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Sandy s.w. tp

  1. 1. QUALITY CONTROL SPECIFICATIONQuality controlQuality control is a process employed to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service.It may include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control andverification of certain characteristics of a product or service. The basic goal of quality control isto ensure that the products, services, or processes provided meet specific requirements and aredependable, satisfactory, and fiscally sound.Essentially, quality control involves the examination of a product, service, or process for certainminimum levels of quality. The goal of a quality control team is to identify products or servicesthat do not meet a company’s specified standards of quality. If a problem is identified, the job ofa quality control team or professional may involve stopping production temporarily. Dependingon the particular service or product, as well as the type of problem identified, production orimplementation may not cease entirely.Usually, it is not the job of a quality control team or professional to correct quality issues.Typically, other individuals are involved in the process of discovering the cause of quality issuesand fixing them. Once such problems are overcome, the product, service, or process continuesproduction or implementation as usual.Quality control can cover not just products, services, and processes, but also people. Employeesare an important part of any company. If a company has employees that don’t have adequateskills or training, have trouble understanding directions, or are misinformed, quality may beseverely diminished. When quality control is considered in terms of human beings, it concernscorrectable issues. However, it should not be confused with human resource issues.Often, quality control is confused with quality assurance. Though the two are very similar, thereare some basic differences. Quality control is concerned with the product, while qualityassurance is process–oriented.Even with such a clear-cut difference defined, identifying the differences between the two can behard. Basically, quality control involves evaluating a product, activity, process, or service. Bycontrast, quality assurance is designed to make sure processes are sufficient to meet objectives.Simply put, quality assurance ensures a product or service is manufactured, implemented,created, or produced in the right way; while quality control evaluates whether or not the endresult is satisfactory.Quality Control Tools • This allows the machinist to make required adjustments to the machinery in order to maintain strict tolerances of the finished parts. Using quality control tools, the machinist will observe the readings of the selected parts and adjust the machinery to maintain the proper finish readings.
  2. 2. • The establishment and monitoring of standards at department level is just as important to quality control as overseeing the overall manufacturing process. Computer technology has made it possible to use automated quality control tools to great effect. Tools of this type are constantly gathering and arranging data in formats that quality control and assurance personnel can evaluate.Quality Control Inspection • Managing the quality control process often means balancing production standards with standardized quality control inspection. For purposes of inspection, a company often uses quality checklists on which the inspector records the number, causes and frequency of product defaults. • A degree program in quality management may help students earn positions in quality control inspection. Such positions may oversee testing techniques for a particular company or manufacturer.Quality Control Testing • Quality control tests are an important part of the manufacturing industry because these tests ensure the end-users safety and satisfaction with their purchases. Quality control tests and methods are usually divided into three basic categories. • Owners and managers may need to recalibrate their production equipment or train employees on how to use the equipment. In some ways, quality control tests allow for an internal inspection to find production errors. Failing to solve the real issue behind poor quality controls will continue to result in poorly produced products.Quality Process Control • A dual major in fashion may be helpful to a quality control engineer that is seeking a job inspecting clothing, and a minor in computer technology may be useful to someone who wants to get a job inspecting electronics. There are various other requirements to become a quality process engineer. An applicant typically needs to be able to write well, know how to use a computer, have experience with certain programs, and be able to follow directions. • Professionals in the field focus on both industrial engineering principles and the utilization of human labor to ensure efficiency, safety, and quality in production. Among other tasks, a quality process engineer studies current production and quality control measures, develops ways to improve them, and trains workers on new policies.Quality Control Program • For a quality control process to be successful, specific procedures often need to be instituted with a manager or supervisor to oversee them. This person may be largely responsible for both developing a quality control program and also ensuring expectations are met. In many cases, the purpose of quality control is to ensure all
