Sangam university Bhilwara - One Year Young


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Catch up with the happenings at one year young Sangam University Bhilwara

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Sangam university Bhilwara - One Year Young

  1. 1. Established by Govt of Rajasthan Act No. 14 of 2012 incorporated u/s 2(f) of UGC Act1956NH 79 Bhilwara Chittor Bypass, Chittor Road, Bhilwara 311001 Rajasthan IndiaPhone 91-1482- 650505 Mobile 91-7891050000 Fax 91-1482-249225Email: Homepage: http://www.sangamuniversity.orgLearning Opportunities for the Global Citizen of the Future
  2. 2. Quotes on Education“Education is a human right with immense power totransform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones offreedom, democracy and sustainable humandevelopment.” – Kofi Annan Former UN SecretaryGeneral“Education is the most powerful weapon which youcan use to change the world.” – Nobel Laureate NelsonMandela“Education is not preparation for life; education is lifeitself.” – John Dewey American Philosopher
  3. 3. Preamble"Information is just bits of data. Knowledge isputting them together. Wisdom is transcendingthem.“Educational Transformation is a pre requisite forthe Economic and Social transformation of anynation.Education in India is no more an option. It hasturned out to be more of a basic necessity andthere is no denying that in this highly competitiveglobalized world, we need to be educated to scalenew heights.
  4. 4. The OpportunityWith a population of 1.2 Billion, Indiatoday has 540 million citizens underage 25 – a demographic dividend thatInternational agencies like the IMFhave said could help the country gainan additional 2% GDP growth.
  5. 5. The ChallengeBut the country presently has only 604universities and about 4000 colleges whichis less than 50% of what it needs toachieve the target of a 30% GrossEnrollment Ratio – GER in highereducation by 2030.The GER in 2011 for India stood at 18.8per cent compared with the global averageof 26 per cent
  6. 6. The Way ForwardOver the past decade, as this gapbetween demand and supply in highereducation increasingly became evident,the Govt of India for the larger task ofnation building encouraged the privatesector to invest in education apart fromdeployment of ICT based infrastructurefor delivering quality education.
  7. 7. It is in this context, in 2012 “Value ThroughValues” motto driven Rs 4000 croresturnover Sangam Group of IndustriesBhilwara which is one among the topranking corporates in India today withbusiness interests spanning textiles, steel,infrastructure and power which hadestablished the Institute of Technology &Management – ITM (AICTE approved) inthe year 2003 decided to take forward thesetting up of Sangam University.The Response
  8. 8. “We aim to serve the community as anon-profit and self-sustained institutionthat will provide an educational platformto the aspiring individuals and strive tocreate and improve upon the careeropportunities for them. We hope to beplaying a lead role as one of the bestUniversities in India in the next decade.”Vision
  9. 9. “We are committed to provide aneducational environment that iscompetitive, current and in tunewith the needs of the global marketsthus creating ample opportunities inemployment sector within the stateand the country as a whole."Mission
  10. 10. Sangam University aims toaccomplish the task of creation offuture by facilitating theconfluence of not only intellectualand cultural values but also ethicalvalues resulting in thedevelopment of leaders who knowthe way, go the way and show theway from diverse disciplines invarious walks of life.
  11. 11. • To achieve the motto of “Where AspirationMeets Opportunity”, the curriculum, in additionto being strong in fundamentals and rich inanalytical techniques, would also focus onbroad based multidisciplinary approach and co-operative work integrated education based onvibrant industry partnerships.• Such a curriculum would enable the student tofunction more effectively not only in the chosenfield but also prepare them for adapting toconstantly changing circumstances, confrontnew facts and find innovative ways toencounter and solve new and unexpectedproblems.
  12. 12. • Goal oriented and time bound research atSangam will be geared to be effective driver ofscientific discovery in addition to the emergenceof economically relevant new technologiesbased on system changing solutions.• For the students of Sangam, the words Dream,Perform and Achieve will represent much morethan a slogan. Sangam will bring the uniquetransformational experience to the enrolledstudents resulting in them as alumni with a lifelong bond with their alma mater.
  13. 13. Best PracticesThe educational process at Sangam Universityincorporates the best practices followed intop ranking Universities such as• Broad Based Interdisciplinary Education• Semester System• Letter Grading• Continuous Internal Evaluation• Cafeteria approach to choice of electives• Learning Integrated with Work
  14. 14. Campus Overview• Canteen and Dining facility• Transportation Facility for Faculty, Staff andStudents• In-campus medical facility provided by Smt. KesarBai Soni Hospital.• Wi-fi and Video Conferencing facility.
