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SEOPressor wordpress plugin

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SEOPressor Best On Page Seo Plugin for Wordpress

  1. 1. SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordpressThe number one question on every one’s lips is….. “How do I get my website ranked on pageone of the search engines”? Before I get into the nitty gritty of SEOPressor, best on-pageSEO plugin for wordpress, if you don’t have your own hosted website as yourmarketing platform and business website you should.Why SEOPressor?SEOPressor makes search engine optimisation fast, easy and most importantly you gives yourbusiness the results needed to rank on page one of the search engines as seen from mypersonal rankings below.
  2. 2. Another number one ranking against 2,200,000 competing pages!!What if you could rank # 1 too? Let’s take a look at how SEOPressor can help you rank # 1on the search engines.Using SEOPressor is like having an on-page SEO specialist right by your side, optimisingyour website to rank high on search engines, automatically attractig free organic traffic.To date, 70,000 plus websites have SEOPressor installed achieving results beyond even whatthe most skilled professionals often deliver. SEOPressor will catapult your website to the topranks of the search engines and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website 24/7, all onautopilot!Keyword Density using SEOPressorWhen it comes to optimising content, the aim is keyword density. Without SEOPressor nonexperts can easily over optimise their content, which to Google can sometimes look veryspammy and overdone. With correct placement of keyword on your page using SEOPressor,the more chance of ranking for those specific keywords.Sometimes you can over optimise, blatantly using too many keywords and other times underoptimise which of course will not rank you at all for your keywords. That’s whereSEOPressor comes into play with a safe middle ground, knowing exactly what needs H1, H2H3 tags and other optimising specified for page one ranking on the search engines.SEOPressor Checklist  Do you have an H1 tag containing your keyword.  Do you have an H2 tag containing your keyword.  Do you have an h3 tag containing your keyword.  Do you have enough keyword placements for it to add bold to (SEOPressor will auto-bold your keyword once per article)  Do you have enough keyword placements for it to add italics (SEOPressor will also auto- italicise one keyword per article)  Do you have enough keyword placements for it to add underline(SEOPressor will also auto- underline one keyword per article)
  3. 3.  Have you included an image? SEOPressor will automatically add the keyword to your image alt attribute.  Do you have enough words? Its always best to have at least 500 words per page.  Is your keyword in the first sentence?  Is your keyword in the last sentence?  Do you have an internal link to your other pages using the same keyword?Even the most seasoned SEO Experts use this plugin as it saves you time and you know thatyour content is optimised to Google’s specifications. The one - time developer’s licenseenables you to upload to multiple websites for the best possible results for all your clients.SEOPressor can save you hundreds of $$$$$These days most businesses hire an SEO expert many of which are using SEOPressor andcharging you the client thousands of dollars to optimise your website, when you can simplydo it yourself for a much smaller cost.You should use SEOPresssor if….. 1. You want to improve your website ranking 2. You are a professional offline SEO Consultant - Train your staff to tweak on-page knowing that THEY CANT GO WRONG! 3. You hire someone to write for you - Step by step setup on how to optimize your content while writing! 4. You are completely new and need SEO guidance - Comprehensive tutorials on how to optimize your website and outrank 90% of the websites on the Internet!Simple SEOPressor TipsSEOPresss comes complete with detailed installation instruction that are easy to understandand will have you optimising your content in no time at all.As a developer I use the multi-site license as I use SEOPressor on all my clients websites, soyou may like to take this into consideration when purchasing.You can trial SEOPressor for 7 days to use on unlimited websites. If you choose this optionyou get the Multi-site License, Unlimited Domains,Top Priority Support, Free Life-timeUpdates, Free Installation Service.However, if you choose the first purchase option you can only place SEOPressor on onedomain name which is a single site license but you still get free life-time updates and toppriority support.
  4. 4. No matter which license you choose you wont be disappointed with the continuous resultsand ongoing free organic traffic you will achieve with SEOPressor.Im always happy to answer your SEOPressor questions, so ask away!Sandy Moorehttp://whoissandymoore.comComing soon: