Digital marketing


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Digital marketing

  1. 1. Digital Marketing has taken a progressive stand than what it had beenfive years back. Nowadays companies are striving to create an image ora brand in the digital media such as websites, social media, banners andso on, to "Push" information into their targeted audience. As the pushstrategy is still prevalent, when in real life situations pull strategies aremore effective and measurable.The Planned Approaches to Digital Marketing aiming at a Targetedaudience have lead to the strong growth of certain brands andpersonalities. For example Face book and Dale Carnegie are a fewnotable ones.However there is a deeper concern as the number of companies focusedon finding new ways to promote their business, products, key messagesand services to their target customer audience in the digital media areever growing. The following issues when addressed leads to successfulonline presence over the Digital Media.
  2. 2. 1. Creating a Product Image in StyleOnce the decision is taken to strengthen the presence in the digital media,the first step is generally to conduct an online marketing research andcompetitors research to know about the product and their competitivemarkets. Following this process would be creating a Brand/Product Imagethat would represent the key message of the company, where it adopts acertain style of creating convincing messages to attract their target audiencethrough key words, placing on relevant sites and web properties. In short-"Develop Great Content and Work with it smartly“2. Web Traffic and Growth of AudienceCreating a demand for the content that needs to be published is an Art.There are several e-Commerce web design tools to enhance the potentialWeb Traffic for a particular brand. Keyword research plays a vital role inincreasing the Web traffic to a particular site. Striving to deliver qualitycontent to the audience would enhance the mind share of the site andenhance growth of the Audience with company’s new ideas.
  3. 3. 3. Core contentRelevant images and unique content in a consistent fashion enhancesthe growth of the audience. Professional Content writers and DigitalMarketing Agencies have a crucial role in molding the image of theProduct. The content displayed should advocate your audience to shareand propagate your message to the broader society.4. Brainstorming and New ideasWhether In-house or Outsourced teams do your Digital Marketing, thefocus must always be to bring forth New Ideas and Fresh Thinking intoyour advertising media. Motivated teams work hard on Brainstormingtheir team members for bringing about new ideas to promote theirproduct. The main concern here would be in keeping the targetedaudience in mind, while working on such content that drives theemotional or essential needs of the audience to fulfill theirdesires/demands.
  4. 4. 5. Ongoing Reach of Targeted audienceIn order to create and retain new and existing audience it is essentialthere is concerted effort in developing new content on regular basis interms of blogs, newsletters, video, articles, press releases and so on, tokeep the audience well informed of the latest developments related tothe Product.6. Accentuate your UniquenessBuilding a brand image for the Product takes a lot of careful planning;therefore the prior concern on Accentuating the Uniqueness of theBusiness, Product and Key messages could pull in the target audienceyou have been working for. Discovering a unique idea and standing forthe cause without fear while driving the point consistently would makeyour company popular among the populous (Eco-friendlyconcept).Highlighting the unique selling points on your websites, socialmedia and banners could bring in the desired target audience.
  5. 5. 7. Influencer- essential in growing digital mediaBringing about alliances with Companies and other Influencerscontribute to the growth of your presence in the digital media. BrandAmbassadors and Social Media Networks work efficiently at this effortin pulling the best alliances to advertise your product. Though the above ideas are a gist of the various strategies in DigitalMarketing, it is still growing and each day may present a new challengein discovering and unraveling the potentials of this Media.