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As 11 fixed part 1

  1. 1. Kaya & Sanel & Rahel D.a Elements of mystery Danger on a mental level Psychological Traumatic Flashbacks thriller memory Conventions Confusions with what is Mental conflict with real and their own mind what is not
  2. 2. Convention Use/Develop/ Purpose and Examples fromPsychologicalThriller Challenge Description filmsFlashback Use – flashback of Purpose – to frighten Vertigo many years ago, the audience and create perhaps childhood enigma as to what crime Develop – flashback of happened a mysterious past Description – a Challenge - dark, flashback of three police scary flashback of a men climbing a ladder to crime the roof on a search for something Three police men on a search #Traumatic Memory Use – discussion of Purpose – to inform the Momento the traumatic audience of the characters’ past and give memory with the audience an insight another person into the audience’s Develop – thoughts photograph of the Description – A bloody traumatic memory looking photograph which frightens the audience Challenge - Somebody holding a flashback photograph
  3. 3. Convention Use/Develop/ Purpose and Examples fromPsychologicalThriller Challenge Description filmsElements of Use – characters are Purpose – to create fear Donnie Darkomystery very worried about for the audience and make them wonder why a situation that the and how the body is there audience doesn’t Description – there is a know man lying still on the Develop – audience ground, the camera sees a body but gradually zooms in on doesn’t know what the body happened A person lying still on the ground.Danger on a Use – a person Purpose – to make the Black Swanmental level screaming while audience question her another person is mental state and frighten them there Description – after a Challenge – a series of fast cuts at person screaming various angles we see alone for no reason the girl in her bedroom screaming for an A girl alone in the room screaming unknown reason. for an unknown reason
  4. 4. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples fromPsychological thriller Challenge Description Opening Sequence Purpose – To show how someone emotional stateDanger on a Develop – Having a can effect someone with young girl seeingmental level schizophrenia and delusions, but developing emotional connectionrather than it to scary bizarre with her toys delusions that will scarephysical Description – Laura our audience throughout can see delusions of her toys from Laura can see her delusions her past. in the reflection of her mirror Use – Showing flashbacks Purpose – To show cluesFlashbacks of Laura’s past to the reasons behind Laura’s delusions and why she is going to the forest Description – Foster parents take a picture of Laura holding a box with delusional characters next Picture being taken of Laura to herKaya D.b
  5. 5. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples fromPsychological thriller Challenge Description Opening Sequence Develop – Laura doesnt Purpose – To show effectsConfusions realise that these of schizophrenia onwith what’s characters are delusions someone and how it can or real life. She just confuse someonereal and thinks its normal, and its Description – Laura talkswhat’s not developed by making the to these delusional delusions scary character as if they’re real. The arm of the delusional character reaches for Laure through the mirrorKaya D.b
  6. 6. Sanel Use- By showing her digging something up from the ground at a fast pace and losing control over it.
  7. 7. Inspirational Scenes Kaya EAlice in Wonderland Donnie Darko The last songA character that’s very scary Music to emphasise and creepy Relatable character emotion During a bad trip you see In reality Donnie Darko is a The song played on the piano in things that are frightening so normal teenage guy, who is shy The last song created a lot of emotion and focus towards the this Cheshire cat from Alice in and doesnt cause intentional girl on the piano, which inspired wonderland (2010) inspired trouble, however he can see and us to use during our flashbacks. me to crate a character with listens to something he thinks is The pace and sound of the piano similar features that will real but in fact is pretend. emphasises understanding of the frighten Laura when character. We want to use this so hallucinating. the audience will understand and concentrate on Laura’s situation.
  8. 8. SanelInspirational Scenes Black Swan 2010 EBlack is inspiring to us because there structure starts of with a disequilibrium becauseit shows how breaking into a entertainment industry is difficult as you have to beperfect at what your doing. The film stays a disequilibrium throughout the movie asshe kills herself without realising the black swan was her and so in our openingsequence we are going to have disequilibrium throughout our opening sequence ashaving schizophrenia never has a happy ending.
