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Herbalife Business Opportunity

Herbalife Business Opportunity



Herbalife Business Opportunity... Looking to replace or supplement your current income... our opportunity in wellness with an industry leader could be right for you. Contact me for more information or ...

Herbalife Business Opportunity... Looking to replace or supplement your current income... our opportunity in wellness with an industry leader could be right for you. Contact me for more information or to join!

Ideal for Personal Trainers, Zumba Instructors or other Fitness Professionals with existing clients base who would like to use the power of a global leading brand to expand their income opportunity.

Ideal for mums with children to work from home, blue collar workers...

Sanela Mujakovic
Tel. 01225 313 218
Online Shop: http://www.wellness-diet.co.uk
Blog: http://www.nutrition247blog.co.uk



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    Herbalife Business Opportunity Herbalife Business Opportunity Presentation Transcript

    • Watch This Presentation. It Could Be The Opportunity That Changes Your LifeMake Powerful Nutrition your Business
    • What You Will Learn Todays Situation and Why Herbalife Why Now The Herbalife Science Based Products How to make £500 - £1500+ per month around your current schedule Training & Support Your Options
    • Realisation Of The Problems Around UsGross National Product (GNP) is defined as "the marketvalue of all goods and services produced in one year by labourand property supplied by the residents of a country.
    • The Situation of the World TODAYFinancial and Global Health in Decline
    • A Nations Health In Decline As A Nation We Are Less Active • Jobs are less labour intensive • We use the car instead of walking We Have Less Time • To prepare healthy meals • So we have an increase in convenience, fast and processed foods Our Food Sources Are Of Lower Quality • Vitamins and minerals are depleting from our food source • Prevalence of chemicals in our foods are putting undue stress on our bodies ability to look after itself • We now need 11 portions of vegetables to get the same nutrition as 5 portions used to a few years ago
    • The Situation of the World TODAY Obesity and Overweight Facts: Globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them obese. Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer. The key causes are increased consumption of high calories foods high in saturated fats and sugars, and reduced physical activity. Imbalanced nutrition! One in four adults is obese; and nine in 10 will be overweight or obese by 2050.
    • It Keeps Getting WorseWorldwide obesity rates are set to double in thenext 28 yearsObesity doubles your risk of premature death50% of adults in UK are OVERWEIGHT26% of adults in UK are OBESE
    • The Situation of the World TODAY“The 3 biggest killers in theworld today, Heart Disease,Strokes and Cancer.Over 70% of deaths in theworld today are because ofthese 3 major killers and ithas been well reported thatover 50% of these deathsare because of poornutrition or to put it anotherway, diet related.”Source: World Health Organisation
    • The Situation of the World TODAYThe Credit Crunch – World Wide Recession: Falling House prices Falling Standards of Living Poorer Health Increase in unemployment National debts on the rise Recession causes depression if it persists for a long time!!!
    • 3 Rs - Recession ‘We are facing the worst recession in 100 years and that it will last longer than a decade – far longer than Treasury Forecasts Predict’ . BBC News • Falling house prices (some down 22%) • Problems obtaining credit and mortgages • Cancelled wage increases • Job losses
    • 3 Rs - RedundanciesBritish Companies have confirmed the loss of over 97,000jobs in the last 4 months including • Virgin Media – 2,200 • RBS – 3,000 • Wolseley – 7,500 • Royal Mail – 16,000 • Corus – 2,500 • BT – 10,000 • Pfizer – 2,5002 out of 3 people know someone who has been made redundant
    • 3 Rs - Repossessions 2007 – 27,000 2008 – 40,000 2009 – 75,000 2010 – 84,000 With Thousands more getting behind with their mortgages payments
    • We have the Solution! We live in difficult time! But we have the Solution!
    • Welcome to Herbalife! Build your future with Herbalife Proven. Powerful. Now is the time!
