andseen by multitudes world over everyday. Smarty is arguably one-up on PHP inseparating presentation from business logic like in situations where the roles ofdesigners and developers are different. When there are tens of thousands oftemplates and their efficient management is crucial Smarty’s tag-based templatesyntax is definitely preferred.OsCommerce is a highly rated e-Commerce application for setting up an onlinestore for unlimited number of products. Payment and tax can be collected,shipping arranged, and security of payment ensured. Customers can view theirorder history, search for products and customize product catalogue throughOsCommerce.
  • 2. CMS or Content Management System is an application for maintaining dynamicwebsites, By using CMS we can manage blogs, images, image descriptions and thecontents of a website. This database driven system with additional features likesite search and data feed can take frequent website updates in its stride.Yii is a high-performance framework for developing Web 2.0 applications in PHP5. Yii pronounced Yee stands for Easy, Efficient and Extensible. Yii is easy tolearn, fast, reusable and extensible. It is also considered the most efficient PHPframework available today.Social Networking Websites enables users to create public profiles withinwebsites and interact with other users of the same website. They can becommunity based websites, online discussion forums, and chat rooms. E-Commerce Websites facilitate business over net where search engine optimizationpromotes visibility and enhances trade.E-Learning Modules are short targeted learning modules developed on thecomputer with a lot of visual aids for quick grasp of a subject.Mobile Websites like Google, Twitter and Flickr are increasingly becomingpopular in tune with the growing market of mobile devices that support internetbrowsing.Software Development is the development of a software product throughcomputer Programming.Website Revamping is necessary in the fast changing world of internet. It isimportant the website to remain updated with international trends lest it becomeobsolete and lose customer appeal.Game Development generally refers to the lengthy process of creating a videogame.Website Development through online presence has become one of the bestoptions for business expansion. For an individual, too, a website placed on theworld-wide web (www) enhances communication and network interaction.Social Network Integration helps social media strategies access a blatantly largeaudience like 140 million Facebook users which is still growing. Companies canunwittingly enter personal domains and advertise through Social NetworkIntegration.SEO Friendly does not imply writing web pages for search engines but forreaders. Ultimately SEO provide content that is both interesting and informativeto customers. Web and Desktop Based Applications are different in that webapplications use a web server while Desktop has a self-contained program thatcan use the web resources when the network is attached to it.
  • 3. Animation Work like 16 images per second can create the impression of a movingimage virtually undistinguishable from live motion. Traditional picture animationor computer animation or their combination can provide entertaining animationsequences.Mobile Application Development is the process by which application software isdeveloped for low-power hand-held devices like mobiles and digital assistants.They are either pre-installed or downloaded.Anil BhatCell : +91 – 9911720780Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.comUrl :