  9. 9. SanelInspirational Scenes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-1974 EThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre was inspiring to us that the slow motion waseffective as it focuses on the details slowly showing us that something thathad happen was important. So when we do are slow motion of Laura fallingto ground you can see how the slow motion emphasise the fall.
  10. 10. Gia Inspirational documentary She thinks that she sawfaces while she was driving, This leads her intobut really she was having an swerving off the road. illusion.
  11. 11. RAHEL Inspirational Scenes 4321• We were inspired by the day • We were inspired by these closeand time shown in the film up shots of Shannon and Joanne shown in the film.• The addition of the date andtime makes the film more real • It clearly conveys a lot ofand clear as the audience the characters’ emotion toalready knows the background the audience. We are goinginformation of the scene. We to include close up shots inare going to include the day and our opening sequence.time in our opening sequencetoo.
  12. 12. RAHEL Inspirational Scenes 4321 • We don’t know if it’s a flashback, what he’s dreaming or what is actually going on around him. We were inspired by this as we want to play with our audience’s mind and keep them wondering.
  13. 13. Kaya & Sanel Theme and Concept F Previously, our Theme was Drugs and our Concept was Hallucination. What Went Well • The idea was unique, no other previous opening sequences did this idea • It could connect with out audience • It created enigma, It has an interesting climaxing ending Even Better If • Quite an old drug, not used that much in this time • Sounds abit like a Thriller – alter things to change to a thriller • Theme and concept not quite right, needs changing • So… We changed a little from drugs back to mental illness again, so it can suit out new genre ‘psychological thriller’ • We also wanted to relate to our audience while scaring them with that character at the same time • We canted the theme and concept to relate to the past of the character
  14. 14. Kaya & Sanel Theme and Concept F • To come up with out new Theme and Concept we all decided to keep the same idea of the opening sequence, but change the cause of seeing delusions to suit the psychological thriller genre more • We all wanted an idea that could relate to our audience, making it seem more real to them however at the same time frightening them with the characters situation Theme: Concept: Childhood Sentiment Schizophrenia
  15. 15. gia What is schizophrenia• Schizophrenia is a simple mental disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, confusion and physical tension.
  16. 16. Sanel G Research on schizophrenia What is it? It is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness These are the following symptoms of having schizophrenia:  Delusion  Hallucinations  Bizarre behaviour  Disorganized speech  Negative symptoms
  17. 17. Sanel Research on schizophrenia GHow can people get schizophrenia?Schizophrenia can usually appears in late teens, early adulthood. It is considered tobe inherited. Stress, drugs and alcohol can trigger its onset.Why can people get schizophrenia?There are no reason to why people can get it, it all depends on your family genetics.If your family both have schizophrenia then you have a possible chance of catching it too.
  18. 18. RAHEL Social withdrawal Unable to concentrateOversleeping orinsomnia Signs Strange or irrational Expressionless gaze statements suspiciousness Failure to cry or Depression Extreme reaction to express joy criticism
  19. 19. RAHEL Effects of Schizophrenia • Relationship problems – Due to isolation and paranoia • Disruption to normal daily activities - due to the sufferer’s delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thoughts • Alcohol and drug abuse - used to try to self- medicate or reduce symptoms. • Increased suicide risk – sufferers are highly likely to commit suicide during psychotic episodes, during periods of depression, and in the first six months after they’ve started treatment.
  20. 20. Sanel Research on schizophrenia GGet sufficient exercise Avoid too much stress. Sleep well How to recover from schizophrenia Do yoga to release stress Eat healthy Take medication on time Attend to therapy to help keep on top of your problems
  21. 21. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia The statistics on risk of developing schizophrenia
  22. 22. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia The statistics on age and gender with schizophrenia
  23. 23. Research onschizophrenia Effect on the brain Difference in braindevelopment betweennormal teenagers and teenagers suffering with schizophrenia G Kaya
  24. 24. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia Subtypes of schizophreniaSchizophrenia: Disorganized Subtype• This subtype’s predominant feature is disorganization of the thought processes.• Hallucinations and delusions are less pronounced, although there may be some evidence of these symptoms.• These people may have significant impairments in their ability to maintain the activities of daily living. Even the more routine tasks, such as dressing, bathing or brushing teeth, can be significantly impaired or lost.• People diagnosed with this subtype also may have significant impairment in their ability to communicate effectively. At times, their speech can become virtually incomprehensible, due to disorganized thinking.