    • Who is Herbalife? One of the largest direct selling companies in the world Offering a range of science based weight management products, nutritional supplements and personal care products intended to support a healthy, active lifestyle
    • Herbalife: The Facts Going strong for over 32 years Over 2.7 million Independent Distributors in 84 countries Retail sales of $5.4 billion in 2011, up $1.1 billion from 2010 Listed on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Member of over 40 Direct Selling Associations around the world
    • Herbalife: More Facts 2010 – 2011 Sales increase by 26% while everybody else is still in recession! Sales are already up by $.5 billion in the first 6 months of 2012 Top 3 markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa for the first 6 months of 2012 are 1st UK with 50% Increase in growth 2nd Russia with 40% Increase 3rd Romania with 35% Increase
    • Herbalife Vision and MissionTo change people’s livesby providing the bestbusiness opportunity indirect selling and thebest nutrition and weight-management products inthe world
    • Mark Hughes – the Founder“Our company is about changing people’s lives by providing the best nutrition products in the world!”
    • Michael O. Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Johnson joined“Our company isas CEO following a Herbalife 2003 about changing people’s career with The Walt 17-year lives by providing the Disney Company, most recently as best nutrition products in the president of Walt Disney world!” International Under his direction, the company had five years of double-digit sales growth and has doubled – from net sales of $1.1 billion in 2003 to $2.7 billion in 2010 – as well as building a global brand through its sponsorship of more than 100 teams, athletes and fitness events around the world, including the LA Galaxy and FC Barcelona!
    • Herbalife: 10 Years Into The Future…1. More new products2. Even more customers using our products every single day3. Even more cutting edge technology and science behind our products4. More people will know what Herbalife is about5. Country expansion plansWhere will you be in 10 years?
    • Changing Lives Herbalife and Herbalife Independent Distributors are committed to making our communities better places to live and work Helping children in need through the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) Company founder Mark Hughes opened the first HFF Casa Herbalife in Rio de Janeiro orphanage in 1998 Now 66 Casa Herbalife programs on six continents and continuing to grow through the generous support of our Distributors, employees, company and friends
    • The Herbalife Science Based Products Herbalife’s mission is to deliver thehighest-quality, most effective products. Herbalife® products are backed by proven science.
    • The Herbalife Science Based Products Scientific Commitment Herbalife Product and Science Center where many of our products are developed Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory supported by Herbalife for the advancement of science
    • Why Now?Proving and Providing Powerful Results…Today Clinical studies have shown that daily usage of meal-replacement shakes is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise Case Study 1 Case Study 3 University of Ulm, Germany Seoul National University “The study showed us that Hospital, Korea when counting calories, “The people in the high drinking two Formula 1 shakes protein group lost more as meal replacements is a more body fat (and less lean body effective way to manage weight mass) than the people than a conventional food diet” consuming the standard amount of protein” Case Study 2. UCLA, USA “The study showed that meal replacement shakes are an effective way to lose weight” Get more information on Herbalife scientific studies at: http://www.herbalifescience.com/research
    • Herbalife: Products for Everyone 1. Intelligent Core Nutrition Weight Management and Healthy Nutrition 2. Targeted Nutrition Products for Wellness and to target specific needs 3. Energy, Fitness & Sport for sports, exercise performance and concentration 4. Outer Nutrition from top to toe – Hair, Face & Body Skincare
    • 1) Intelligent Core NutritionHealthy Weight Management Weight Loss Weight Gain Maintenance
    • Daily Nutrition For Everyone
    • Healthy Breakfast
    • Herbalife Complete Meal Formula 1
    • Herbalife Formula 1: A Leading Brand Worldwide Meal Replacement Market Share 23% share of worldwide 12% market shareof worldwide market 2003 2009 2011 200 200 3 9
    • Why Herbalife?Best Nutrition, Best Price TYPICAL FORMULA 1 BREAKFAST STRAWBERRY 779 Calories 217 Calories Fat: 41.2g Fat: 1.5g Protein: 42.8g Protein: 17.6g Salt: 5.5g Salt: n/a Cost: £3.50 Cost: £1.31 ORInformation based on a typical serving Based on one serving of Formula 1 Strawberry per 26gfrom a leading high street retailer portion with 250ml semi-skimmed milk (fruit not included) ”A healthy meal that costs ONLY £1.31”
    • 2) Targeted Nutrition Healthy Heart Healthy Digestion Healthy Ageing Immune Health Men’s Health Woman’s Health
    • 3) Energy, Fitness & Sport Fuel Refuel Repair Recover
    • Cutting-edge products…for the sporty you!