  3. 3. materials and products submitted for delivery conform to contract or customer requirements. • By employing a comprehensive and well-regulated process, maintaining quality control standards can become part of a daily routine. The first step to creating a quality control program is to determine what is legally required. Many industries must meet government quality regulations, and are in danger of lawsuits, audits, and recalls if discrepancies are discovered.Six Sigma Quality Control • give unfavorable results are modified, while those that comply with the Six Sigma quality process are maintained. DMADV—Define, Measure, Analyze, Design,. • Motorolas Six Sigma business management strategy relies on statistical analysis to optimize an organizations production process. The Six Sigma quality management system is used to measure the number of defects that occur during a process.COMPANIES PERFORMING QUALITY CONTROL SPECIFICATION:TECHNOLEADIt is quality driven company and targeting customers that appreciate quality.TECHNOLEAD is certified for ISO 9001:2008, Management System Certificate, from thefamous Det Norske Varitas. The certificate is for the following ranges:SUPPLYING AUTOMATION PRODUCTS AND ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS FORSOFTWARE AND HARDWARE SYSTEMS INCLUDING ANALYSIS, CONSULTATION,DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION AND TECHNICAL SUPPORTTECHNOLEAD Quality Procedures TECHNOLEAD services and products are carefully designed to include provisions for manufacturing and after-market support. These provisions include all documentation, drawings, instructions and ancillary equipment required. Departmental operating procedures are used throughout TECHNOLEAD to control and guide the processes of product realization and support. As required by the nature and variety of various products contained within the business divisions at TECHNOLEAD, Engineering specifies the marking requirements for each product. Product identification is maintained as required by standard control procedures for all materials from initial receipt to final product shipment. Traceability is maintained for certain product materials by established procedure and document control of quality records.
  4. 4.  Any materials received by TECHNOLEAD that are the property of others are identified through labelling or segregated storage, which remains intact until final disposition or shipment. Engineering specifies equipment to be used which meets the measurement requirements for capability. When new equipment is purchased, it is first calibrated, or purchased as calibrated prior to use. Any testing software utilized is maintained and backed up periodically by the responsible department.TECHNOLEAD Health and Safety Policy TECHNOLEAD deems its employees as the most important value and has an objective to provide a healthy and safe working environment for them and aims to eliminate work- related accidents and injuries with the measures it takes. In line with this objective, all kinds of sources will be provided by the top level management and information will be provided to the employees. For each project, if necessary, appropriate procedures and instructions are issued related with the possible risks. In the points that TECHNOLEAD works together with the sub-contractors and the suppliers that it has close business relations with, these sub-contractors and suppliers should perform works that are in conformity with the procedures and instructions of TECHNOLEAD. And TECHNOLEAD will provide required information and execute trainings. TECHNOLEAD will maintain the procedures and instruction related with worker health in easily accessible places and in the places that the works are executed in work fields. The control, application, inspection and improvement / development processes of the prepared procedures and instructions will be subject to the procedures ofTECHNOLEAD Quality Management System. The responsibility to these procedures and instructions belongs to the top level management and to the project managers in the worksites. TECHNOLEAD staff will act accordingly.Pyramid Glazing & Cladding Pvt. Ltd. It was formerly Known as AGP (Aluminium Glazing and Panel) are one of the leaders in the modernarchitectural aluminium fabrication market. They produce aluminium products of high efficiency thatare designed and fabricated as per the customers specifications. Pyramid was started in 2005 by Mr. D.Mahendiran B.E., M.B.A to meet the needs of modern architectural aluminium fabrication industry.From the inception of this company lots of prestigious projects were completed with professionalapproach and teamwork. We work in co-ordination with our customers to provide them with productsthat are in line with their business objectives and are up to their expectations.