  25. 25. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia Subtypes of schizophreniaSchizophrenia: Catatonic Subtype• The predominant clinical features seen in the catatonic subtype involve disturbances in movement.• Affected people may exhibit a dramatic reduction in activity, to the point that voluntary movement stops, as in catatonic stupor. Alternatively, activity can dramatically increase, a state known as catatonic excitement.• They may maintain a pose in which someone places them, sometimes for extended periods of time.• Affected people may voluntarily assume unusual body positions, or manifest unusual facial contortions or limb movements.• Other symptoms associated with the catatonic subtype include an almost parrot- like repeating of what another person is saying or mimicking the movements of another person.
  26. 26. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia Subtypes of schizophreniaSchizophrenia: Undifferentiated Subtype• The undifferentiated subtype is diagnosed when people have symptoms of schizophrenia that are not necessarily formed or specific enough to make a classification into another subtype• The symptoms of any one person can alter at different points in time, resulting in uncertainty to the correct subtype arrangement.• Other people will display symptoms that are remarkably stable over time but still may not fit one of the typical subtype pictures.
  27. 27. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia Subtypes of schizophreniaSchizophrenia: Residual Subtype• This subtype is diagnosed when the patient no longer displays noticeable symptoms.• In such cases, the schizophrenic symptoms generally have lessened.• Hallucinations, delusions or characteristic behaviours may still be present• Some people require secure care in state institutions, while others are employed and can maintain an active family life.• In general, better outcomes are associated with brief episodes of symptoms worsening followed by a return to normal functioning.
  28. 28. Kaya G Research on schizophrenia Subtypes of schizophrenia WE ARE USING THISSchizophrenia: Paranoid Subtype SUBTYPE• The defining feature of the paranoid subtype is the presence of auditory hallucinations or prominent delusional thoughts. Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common subtype.• People diagnosed with the paranoid subtype may not appear odd or unusual and may not readily discuss the symptoms of their illness.• Typically, the hallucinations and delusions revolve around some characteristic theme, and this theme often remains fairly consistent over time.• A person’s temperaments and general behaviours often are related to the content of the disturbance of thought
  29. 29. Sanel H Idea Development draft 1 We are now improving our opening sequence from our last one completely by changing our old idea to a new one. We went from thriller to drama and now we are doing a physiological thriller . It is about a girl who has schizophrenia and she was put in care as her parents died when she was two. We fully researched and revised schizophrenia so we improved our understanding and knowledge making sure we make an effective opening sequence. How are we contributingSanel and Kaya are contributing by meeting up on the Holidays to fully research and carefullythink about our new ideas making sure that everything make sense for our audience. Alsowe made sure what effects schizophrenia has on people so we could make it realistic as possible.
  30. 30. Sanel and Kaya H Idea Development Previously our idea for our whole film was about a girl who got introduced to a drug called LSD. She got addicted to it and starts to ruin her life and blocks herself out from a social life. What went well? • Creative • Interesting • Scary Even better if? • Less complicated • Don’t give away the ending Previously our opening sequence was showing the girls journey to the forest while she starts to have hallucination. What went well? • Creative idea’s of the hallucination • the audience can watch her journey to the forest Even better if? • Change the ending as it’s too confusing
  31. 31. Sanel and Kaya Whole Film H (Laura’s life from the beginning) Draft 2 (Drama) • Her friends introduce her to the drugs, she likes it and carries on taking it • Laura takes it daily, gets addicted, partys, stops going school-messes her life up • She steals, does prostitution to try and get money for LSD • Her and her friends get into a big fight over money for the drug and she becomes lonely and depresses • She keeps self harming, taking the drugs and ends up getting so intoxicated she doesn’t know what shes ding and just goes to the forest while hallucination • He has heart failure and dies alone.
