Assignment 14 new.


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Assignment 14 new.

  1. 1. Preliminary Task Plan Kaya, Gia, Rahel and Sanel
  2. 2. Two shot at the tableGirl keeps looking back around Somethings behind her her Match on action shotThings walk when opening the doorbehind her Rough Idea’s on Over the shoulder the task shot when having the conversationScared/frightened facial expressions Extreme close up shot of her hand turning the door handle Close up shot of facial Establishing the location by Talks to friend about what she expression camera movement following think is happening to her the character
  3. 3. 180 degree rule!What is it?It is a basic guideline that characters in a shot should always stay to their left or rightposition with each other.How are you considering it in your preliminary task?We will be filming the character in a conversation to keep their left and rightpositions, therefore to keep this rule we will not be filming from the other side of the table. If filming is filmed from the left side You can’t change side of a room the of the camera because character would the position of then have right characters would be and left positions flipped therefore …
  4. 4. Match on action!What is it?When the editor cuts from one shot to another which matches the action in the othershot, regardless of possibly being filmed hours apart. It gives an impression of continuoustime.How are you considering it in your preliminary task?We will be showing the character open the door then coming through it on the other side. Matches as if it was one movement
  5. 5. Camera shots and angles! Extreme Over the Establishing Close up close up Two shot shoulder shot shot shot shotVisual Showing the To establish To show in more characters reaction To show where the To shot emotion detail on from the emotional character is to through facial particular facialWhat is it create frame of feature to present reactions perspective of the other so they expression which between twobeing used mind, why they will connection to feeling and people to display audience can see it could by there the audience and emotion to from how theyfor and and possibly to connect with the what kind of would standing they can relation ship theywhy? create a mood or understand how audience and have there possibly feeling for the understand how making the they feel audience feel is if audience they feel they’re there too
  6. 6. Over head plans!
  7. 7. Script!
  8. 8. Storyboard!
  9. 9. Storyboard!
  10. 10. Shot list! Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededGia looks around • Mid shot Gia grabs hold of the • Bangles door handle then • Jeans looks around scared • shirtGia hold the door handle • Close up shot Gia turns the door • Bangles handle • Jeans • shirtGia walks through the • Match on action Gia walks to her seat • Banglesother side of the door • Establishing shot • Jeans • ShirtGia sits there waiting • Extreme close up Gia sits there waiting • Bangles shot • Jeans • ShirtSanel holds the handle • Close up shot Sanel hold the • Bangles • Match on action handle then walks to • Jeans a seat • Shirt
  11. 11. Shot list! Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededGia is talking • Mid shot Gia talks to Sanel • Bangles about whats • Jeans happening to her • shirtSanel is talking • Mid shot Sanel is talking to Gia • Necklace trying to convince • Jeans her its not true • shirtSanels reaction to what • Over the We see Sanel from • NecklaceGia’s saying shoulder shot Gias perspective • Jeans • ShirtThey converse at the table • Two shot They both sit there • Bangles talking to each other • Necklace about it • Jeans • ShirtGia points at the wall • Mid shot Gia scared points to • Bangles the wall because she • Jeans can see something • Shirt