  15. 15. Campus Overview• Well equipped Classrooms and seminar halls with OHP and LCDprojectors.• Well stacked Library with Digital Library facilities• Sports and other recreational facilities for both indoor and outdoorGames• A General Provision Store to cater to the needs of Students and ResidentStaff is available on the Campus• 24 Hours cash transaction facilityThe Sangam University campus is spread over 40 sprawling acres of land.Spacious and airy classrooms are supplemented by well-equippedlaboratories and workshops wherein students acquire hands-on experiencethrough experimentation and practice sessions
  16. 16. Sangam university offersattractive merit cum needscholarships to deservingstudents based on academicperformance both at the time ofadmission as well as for pursuit ofsubsequent semesters
  17. 17. Stellar Constellation at Sangam UniversityShri R.P. SoniChairperson - ChancellorChairman , Sangam India Ltd.Shri S.N.ModaniVice ChairpersonManaging Director, Sangam India Ltd.Prof. B.R.NatarajanPresident – Vice Chancellor
  18. 18. Programmes Offered
  19. 19. School of EngineeringBachelor of Technology - B.TechNormal Duration : 4 YearsBranches Offered : Civil, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical &Electronics, Electronics & Communication, ElectronicInstrumentation & Control, Information Technology, Mechanical,Textile TechnologyEligibility: A minimum of 55% aggregate marks in 10+2 Examination ofCBSE or its equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry /Computer Science/ Biology / Bio Technology (3 Subjects) andadequate proficiency in English with at least 50% marks. Candidateshave the option of applying with ISEET - Indian Science EngineeringEligibility Test score and/or appear in Sangam University AdmissionTest : SUAT - BTechSpecial Feature: Option of opting for Integrated BTech + MBA 5 yearsOption of opting for Integrated BTech + MTech 5 Years
  20. 20. Diploma ProgrammesBranches Offered: Electrical & ElectronicsMechanicalNormal Input : 10th Pass or EquivalentNormal Duration : 3 Years (6 Semesters)Special Features:The curriculum will be geared to generate HumanResources for the Textile / Steel / Cement / Energysectors with special courses apart from learningintegrated with work modules.
  21. 21. Master of Technology - M.TechNormal Duration : 2 YearsBranches Offered : Computer Science & Engineering,Information Technology, VLSI, DigitalCommunication, Design, Production, Power SystemEligibility: BE/BTech/MSc or an equivalent degree inrelated field with at least 55% marks in aggregateand adequate proficiency in English. Candidates havethe option of applying with GATE Score and/orappear in Sangam University Admission Test: SUAT –MTech
  22. 22. Master of Computer Applications - MCANormal Duration : 3 YearsEligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in any disciplinewith a minimum of 50% aggregate marks andMathematics as one of the subject at least at the10+2 level examination and adequate proficiencyin English. Candidates will have to appear inSangam University Admission Test: SUAT - MCA
  23. 23. School of ManagementMaster of Business Management – MBAMaster in International Business - MIBNormal Duration : 2 YearsEligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline witha minimum of 50% aggregate marks and adequateproficiency in English. Candidates have the optionof applying with CMAT / CAT / MAT score and / orappear in Sangam University Admission Test:SUAT – MBA
  24. 24. School of ManagementBBA, BCom (Hons)Normal Duration : 3 YearsEligibility: A minimum of 55% aggregate marks in10+2 examination of CBSE or its equivalent in anystream and adequate proficiency in English.Candidates will have to appear in SangamUniversity Admission Test: SUAT – BBA / SUAT –BComSpecial Feature: Option for doing integrated BBA+MBA in 5 years
  25. 25. School of Arts, Sciences & HumanitiesMaster of Science M. Sc.Branches Offered : Chemistry / Geo InformaticsNormal Duration : 2 YearsEligibility for MSc (Chemistry) : Bachelor’s Degree in Science withChemistry as one of the subjects with a minimum of 50% aggregatemarks with adequate proficiency in English. Candidates will have toappear in Sangam University Admission Test: SUAT – MScChemistryEligibility for MSc (Geo Informatics): B.Sc. (Any Branch), BCA, BA(Geography) or Equivalent with a minimum of 50% aggregate maekswith adequate proficiency in English. Candidates will have to appearin Sangam University Admission Test: SUAT – MSc Geo Informatics
  26. 26. Master of Arts M.A.Branch Offered :Fine ArtsNormal Duration : 2 YearsEligibility : Bachelor degree with Fine Arts as oneof the subjects or equivalent with atleast 50%marks in aggregate. Candidates will have toappear in Sangam University Admission Test:SUAT – MA FA