  32. 32. Sanel and Kaya Opening Sequence H Draft 2 (Drama) • We follow Laura walking out of her home ( on the way to the forest and cut from different shots of her journey • Throughout the journey we see short flash backs • We then show CCTV of her walking into the park/forest gates • Point of view of what she can see and hear (hallucination) which cuts from real life and her point of view. • Laura stops quickly holds her chest and falls to the ground breathing slowly • Front her point of view we see characters dance together
  33. 33. Sanel and Kaya Idea development H How the idea was improved from draft 1 to draft 2 • We took out mental illness schizophrenia and just made her actually be possessed by demons who wanted to let the world know about her cult scaring the world so the demons can possess them too from watching the video. • Doing deeper research of the reason of possession that demons can be related into the real world and why the certain people get possessed because they’re venerable. • We also changed the location to somewhere more flexible as the room was small and we couldn’t move things around. Therefore we changed the to one of the group members basement as it is spacious and reliable.
  34. 34. Sanel H Idea development How the idea was improved from draft 2 to draft 3• We changed our genre completely from Drama to physiological Thriller.• We have changed our whole film and only changed the flashback of our opening sequence and the ending.• We revised a new topic on Schizophrenia and what effect Schizophrenia can have on people.
  35. 35. Sanel and Kaya Whole Film H What we are doing now Draft 3 (Psychological Thriller)• Main girl (Laura) parents die when she’s 2 years old- she gets put in care.• She gets adopted at 14 by a couple.• They make her bury the toys she keeps talking to –she carries on doing this they put her back in care• She obviously emotional so her schizophrenia gets wore and her delusional become more bizarre and dangerous• She burns the forest where her toys were buried and gets sent to a mental hospital
  36. 36. Sanel and Kaya Opening Sequence H What we are doing now Draft 3 (Psychological Thriller) FB-Flashbacks • Laura walks from her foster home (to the forest) (throughout this journey we see 3 flashbacks) • FB1- Laura aged 13 blowing candles off her cake (delusional characters behind her) her foster parents discuss her behaviour • FB2- The foster parents take picture of Laura with a box with the delusional characters next to her • FB3- Laura looking in the mirror to the reflection of the delusional characters telling her to get them back and talk about her real parents • When she gets to the forest she will start to dig with her hands and retrieving a box with 2 toys inside and a picture of her (from before), of her real parents, and the doll and clown while it zooms out in shots jumps to them walking up from behind her.
  37. 37. Kaya
  38. 38. Kaya
  39. 39. Kaya
  40. 40. Kaya
  41. 41. Script I
  42. 42. Kaya J Shot list Laura Dark blue Full body shot from - Brown wig coat, grey top,1-3 walking out behind of Laura Willesden Laura black skirt, her home - Tassel bag ripped tights Laura - Brown wig Dark blue Establishing shot Willesden 4 walking out from the front Laura coat, grey top, her home - Tassel bag black skirt, ripped tights Laura Dark blue walking out Close up shot of Willesden - Brown wig coat, grey top, 5 Lauras face Laura black skirt, her home - Tassel bag ripped tights Laura Dark blue Mid shot of Laura - Brown wig 6 walking out carrying on walking Willesden Laura coat, grey top, her home - Tassel bag black skirt, ripped tights Flashback of Mid shot of her sitting - Cake 7 Laura blowing candles off her at the table using Willesden Laura - Candles Black dress birthday cake hand held camera - Brown wig Flashback of - Cake Close up shot of her 8-9 Laura blowing candles off her face – hand held Willesden Laura - Candles Black dress birthday cake - Brown wig Flashback of - Cake Laura blowing Mid shot of Laura at 10 candles off her table – hand held Willesden Laura - Candles Black dress birthday cake - Brown wig Dark blue Laura - Brown wig Full body shot walking Golders coat, grey top,11-13 walking out towards the park Green Laura black skirt, her home - Tassel bag ripped tights
