Assignment 4


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Assignment 4

  1. 1. Assignement 4Genre Partner Project.By Kaya Sumbland and Sanel Homer
  2. 2. Horror / Thriller Horror/Thriller are made to scare and horror their viewers as well as adding suspense and tension as main elements. Creating high levels of anticipation of your worst hidden fears. • Alfred Hitchcock shaped horror / thriller with The Lodge, which was a silent film, established in 1926. • Also Jack the ripper story, then followed by Blackmail in sound. • Established to excite viewers with uncertainty and terror. Expression of Expression of fearanticipation and tension
  3. 3. How has Horror / Thriller changed over time? 1946 2011 Pianist dies, Investigation into doesnt include a government then friend in will, takes leads to abandoned corpse hand and train tunnels beneath plots revenge and Sidney, story come stalks. to haunt them. • Smarter Titles • Developed special effects • Enhanced plots • Better Technology • More exciting, dramatic • More of a mind game
  4. 4. How has it mixed with other genres? Crime horror / thriller – Central topics serial killers and murderers Silence of the Lambs.Revenge horror thriller – an exploration film, central topics suspense and rape I Spit on your grave.
  5. 5. For Example…. The old dark house - 1932 Trailer conventions… • A • Scary chase. objects ; skeleton • Weird / Crazy People. • Sound effects always dramatic Director – James Whale • Black and white Distributor – Universal Pictures • People • Released – 1932 randomly The soft block font Plot - Seeking shelter from a dying. pounding rainstorm in wales and several travellers are admitted to a gloomy mansion. on the run from the police, things get worse and tries to destroy the residence by setting it on fire.
  6. 6. For Example…. The Lost Boys - 1987 Trailer conventions… • Attractive guy • Teens turns Vampire Director – Joel Schumacher Distributor – Warner Bros. Released – 1987 Plot - Two new-in-town brothers who discover a local gang of • Creepy suspicious guy • Mysterious things scaring and motorcycle youths are more • Dark setting creeping up on people. undead than alive. Older brother • Mellow music; turns falls in love with the bunchs lone to loads of screams female - and is gradually becoming a vampire himself.
  7. 7. For Example…. Hollow Man - 2000 Trailer conventions… • Suspicious • A lot of text to create suspense Director – Paul Verhoeven Distributor – Columbia Pictures Released – 2000 Plot - Scientist who heads up a double-secret government team • Scientists; how it happened • Quote said by the weirdo in the experimenting with turning life-forms • Piano music; creepy end invisible.
  8. 8. For Example…. House of Wax - 2005 Trailer conventions… • Stalker • Something Abandoned - Town Director – Jaume Collet- Serra Distributor – Warner Bros. Released – 2005 Plot – Teenagers stop to a • The stupid people who go • Killer chase camp sight, end up getting mixed up with the wrong people inside or check something out who turn people into wax • Dramatic fast music
  9. 9. For Example…. Final Destination 5 - 2011 Trailer conventions… • The Warning • Someone who scares easy and have a feeling of what will happen Director – Steven Quale • Someone dying really Distributor – Universal horrifically (Usually Pictures the annoying people) Released – 2011 Plot – People who escape a • Dramatic fast and loud music nearly fatal accident then death • Make you jump come back to haunt them and kills them all brutally.
  10. 10. What have I learnt? How they inspired me.. • The reasons of a • To build up anticipation and excite with horror/thriller a revealing shock at the end not showing to much but enough. • How to create suspense • How Build up tension • Typical conventions to certain types of horror/thriller • Technologies improvement • What angle shots are affective to use in showing the best of an emotion.
  11. 11. • It tells us a story usually involving conflict and emotions through actions and dialogue.• The drama that we know today goes back to the times of ancient Greece• The term come from a Greek word meaning ‘action’.• Drama was established in the 19 th century and was only performed on holy occasion.
  12. 12. The masks helped audience members identify the emotions onstage. The mouths were big so it can make the actors speak more easily, and the facial expressions were exaggerated so that those in the cheap seats could still understand what was going on.In the days before stories were writtenthey act out there performances waitingfor those dramatic stories to be written.But drama would only exist in thosepeople and their memories.
  13. 13. Oskar Schindler is a greedy German businessman who becomes unlikely caring in the middle of the barbaric Nazi reign when he feels compelled to turn his factory into a refuge for Jews. He managed to save about 1100 Jews from being gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camp.Drama Film Distributed by: Universal pictures Released on: 30 November 1933 Directed by: Steven Spielberg
  14. 14. •Painful•Surprised•Dreadful•Crucial•Evil
  15. 15. A life of a ballerina - Nina. She isobsessed with dance and the onlythinks about getting the star role inthe next season. There is acompetition with this girl called Lillywho is very talented and the directorshas noticed her. They are after therole of the White Swan/Black. Therefriendship becomes Strange and Ninaends up learning about the dark sidefrom her friend and this dark sidecould lead to her damage. Drama/thriller Film Directed by: Darren Aronofsky Released on: December 1st 2010 Distributed by: Fox searchlight pictures
  16. 16. the over-the-top camera angles •Mysterious•Unsettling•compassion•Mad•Crazy
  17. 17. Film Noir French for black filmIt’s a cinematic term to describe Hollywood dramas Film noir is generally established between the times of 1940 and 1950’s John Alton created many of Film Noirs iconic images.
  18. 18. •Film noir stands for ‘Black Film’•Film Noir is a cinematic term to describe stylish Hollywood crimedrama.•It started from the early 1940’s to the late 1950’s•Film noir was established in 2002 for those teaching or studyingcrime fiction, film and graphic art.
  19. 19. . In the 1960s and 1970s, there were movies likeCandidate (1962) and Chinatown(1974), which wereinfluenced by the film noir movies from the 1950s.•In 2000’s also movies began to be like film noir because they were inspired by them. Film noir has been mixed with other genre such as detective-mystery to get more interest and success.
  20. 20. They expect:•Evil•Guilt•Depression•Loneliness•Harshness •In the middle of the Gulf War, soldiers are kidnapped and brainwashed for evil purposes.They are more centre on:• field camera work•Lighting Directed by: Jonathan Demme•Deep focus Distributed by: Paramount Pictures Released on: July 30th 2004
  21. 21. Directed by: Roman Polanski Distributed by: Paramount Pictures Released on: June 20th 1974 •Good tone •Lighting •Visual style •Arguing •Depression •FrighteningA private detective investigating an adultery •Thrillingcase fall on to a scheme of murder that hassomething to do with water. Thriller Film
  22. 22. What have we learnt? • Conventions are a main part of separating different genres. • How many different movies have developed over time. • How movies from this generation are inspired by old movies.