10.18.11 laf meeting notes

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  • 1. 10.18.11 Los Altos Forward Meeting NotesNotes by Brooke Ray SmithGeneral Meeting Notes • City updates o Oct 4 City Council Study Session – open mic style discussion about what to do on Plazas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Audio may be available through City Clerk’s office, call to request (650) 947-2720. o POP-UP dinner Oct 16 in Village Plaza (Main & State intersection near Citibank) – Penny Lave summarized:  Success! Many people, great food, beautiful table decorations  City facilitated the use permit, alcohol permit, and rental of a port-a- potty (but it never got used, they think)  Very easy to coordinate  City would only allow the event on Village Plaza, because the parking plazas were thought too dangerous with the construction • Request to review what LAF has done as of date o Some concern that each week the group addresses new tasks/questions and isn’t following through on ideas. o Also good for newcomers to learn institutional memory o Agreed that this could be a great idea, to add a brief recap of group activity at start of each LAF meeting!  Allow time for bi-weekly check-in  Brings more power in masses – small groups get to share their projects with the larger LAF group  Brings confidence that work’s happening behind the scenes, between LAF meetings (by working groups on their own) o So, a representative from each working group summarized actions to date: • Actions/ Projects of LAF Working Groups o Parking & Transportation  Parking petition – put public parking back at First & Main  In lieu – sent memo to City recommending how an in lieu ordinance could work in Los Altos  Brought Ed Everett in to speak from Redwood City  Safeway research  Plaza 1, 2, & 3 research o Village Image  Signage revamp: • Construction signage - helped LAVA with Apricot Annie idea for construction signage • Kiosk / wayfinding signage for downtown – could be digital! • Ideas about better parking plaza / employee parking signage
  • 2. • Online presence – o Incorporate business directory link onto city website o Build an app! o Better social media management  Design competition idea for Plazas 1, 2, & 3 – could get college design students involved  Survey – what are people’s perceptions of the Village Image? Coordinate with other groups, one big survey? o Commercial Interests  Suzanne Kasso survey of parents – what types of businesses do we want to see downtown?  Coordinate with parking group – need parking to get great merchants o City Process  Increased participation in City Council meetings – up from 6 months ago  Led to the City publishing a legislative agenda announcing future Council meeting topics (Jarrett’s idea, after attending a community meeting on this) o Social Interests  Outreach to others downtown to come to LAF meetings  First Friday idea – mobilizing & gaining momentum• Primary Exercise of the Evening: 2-3 Top Goals for LAF o (folks break up into 3 groups) o Summary of responses from each table – then everyone voted on their top three:  #1 (16 votes) Push city to do a visioning process with community  #2 (14 votes) First Fridays – focus on making this and other social events happen  #3 (13 votes) Elect action-oriented councilmembers, vet them via questions about what they’d do downtown  Outreach out to community • Unbiased survey • Bring in multiple generations – young, old • Communication network – set up communication tree to reach whole community  Focus on parking infrastructure recommendations/research  Better web presence for LAF  Education/outreach programs – e.g. speaker series  Differentiation – how is Los Altos different/unique in Silicon Valley?