  43. 43. Kaya J Shot list Dark blue Laura walking Full body shot from Golders - Brown wig coat, grey top, 14 into the park behind of Laura Laura black skirt, gates green - Tassel bag ripped tights Flashback of Over the shoulder - Brown wig - Box 16 Laura having shot having a Willesden Laura - Photo - Clown Pink top and blue jeans her picture picture taken taken - Doll Flashback of - Brown wig - Box Laura having Side shot of full Pink top and 17 her picture body putting things Willesden Laura - Photo - Clown blue jeans taken into box - Doll Flashback of - Brown wig - Box Pink top and Close up shot of the 18 Laura having her picture box Willesden Laura - Photo - Clown blue jeans taken - Doll Laura walking up the path holding Long shot of Laura and doll Golders Laura, Doll, - Brown wig - Orange wig Dark blue coat, grey19-22 hands with and clown walking closer cutting through cuts of Green - Green wig - Tassel bag top, black skirt, ripped tights + Clown + Doll delusional character them there and not Clown costume Dark blue coat, grey Laura walks Full body shot Golders Laura, Doll, - Brown wig - Orange wig 23 Clown - Green wig - Tassel bag top, black skirt, ripped tights + Clown + Doll into forest Green costume Laura waling Full body shot walking Dark blue coat, grey Golders Laura, Doll, - Brown wig - Orange wig top, black skirt, ripped24-26 deeper into while delusions join her which cuts to them Green - Green wig - Tassel bag tights + Clown + Doll forest there and not Clown costume
  44. 44. Kaya J Shot list Laura talking to delusions Mid shot cutting Laura, Doll, - Brown wig - Box Dark blue coat, grey27-31 from Laura to Willesden - Photo - Clown top, black skirt, ripped through delusions Clown - Doll tights + Clown + Doll costume mirror Laura talking Dark blue coat, grey to delusions Extreme close up Laura, Doll, - Brown wig - Box32-33 Willesden - Photo - Clown top, black skirt, ripped through shot of Laura’s eyes Clown tights + Clown + Doll costume mirror - Doll Laura walks to - Brown wig Dark blue the spot where Long / Full body Golders coat, grey top, 34 she will start shot Green Laura - Tassel bag black skirt, digging ripped tights Laura Digging Full body shot with Golders - Brown wig - Box Dark blue coat, grey top, black skirt, ripped35 -39 the box up cuts of delusions Laura - Photo - Clown tights + Clown + Doll wile opening it walking to her and not Green - Doll costume Establishing Close up of the box Golders - Box 40 the box and its content Green Laura - Photo - Clown - Doll Seeing each Each content of the box Golders Doll, - Box41-44 will be seen through part of the box extreme close up shot Green - Photo - Clown Clown - Doll Close up shot of Golders Doll, Clown -Orange wig Clown + Doll Clown and clown and doll with45-46 doll staring Green - Green wig - costume negative effect Black background 47 Title and chiller font
  45. 45. Sanel Enigma - How did they do it? L‘Black Swan’-2010 Opening Sequence Woman see’s herself walking by At the beginning of the opening sequence you see two people who looks completely the same but both dress completely different to each other and the audience will want to know why she is seeing herself.You see a White Swan and a Black SwanTowards the middle of the opening sequenceyou see the same character but dressed in two differentcolours and again this links with the first image above thatone is wearing and black and the other is wearing whiteand the audience will want to know what are the coloursrepresenting, and what is the meaning behind it. Something is happening with the woman The audience realises that something is happening to the women as they can see the colour red in her eyes and the audience would want to know what is happening to her and what is effecting her to be like this.
  46. 46. Sanel Enigma L How are we creating enigma in our opening sequences… • By not letting the audience know why she is walking to the forest • The audience would want to know why she is this way , how shes tired, dirty and bloody • Also they audience would want to know why she is seeing these delusional characters and why are they are a clown and a doll. • By not telling the audience what she is digging up from the ground.
  47. 47. Sanel Enigma L How have we improved from draft 1?...• We draw the audience into our opening sequence more this time so the audience can feel sorry for the venerable character.• Rather than showing someone kidnapped like we did in draft one. This time we made the audience follow the girls journey by slowly building tension.• Draft 1 had no climax, the opening sequence was just telling the story, now we build the tension up to a climax and making the audience feel uncomfortable and wanting to watch more.