  5. 5. Quality SpecificationALUMINIUM EXTRUSIONAluminium Extrusion used in Structural Glazing, Stick Glazing, all type of Windows, Doors.Aluminium Extrusion shall be 6060-T6 alloy conforming to BS-1474-1987. The extrusion shallbe Clean. Straight with sharply defined lined and free from distortion and defects impairingappearance, strength and durability. The extrusion shall be suitable for wall thickness and profilefor rigidity and strength in respect to tensile, shear, bending and bearing stresses, capable ofproviding local and lateral stability.FINISHThe extrusion shall be finished in electrolytic colour anodizing of approved shade and colour foran anodic coating of minimum 20 microns (+/-2 microns).GLASS FOR STRUCTURAL GLAZING, WINDOWS & FIXED GLAZINGThe glass will be approved make and will be in a position to take the required wind loadspecified by the architect. The glass samples will be submitted for approval.ANCHORAGE SYSTEMThe structural glazing system, will be fixed to the main building structure using components ofalloy steel or other materials appropriate and conforming to statutory requirements and coded ofpractices. In general, Galvanized steel bracket shall be used as the anchoring system. The typesize of the bracket is to be selected in accordance with engineering calculations to withstand 200Kg/Sqm x 1.5 times for safety factor. Mullions shall be mounted to the brackets of desiredthickness and size. All fastening and transoms shall be of stainless steel bolts and nuts withspring washers.HARDWARE FITTINGSAll screws, plugs, nuts or other fastening devices shall be of stainless steel that will not result inthe corrosion with installation. 4 bar stays stainless steel arm shall be used in openable windowsof along with peg stays for openable window.SILICON SEALANTSealant for weather seals shall be Dow Corning 789 or Equivalent. Sealant for Structural Glazingshall be Dow Corning 995 or Equivalent and shall be applied in accordance with manufacturersspecification.WEATHER STRIPPINGWeather Stripping shall be extruded Neoprene / EPDM or Equivalent and of the required size.GLAZING TAPEGlazing Tape for Structural Glazing will be special two ways adhesive Black coloured Tapeequivalent to Norton Tape.PROTECTIONThe finished surface will be protected with a self-adhesive peel -off with two layers of white and
  6. 6. black, tested to withstand at least 6 months exposure to local weather condition, without losingthe original peel- off characteristic or causing stains or other damages.QUALITY CONTROL DOCUMENTATION • Quality Control procedures shall be documented in writing for the Engineers review and approval to ensure the design integrity and performance of the as-built product. • Documentation shall include schedules, details and explanatory sketches cross-referenced to the shop drawings etc., all as required to intelligently witness and assess methods and materials; and to ensure that both the fabrication and installation are in accord with the contract documents. • The Engineer shall, if required, be given free access to the site to inspect fabrication procedures. The quality control procedures shall include but not be limited to the following items; o Materials - Visual inspection, field tests. o Fabrication - Tolerances, Joinery, Sleeves o Finish Match - Approved finish and controls required for matching the exposed surfaces. o Assembly - Welds, fasteners, sealants, gaskets, glazing, bite. o Protection - Handling, Protection, was shipping. o Anchorage - Lines, grades and related building tolerances. o Installation - Setting-out, tolerances, finish match, connections, sleeves, flashing, welds, Fasteners, sealants, bolt tension. o Sealing - As recommended by the sealant manufacture(s). o Storage - As recommended by the manufacturers. o Protection & cleaning - As recommended by the material manufacturers.FABRICATION MACHINERYS:The Company has well equipped with imported machinery like End Milling Machines, RouterMachine, Corner Cutting Crimping Machines, Cutting Machine, Pneumatic End MillingMachine etc., • Dewalt Portable Cutting Machine - 17 Nos • Bosch Portable Drilling Machine - 24 Nos • Dewalt Portable Hammer Drill - 18 Nos • ACP Revolting Machine - 11 Nos • Glass Holder(Griper) - 24 Sets • Safety Accessories - 40 SetsEXECUTION OF THE PROJECTSTThe Company has developed a number of methods for the above applications, which have beena well accepted and enthusiastic appreciated in the field of Architectures and Clients in India.The company has undertaken and completed successfully prestigious projects like: • Hotels • Hospitals
  7. 7. • Commercial Complex• Industrial Establishments• Multistory Residential Buildings• Educational Institutions of Engineering and Colleges• Commercial Malls• Government Buildings• Banking etc.,