Facebook timeline for Marketing Campaigns.


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Hi all, I am going to present hot Facebook new features called Timeline is going to be next big marketing win for Brand Pages.

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Facebook timeline for Marketing Campaigns.

  1. 1. Creating Facebook Timelines As Marketing Campaigns By:- Sandeep Sharma FB Page:- www.facebook.com/sandeepsharma94 Follow him on Twitter:- @sandeep_sharma7
  2. 2. Facebook Profile in 2004
  3. 3. What is Facebook Timeline?• Timeline is a new feature in Facebook that replaces the profile page. It shows the story of your life, as you choose to tell it or as Facebook has recorded it, in a visual, scrolling, ordered timeline.• Timeline uses an algorithm to assess the most important moments of your life, which can then be edited to your satisfaction. Unwanted updates can be hidden from the Timeline.
  4. 4. Timeline As Marketing Campaigns• Sometimes doing something simple and creative for the first time can become a big marketing win.• For exp:- Red Bull’s use of animated gifs on Google+.(https://plus.google.com /105379671042990608528/posts)• ‘Timeline’, has lots of new opportunities for both enterprises and consumers to brand themselves creatively• Many users have already customised their profiles using Timeline.• And now brands are starting to get in on the act.
  5. 5. Fujifilm claims to be the first brand to havelaunched a Timeline campaign in Australiawith their ‘Instax Yourself‘ initiative created bydigital agency Reborn to promote their InstaxMini 7 camera.
  6. 6. • The campaign utilises an app that allows users to create personalised cover images from a series of themes that incorporate images from your album of profile pictures.
  7. 7. Anti-Drug Campaign using Timeline• A fictional character, Adam Barak, has been given a Facebook profile and timeline to help illustrate the dangers of drug abuse.• An Israel media company has utilized the new layout to create an innovative, anti-drug advertising campaign for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority.• The campaign is for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority and uses the split timeline to show several before and after images of Adam, before drug addiction and after.
  8. 8. The campaign shows a year in the life of a fictionalcharacter on drugs compared to a year clean with sideby side pictures of how relationships, home and worklives would play out in each scenario.
  9. 9. The Facebook Timeline is being used to promote anti-drug messages. What might future Gen Y users expectto view?
  10. 10. Timeline is not open to Brands yet.• Facebook’s Timeline isn’t open to brands yet, but the flurry of activity to use Timeline creatively bodes well for an update to its Pages product.• With Timeline, Facebook has created branding opportunities for consumers as well as brands with a heightened visual aspect.• It’s bringing personal branding to the fore for consumers, accelerating the trend of people intentionally branding themselves online in personal circles as well as professional.
  11. 11. How Cover Page can be Used ?It can be used as:-• Branding Your Products,• Buying/Selling the Products,• Attracting the Customer by Creative and Innovative cover page• Sharing best success moment of your business.
  12. 12. What will happen if I Click on theparticular Tabs?
  13. 13. Attracting the Customer by Creative and Innovativecover page
  14. 14. Future Concept….People might start selling the timelinecover’s space as ads, will it be possible?
  15. 15. Question ! Can Timeline be used on brand pages ? I think, Yes it can..
  16. 16. THANK YOUFor more info about the this topic visit: www.sandeepsharma94.blogspot.com
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