    • Cutting-edge products…for the outer you • Outer Nutrition Products to Nourish & Revitalise − Skin Activator™ − Nourifusion® − Radiant C® − Body Care − Herbal Aloe Hair & Body Care − Fragrances
    • Product Testimonials Herbalife nutritional products are intended solely for the purpose of supplementing a person’s diet and providing nutritional support for the body’s natural processes. Herbalife products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, determine, treat, alleviate or cure any disease, illness, medical condition or medical disorder of any type whatsoever
    • Stephen Orr Stephen lost30 pounds in10 weeks!
    • Carole Hill Carolelost over3 stones
    • Chris Hill – Lost body fat, Increased muscles mass Before: 15 stone After: 12st 9lbs
    • Emma Thomas lost over 6 stones
    • Natty : Weight Gain & Skin Improved
    • Jim Poor
    • Why Now? Economic instability Do you feel: • Uncertain about the future? • Concerned about your income? • Scared about spending?UK left behind as French and Experts warn of a big drop inGerman economies surge wages•German economy growingthree times faster than UK•UK economy now in the slowlane, says Ed Ballswww.Guardian.co.uk May 13, 2011 www.bbc.co.uk/newsbit May 13, 2011
    • How to make £500 - £1500+ per month
    • The Trading Scheme ActThe Trading Scheme Act (1996) requires us to provide you with the following statements which are in line with our way of doing business:When considering or comparing business opportunities please be aware that it is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.
    • Income & Rewards with Herbalife Multiple Streams of Income with Herbalife1. Retail Profit: 25% to 50%2. Wholesale Profit:  Qualified producer: 7% to 17%  Supervisor: 8% to 25%3. Monthly Royalties: 5%4. Monthly Bonuses: 2%, 4%, 6% +5. Annual Bonuses (Mark Hughes Bonus 1%)6. Qualify to Special Vacations
    • Herbalife Profit LevelsSupervisor is maximumRetail Profit Level 50% Supervisor 42% Permanent Qualified 42% Producer Temporary Success 35% Builder VIP 25%Distributor
    • Weight Management ProgrammeRetail Price of a Weight ManagementStart-up Program : £107.10- 2 x Formula 1- 1 x Formula 2- 1 x Fibre & Herb- 1 x 50g BeverageCost Breakdown & Comparison:- £107.10 per month- £3.57 per day- £1.79 per meal
    • Compare to this Cost: £1.80 Cost: £1.08 Calories: 390 Calories: 210 Protein: 28.1g Carbohydrates: 10.6g Carbohydrates: 40.8g Sugar: 10.6g Sugar: 4g Fat: 0g Fat: 13g Salt: 0g Salt: 1.2g Fibre: 0g Fibre: 6.1g Cost: £0.40 Total Cost = £3.28 Calories: 180 Protein: 1.7g Total Calories = 780 Carbohydrates: 15.1g Sugar: 0.2g Fat: 13g Herbalife = £1.79 Salt: 0.2g Fibre: 1.2g Total Calories = 217
    • Save Money and Calories Replacing just this one meal per day, over a year you would save: £545.85 205,495 Calories (equivalent of 366 hours on the treadmill)
    • Weight Management Programme Retail Price of a Weight Management Start-up Program : £107.10 - 2 x Formula 1 - 1 x Formula 2 - 1 x Fibre & Herb - 1 x 50g BeverageProfits:- Distributor 25% = £23.05- VIP 35% = £32.26- Success Builder/Qualified Producer 42% = £38.71- Supervisor 50% = £46.08
    • Monthly Profit Direct Sales 25 Sales Per Month Distributor (25%) = £500 Success builder and QP (42%) = £900 Supervisor (50%) = £1100
    • Herbalife Business Business that allow you to leverage from a lot of people  No stock  Without employees  Business can be anywhere in the house / office Network Marketing = Building Network
    • Build a Team Duplication is the key to your success Personal Customers 3 1- 5% 1st Line* + 6 1- 5% A B 2nd Line* + 7 YO U 1- 5% = 16 3rd Line* C *First 3 downline levels of SupervisorsExample for illustrative purposes only
    • How to Find Customers and Team Members• Flyers • Car Sign – Writing• Posters • Billboards• Business Cards • Circle of Influence• Letters • Grand Opening Party• Adverts • Internet• Badge • Weight Loss Challenge• Word Of Mouth • Healthy Breakfast Party• Business Networking • Community EventsEverything works if you work!!!!!
    • Success Stories • Incomes are applicable to the individuals presented and are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical. • Any earnings will depend on factors including your business skills and the effort and time you put into the business.
    • Alison & Phil Dilley Current Income £400 p/time monthlyWe originally came across Herbalife in 2006 through one of Alison’s old school friends who got in touch to tellus about this new business she and her husband had recently started which was already making them a fairlydecent income. At the time I had been trawling the internet for something to earn us some extra cash and had already tried and failedat many of the different “get rich quick” schemes that were supposedly the next big thing, so was incredibly sceptical… However Ialways try to keep an open mind so wanted to hear more about it so that we could make an informed decision rather than justdismiss the idea straight away.Back then, I weighed in at around 17 ½ Stone, which had really just crept up over the years as I work as an IT manager and spent alot of time either sitting at a desk in front of a computer or else in the car travelling around the country. So the timing couldn’t havebeen better – We had a taste testing session at our house and I couldn’t believe how tasty the products were, so I was instantlyhooked! I decided to get on the shakes straight away and originally signed up as a distributor simply to earn the 25% discount as awholesale customer. We still weren’t entirely sold on the idea of running our own business though but that would soon change…Within 6 months I had lost 2 ½ stone and I felt absolutely amazing with loads more energy and I honestly couldn’t believe thedifference in me! Having been a yoyo dieter for years, I realised I had finally found the solution I was looking for – so I figured if I cando it, then so can anyone else – after all, everyone was asking me about what it was I had been doing to lose all that weight! So oursponsors convinced us that we should go with them to a two day Success Training Seminar in Birmingham and to be honest rightfrom the outset we were amazed at the energy and excitement in the room with hundreds of people just like us who were either juststarting out or were already earning unbelievable incomes running a Herbalife business!Back then Alison’s time was pretty much fully taken up with her full time nursing job and family commitments, so I took up the reignsof the business initially. We worked closely with our sponsors and used various free and cheap lead generation techniques like flyers,shop window posters and plain old word of mouth to sign up our first few customers and within a very short time we were earningaround £200 per month which varied depending on how much effort we put in to be honest as we were still running our business verymuch part time around our full time jobs but this was still additional income which really helped us a lot at the time.More recently though, Alison was forced to finish working as a nurse due to a long standing back problem so she now runs thebusiness from home where we run our own Wellness Centre from our front room – we continue to build our business using flyers,shake parties and word of mouth and now have a steady income each month.
    • Tracy and Ian McFall Earning £650 p/time monthlyMy name is Tracy, I have been disabled since the age of 18 months with Rheumatoid Arthritis, life’sdifficult as a disabled person but it has given me a fierce determination and will power to do anything,married to Ian for 29yrs, 2 grown up children and a grandson. Being physically disabled and virtuallyunable to exercise became the reason for my weight gain and the journey of dieting over many years, I have tried everydiet there is (some many times over) and even became desperate enough to have weight loss surgery ‘gastric band’ 3years ago, I lost 4 stone with ‘the band’ but then put on a stone when I started working for the NHS where it was so easyto help myself to the boxes of chocolates and biscuits that the patients left behind when they went home!In January this year I saw an advert on my NHS email for a ‘Weight Loss Challenge’, thinking this may help to get at leastthe stone off I decided to go and see what was so different with this ‘diet’. I discovered very quickly that it was not a ‘diet’but an educational program that has now changed my life forever. I came 3rd in the WLC losing a stone, 7 inches,dropping a dress size and winning £60! Around this time I became a qualified Life Coach and decided to also become aHerbalife Distributor as the two work so very well together to offer people help and advice on their health issues andweight journeys.Ian was in the army when I met him, very slim and very fit! Leaving the army, exercise went out of the window, weightcrept on, diabetes (type 2) set in and last year a knee replacement all contributed to his weight gain. When Ian noticedthe difference in me from using Herbalife products and education he decided to join me in my second, his first WLC, OMGwhat a change he made, he not only won the challenge by losing 2 and a half stone, 12½% body weight, 4% body fat, 10inches he also won £145. Oh and I came 3rd again, lost half a stone and won £54.We both work part time on Herbalife around our current jobs and family life, it is early days and we still have a lot to learnbut we earn approx. £650 per month.Herbalife has changed both our lives forever, it has given us more energy and a great feeling of well-being, now we bothwant to help others feel so much better in health and/or great earning potential!!! We still want to lose more weight so wecontinue to do what we do along with our clients so we know what they are going through but believe that together we willachieve our dreams.