  48. 48. Kaya & Sanel Target Audience M Age – 15 - 18 Gender – Mostly female & male Ethnicity – British Location – United Kingdom Interests/Hobbies – The ‘unreal’, how the mind works, local groups, precious memories Lifestyle – Social, attends college/school, quite open minded Why would our target audience be interested in our idea/plot? • Its based on real life, in London, so it will be familiar with the audience • Our target audience will be interested to learn about the drug throughout the film and interested in her delusion • The film is based in modern time and youth culture, use of slang in a closed narrative so they can connect and relate to what they see in the film and leave thinking about the consequences
  49. 49. Kaya & Sanel M Target AudienceWhy would our target audience be interested in our film because of its form?• The use of editing in the delusions will interest the target audience, they may find it funny and eye catching• The use of suspension type music will keep the audience at the edge of their seat imagining themselves in certain situationsWhy would your target audience be interested in your film because of genre/conventions?• The target audience would be interested in how different mind works so hopefully would be interested to understand the delusions• The thrill of watching it would constantly keep the target audience interested at the edge of their seats• The target audience could hopefully relate to the character while being interested imaging themselves in them kind of situations
  50. 50. Sanel and Kaya M Feedback we received from our target audience Zoe
  51. 51. Sanel and Kaya M Feedback we received from our target audience Sinead
  52. 52. Sanel and Kaya M Feedback we received from our target audience Xheni
  53. 53. Sanel and Kaya M Feedback we received from our target audience Sayana
  54. 54. Sanel and Kaya M Feedback we received from our target audience Doninika
  55. 55. Sanel and Kaya M Feedback we received from our target audience Marcin
  56. 56. Kaya & Sanel Target Audience M What feedback we received from our target audience The majority answers • Our target audience do generally like psychological thrillers • The opening sequence is interesting leading then to want to watch the whole film • It was split answers, they would rate the film either 12 or 15 • Our target audience felt our theme and concept was good and exciting • No feedback was given to improve
  57. 57. Kaya & Sanel Characters N How have you developed your characters since draft 1? • We havent developed the characters at all, we’ve changed them completely. • We changed our character to people that the target audience can relate to and feel sympathy and emotions or making it seem real. • We unlike draft have no older characters, the characters in our opening sequence now are all young adults
  58. 58. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Actor 1: Character 1: Sanel Homer Laura Hibbitt Age: Age: 16 18
  59. 59. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Inspirational pictures The dark/dull baggy The tears down the face The dark smudged clothing and the rips in and the scar/cut up the makeup the tights lip
  60. 60. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Costume and props Pale skin Black runny eye make up Dark wig, to give a more dark look for her characterDirt on face to show shesnot hygienic Bloody nose to show shes not well and doesnt bother about hygiene Black and white dirty top Dark blue baggy jacket Side bag Black baggy knee length skirt and black tattered tights Black scarf
  61. 61. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Mise –en-scene Name – Laura Hibbit Gender – Female Age – 18 Costume – Dark brown wig, black jacket, baggy skirt, dirty top, Props – Side bag Make-up – Pale skin, Black smudged eye make up, bloody nose, sweaty head, tears, cuts on the lip, dirty cheeks Stereotype – A girl with mind problems, mental illness, dark and shy Facial expression – Dizzy, dead, ‘lights are on and no ones home’ Body language – Effortless, exhausted
  62. 62. Kaya & Sanel N CharactersLaura Hibbit –What does she represent?Laura represents a typical youth in Britain however has a mentalillness which we see how her life gets worse after forming the illness.She is to represent a venerable shy timid girl who cant tell thedifferent from life and her mindDenotation - A girl from LondonConnotation – A venerable girl who suffers from a mental illness
  63. 63. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Actor 2: Character 2: Gia Alveranga Doll Age: Age: 17 None – Delusional character
  64. 64. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Inspirational pictures Chelsea smileDoll make-up making itlook really scary Dolls dress just like the doll the character owns
  65. 65. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Costume and props All bought from £1.54 £4.20 £4.00 £3.19 In 7 different colours in - White x 2 - Fuchsia - Black - Red £1.99 £5.00 - Green £17.99 - Dark red