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Assignment 8 redraft






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Assignment 8 redraft Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ThrillerAssignment 8: Individual Presentation Sanel Homer
  • 2. Why have I chosen this genre?Thriller- Because it creates suspense, tension and excitement. It stimulates theviewers mood such as uncertainty, anxiety, suspense, excitement and terror.Conventions of thriller:Death- a killing of a much loved or a important character.Tragedy- the invoking of emotional pain of main character(s) oraudience.Suspense- where audience is gripped to the film at importantinformation is withheld until the end.Intensity- fierce emotions invoked that compels audience to simplifywith main character.Depressing- a miserable or forlorn emotion invoked through maincharacter and can be simplified with audience.
  • 3. Inspiring films• Mirrors• Black Swan• Insidious• Paranormal Activity• TeethThese films inspired me because I like the like feelingof getting scared. Most of the movie storylines intrigue me.Such films can bring about a giddy sense of fear andadrenaline that appeals to a wide range of target audience.
  • 4. What is your chosen theme for your opening sequence• My chosen theme for my opening sequences would be REVENGE. Death • Someone gets hit by a car • Violent • Ideas • Pain horror Sadness • Crying over the person death. • Loss Bullying • Grief • Physical • Verbal • cyber bulling
  • 5. What happens in the movie/opening sequence• What will happen in the whole film? What will happen in the opening sequence?• Emma and Jessica were best friends, nothing • A car comes could tear them apart. Until Jessica became • Jessica hand on the ground Amy’s (bully) new victim. • A rose on the grave • Emma starts following the bully• No one saw the car coming, but all three Amy lifes change because of it. • Amy gets scared.• Jessica’s dead.• Emma’s suffering.• And Amy will suffer.
  • 6. Who are the character and what do they represent 1st Best Friend Emma She’s friendly, warm and protective. Always looks out for her friends. Costume: Very simple. Winter clothing. Jeans, woolly top, scarf, hat, gloves and converse. Then changes to dark colours when seeking revenge. Body language: Very relaxed A very stereotypical content school girl and then her life changes around through her emotions and problems.Props: Car, knife and a embarrassing photo.Props: Knife, car, embarrassing photo
  • 7. Who are the character and what do they represent 2nd Best Friend JessicaFriendly, easy going and bottles up all of heremotion.Costume: Wears dark colours.Likes to wear black a lot since she doesn’tlike to be notice by the bully. Body language: Very Stiff.This reflects a troubled mind and can onlyexpresses herself through her appearance.
  • 8. Who are the character and what do they representThe Bully AmyA mean and cruel person. Doesn’tCare about anyone else beside herself.Costume: Wears bright colours. Light colourtops and skirts . Also wears a lot of make-up.Body language: A know it all. Walks like amodel.This represents her fake and changeablepersona and only cares for her materialisticthings
  • 9. How are you going to create enigma in your opening sequence?The first scene you’ll just see a extreme close up of a hand laying on a pavement withtraces of blood pooling down which makes the audience question who owns the hand?What happened? And what is there to come?
  • 10. STORYBOARD A extreme close-up shot of A mid-shot of Emma holding the rose A extreme close-up of the rose Jessica hands (2nd best friend.) (1st best friend)A full shot of Jessica following Amy. Extreme close-up of the knife and Amy A close-up of Amy(bully) hand (bully) neck.
  • 11. Target audience and feedbackTarget Audience- For teens 16-19 (mostlygirls) since its based on best friends and thereloving friendship they had together.Gender: FemaleLocation: SchoolHobbies: Watching MoviesInterests: Hanging out with friends