    • Sanela Mujakovic – mother of two Current Income £2,500 per monthMy name is Sanela Mujakovic and I have been an Independent Herbalife Distributor since 2004,based in Bath, UK. Having struggled to lose weight after my 1st pregnancy in 2003, it was onlyafter I had found Herbalife in 2004, that I managed to shed excess 14 lbs. I also managed to keep my weight offsince then, even during my 2nd pregnancy in 2007, and I am now close to my 40s, but feel and look better thanwhen I was in my 20s! Nutrition has always been my passion as I understood early on that we are what we eat;now with Herbalife products I feel I am finally in control of not only my weight, but also my health! I also havemore energy than ever before!I live in Bath in the SW of England, UK, and I work my business from home around my two children and theirand other family needs, which is truly a blessing in itself having so much flexibility! I truly love what I do and I amgrateful for this opportunity that allows me to help so many people.My background is in Online Marketing in Travel Industry. After graduating in Business Studies in 1998, I startedworking for a travel company and stayed there for 10 years, until 2008 when company was liquidated, which leftme without full time work. I then decided to put my all efforts into building my network marketing business withHerbalife that, up until then, was a great source of part time income.I have since built massive retail locally and have been growing my team. I still work my business part timearound my children, but it pays me more than my full time manager’s salary.The nature of Network Marketing business is that your income has a capacity to grow exponentially, so, I amvery excited about the future, not only about lifestyle change but also about all the people who I am still to helpwith their health and earning potential! This is really priceless!
    • Mandy & Warren Harris Current Income over £3500 per monthIt was Warren who found this business opportunity in June 2003 when we lived onthe Isle of Lewis, off the West Coast of Scotland. It had been a tough 4 years in thewind, rain and gales working as Free Range Chicken Egg’s Producers. Not a bad incomeWe were looking for a way to move our five children and us back to South Waleswhere we used to live. I started working the business very part time throughout the for working partfirst year; building a good solid customer base which brought me around 20-30 time hours ....orders every month, because of the extra money we earned we were able to move giving us moreback to South Wales in September 2004. A lot of these customers are still orderingproducts today. time to enjoy life!We now enjoy our time freedom and choosing where we can go for our long coastal walks ( which is oneof our favourite hobbies) and spending good quality time with our family. We can now take many weekendbreaks and visit different places of interest to us, something that was impossible in farming because wehad to work 7 days a week as the animals had to be fed and eggs had to be collected and delivered. Wehave visited over 7 different countries and attended many parties and events, and had an all expensespaid for incredible holiday to Porto Carras and another one in Florida just to reward us for the dedicatedwork we do helping our team grow. These promotions are available to everyone who joins Herbalife.We have met many good friends since we started which makes this business all the more enjoyable. Ournext goal is to become financially secure for life, and to support our family and our chosen charities, andthe way we do this is by helping more people get what they want out of this wonderful business andachieve their goals!
