Ecommerce website Development


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Ecommerce website Development

  1. 1. Performing trade over the internet is not an easy business thereforedesigning of E-commerce websites requires good amount ofresearch. There are a lot of factors one needs to keep in mind beforecreating an E-commerce website, like security and cost of technology.Ecommerce security is a vital part of online trading. It is essential forcustomers to be relaxed for protection of their account or credit cardinformation while billing takes place. If this will not be the case, thecustomer won’t take the risk of trading online then, thereby affecting theonline trading in a big way.With new technology, businesses and companies are modifying theirEcommerce website for more functionality that increases the securityand convenience of the user. The four phase of an E-commerce websitecan be mentioned as given:
  2. 2. Ecommerce Web Development One to one CommunitiesBrochure Web customer that are of Ware Storefront relationship Interest
  3. 3. Brochure ware – Brochure ware is kind of an E-commerce tool for thecompanies. A site would definitely be more good and effective if it picks up theadvantage of the interactive ability of the Internet like that of navigated links togo ahead and back over the website. One more method of promoting thebusiness online is encouraging the customers for sending questions, providingfeedbacks, and inquiring about the products. These contacts can then be furthertransformed to valuable leads that complement the sales channel of thecompany, or online services.Web storefront – It expands the functionality of the site and includes buyingand selling online that allows the customer the chance to visit a site and thenpurchase services or goods. Web storefront creates demand, acquiresinformation of customer, fulfill the orders and process the payment also.One-to-One Customer Relationship – Here the information of thecustomer that is acquired from the past interaction for personalizing thecontent of the site, or its services and products according to the needs of thecustomer and his/her preferences is brought into use. The marketingcampaigns on Internet also provide better addressing to the needs of thecustomer, which can thereby increase the satisfaction of the customer andretain him/her which will thus result in higher amount of sales and moreprofits.
  4. 4. Communities that are of Interest – Here the information of thecustomer is brought into use for identifying and engaging the onlinecommunity with the personalized services and products that is tailoredspecifically for the community that is created.E-commerce Website Development are certainly a great way oftrading online that provides security as well as convenience to thecustomers to trade from the convenience of their home and also result ingreater profits for the website. There are plenty of services available on theinternet that can also help to create the right Ecommerce website accordingto the specific need of the company for their business.