  27. 27. New Programs on the Anvil• Masters in Financial Management• Masters in Healthcare & Hospital Management• Masters in Educational Administration• Masters in Finance & Information Technology• Masters in Mathematical Economics• Certificate courses on PLC /SCADA/Robotics• Certificate / Diploma / Degree programs in AgroFood Processing
  28. 28. Activities Galore• Grand Freshmen welcome (6-8 Aug 2012)• IYD International Youth Day 12 Aug 2012• Teachers day 05 Sep 2012• International Literacy Day 08 Sep 2012• Voluntary Eye Donation Day 08 Sep 2012• Hindi Diwas Day 14 Sep 2012• Engineers Day 15 Sep 2012• International Ozone Day / Blood Donation Camp 16 - 17 Sep 2012• International Day of Peace 21 Sep 2012• Rural Connectivity Visit 22 Sep 2012• World Tourism Day 27 Sep 2012• Voluntary Blood Donation Day 01 Oct 2012• UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 17 Oct 2012• United Nations Day 24 Oct 2012• Rural Connectivity Visit 10 Nov 2012• National Education Day 11 Nov 2012
  29. 29. Activities Galore• National Education Day – IIT Bombay Aakash Tablet Workshop 11 Nov 2012• Team of Army Officers visit Campus 19 Nov 2012• Saras Dairy Bhilwara – Industry Visit 24 Nov 2012• Mr Pradip Roy (GM Spg) & Mr Shrikant Gajabi 24 Nov2012(Area Sales Manager) Voltas visit• National Law Day 26 Nov2012• International Volunteer Day 05 Dec 2012• Pilani Museum Director’s Conference – SU President 09 Dec 2012Talks on Social Media & Museum Networking• President Sangam University Bhilwara Speaks on Human 10 Dec 2012Rights Day at JMA Pilani• ISTE Workshop on Engineering Thermodynamics 11-21 Dec2012 conducted by IIT Bombay• Amit Lath CEO of Forbes Diamond Ranking Sharda Group 18 Dec 2012of Companies visited Sangam University Bhilwara• National Mathematics Day 22 Dec 2012
  30. 30. Activities Galore• Mega Alumni Meet 22 Dec 2012• Talk on MIS at Sangam University Bhilwara Rajasthan – 09 Jan 2013Techie from Boston USA Shares Thoughts• Woolen Blanket Distribution at Sundarpura 10 Jan 2013• National Youth Day 12 Jan 2013• Talk on Effective Communication Skills by Dr Sangeeta 13 Jan 2013Sharma Associate Professor at BITS Pilani Rajasthan• National Girl Child Day 23 Jan 2013• Republic Day Celebrations 26 Jan 2013• Triveni of Corporate/Alumni/Community Connect 02 Feb 2013• Triveni of Dance Drama Music – La Union at Sangam – 09 Feb 2013Chief Guest Sri PK Goel Registrar Cooperatives Jaipur• Educational Consultant Anil Choudhary talk on 13 Feb 2013Public Speaking Triveni Prepare Practice Present• Sagar Hawaldar Vice President ASPIRE Talk on iCarnegie 14 Feb 2013Software Development Program
  31. 31. Activities Galore• Faculty Dr Mukesh Paliwal & Dr Rakhi Goel attend QIP 18-22 Feb 2013at IIT Roorkee• President SU Talk on Industry Academia Linkages 19 Feb 2013at PHD Chamber• 300 Principals from various Bhilwara Schools visit Campus 21 Feb 2013• Aakash Android Programming Workshop with IIT B 23 -24 Feb2013• Team from PHD Chamber Visit to Campus 01 Mar 2013• Aakash Android Programming Workshop with IIT B 02-03 Mar2013• Bharti Axa Team visit for Placement Purposes 04 Mar 2013• National Science Day – Theme: GM Crops & Food Security 28Feb 2013• Bharti Axa Team visit for Placement Purposes 06 Mar 2013• Springer Webinar on e Resources 06 Mar2013• Knowledge Partner for PHD Chamber IWD 08 Mar 2013• Meeting with Universities from Lodz Poland at Mumbai 13 Mar 2013
  32. 32. Activities Galore• Springer Webinar on e Resources 14 Mar 2013• Young Giants of Giants International Blood Donation Camp 21 Mar 2013• H.E. Prof Piotr Klodkowshi Poland Ambassador Visits 21 Mar2013on International Day of Happiness• President SU Chief Guest ICSI Seminar on Union Budget 21 Mar 2013• Prof Ramesh Sharda Regents Professor Spears School of 22 Mar 2013Business Oklahoma State University visits SU• Prof Raghunathan from BITS Pilani gave a thought provoking 23 Mar 2013talk on Role of a Manager at Sangam University• Baisakhi Dance Music Program by Ambili Menon 14 Apr 2013• Townhall Talk by VC on India Today’s Educational Challenges 14 Apr2013• Earth Day - Theme The Face of Climate Change 22 Apr2013• World Book & Copyright Day 23 Apr2013
  33. 33. News GaloreFollow us on Twitter us on Facebook
  34. 34. Contact DetailsSANGAM UNIVERSITYAddressNH-79, Bhilwara-Chittor By-Pass, Chittor Road, Bhilwara,Rajasthan, INDIA, PIN - 311001.Postal AddressPost Box - 11, Head Post Office, Bhilwara- (Raj.)INDIA, PIN – 311001.Phone & Fax01482- 650505, 650707 Fax No. : 01482-2490227891050000-05Website & ,
  35. 35. Great Poem “Road Not Taken”By Robert FrostTwo roads divergedin a Yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel bothand I—I took the one less traveled by,And that has madeAll the difference.And those who take the Road to Sangam Universityare bound to make the DifferenceThank You