    • Annette & Bob Flower –Tenby, Wales Current Income £3,500 per monthIn April 2007 I had lost my zest for life, my energy levels were zero and I was sodepressed with my excess weight, getting dressed every morning was a nightmare!After a visit to the doctor he advised I needed to lose weight. A flyer had been put through my doorapproximately 2 months prior, I telephoned and the following day a lady called Mandy arrived. Istarted the programme, sceptically at first!My husband Bob didn’t think he needed to lose weight! However, after my weight loss and energyoverload he thought “I need some of this energy too”. I lost 5 dress sizes and 34 inches and Boblost two trouser sizes –our energy levels are now sky high and best of all we have kept the weightoff for over 2.5 years.I decided to become a Herbalife Distributor shortly after starting the plan, it made economic senseto purchase the products at 25% discount. I worked part time at first, but soon I was so busy withmy weight loss clients that I was forced to “sack my boss”! The business has grown from strengthto strength, I’m proud to report we now have a very successful team of distributors –which hashelped us climb the Herbalife success ladder and my weekly income is currently four times morethan my previous full time income.I now work approximately 3.5 days a week, leaving time for us to have a few days playing golf, wedo see clients in the evenings, but our lifestyle has improved and this is all down to our Herbalifeincome –so we must thank Herbalife for our Health and our Wealth We love our work and were veryexcited about our future!
    • The 4 Things You Want To Know Is it simple – Anybody and everybody can do it – Step by step plan Does it work – $5.4 billion Turnover, 84 Countries – Real Testimonials (products and business) Can I do it – Serious, Teachable, Willing to work – We work alongside you until your confident enough to work on your own Will I get supported – Herbalife Personal Sponsor, Up line Sponsor – Online, Offline, Team get together and trainings
    • Your OptionsYou could do NOTHING!And your situation will not change!If you carry on doing the same things that got you towhere you are now, what chance will there be of thesame actions getting you different resultsOr You Could Take The Next Step
    • Your OptionsYour Next Step1. Customer2. Distributor or become a Member3. Attend a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting or Success Training Seminar
    • Your Options1. Customer Build your own testimonial and product belief Experience being a Herbalife client Understand the service we provide
    • Your Options2. Distributor Part time / Full Time Be your own boss Choose your own hours Earn what you are worth Make a Difference – Changing people’s lives Freedom
    • Become a Herbalife Distributor Only £92 International Business Pack (IBP) Distributor Application Licence Products to Use worth £80 Literature & DVD 25% Starting Discount
    • 10 Great Reasons why you should become a Herbalife Distributor with Us1) A selection of our best selling products worth £80, plus a 25% Starting Discount and a licence to trade in the 84 Countries Herbalife are open in.2) Comprehensive Training Manuals3) A free full-day Success Training Seminar on how to start and run your business Successfully for yourself and your partner/friend. Plus Team get together/trainings4) A 4 Step Hands On Training System, which we work through together, so you Earn as you Learn at your own pace5) Direct online access to the company website for news, updates, events, company training, how to video’s, promotional materials etc6) Full range of Business Tools provided7) Your own 3 websites, for Retailing, Recruiting, Weight Loss Challenge for only £6.49 month8) The chance to receive a free vacation/cruise (this year its in Greece)9) An invitation every year to the Companies Extravaganza (this year was in Barcelona, Spain)10) Your own Personal Business Coach…….That’s Me! I’m here to give you all the support you need.…… All for an investment of only £92
    • How To Purchase Your International Business Pack• Click on this link https://uk.onlinecontract.myherbalife.com/• You will need either a UK passport or a UK drivers licence for online verification and either your debit /credit card to make payment• You will need to enter my Herbalife I.D. number which is 07194138 and the first 3 letters of my surname MUJ select NO on last question as you are about to make your purchase online….. As shown Below Country of Residence*: UK – ENGLISH Sponsors Herbalife ID Number*: 07194138 First 3 Letters of Sponsors Last Name*: MUJ Purchased an International Business Pack NO (IBP) from your Sponsor?* NEXTIf you don’t have a UK passport or UK drivers licence please call meon 07794 976209 to purchase your pack manually
    • Your Options3. Attend STS Overview of the Herbalife Business opportunity Full day hands-on training on core skills Full products training and testimonials Have a chance to sample the products Marketing Plan and Testimonials Building a successful Business Inspiration and Motivation
    • Training & Support SystemSuccess Training Seminars are held monthly at • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Birmingham • Thistle Hotel, Heathrow • Weetwood Hall Hotel, LeedsPlease get back to person who sent you thispresentation and let him/her know which optionyou would like to get started!This is the best timing ever! • everybody wants to get healthier and make more money! 
    • If you can dream it, you can do it!Walt Disney