SeeSite Company Profile - Exteriors renders 2011


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SeeSite Company Profile - Exteriors renders 2011

  1. 1. SeeSite OverviewSeeSite Constructive 3d CGI is all about using computer technology to create realistic representations of how a project, still yet in developmentstages, will eventually look.Sandy Graham has a National Diploma in Design as well as a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Graphic Information Design, and so, as more than a“computer operator”, can contribute immensely to the clients’, architects’, or contractors’ ultimate vision with a formally trained eye for gooddesign both in function and form. Sandy also, clearly, has draughtsman skills.Our clients, ultimately, get high quality realistic “renders” for review and therefore have the option to make changes to designs before the actualproject construction commences.Our clients get accurate images and/ or animations of the finished look of a project for marketing purposes.Our clients can and do save time and money in contractors’ hours, at times otherwise lost to potentially unforeseen problems, and we gainaccurate costings and materials quotas that can be assessed and appraised at the earliest development stages.How it worksWe build a computer generated, absolutely accurate, 3d “model” from AutoCAD DWGs, or PDFs; around, and through which, we can orbit andtake "renders", a sort of virtual photograph, or flythrough animations.This, in turn, leads to high quality “rendering” that includes all materials, lighting, reflective qualities, caustics and bump maps; we continuallyupdate our spanking new software in line with “Moores Law”.
  2. 2. Commercial projectsKingdom of Sheba, Jumeira Palm, Dubai. The objective for this project, (commissioned before build,) was for publicity for the resort. You can see from this series of ‘concrete’ renders how once the model is built, we can orbit around (or though) it and take ‘renders’, a sort of virtual photograph.
  3. 3. This is the same model but the render has added materials, lighting, reflective qualities, caustics and bump maps, giving us a more realistic image.
  4. 4. Buy from PlanLa Gaviota, Calvia, Mallorca The objective for La Gaviota was to generate publicity images for the project developers in a “buy-from-plan” marketing venture.
  5. 5. MarinasClub Nautic S’Estanyol Marina The objective for Club Nautic S’Estanyol was to present their plans for the marina before the concession committee. We also made a fly through video for this project, bringing a modern aspect to the presentation, getting the edge on the competitors.
  6. 6. London 2012 Olympic Superyacht MarinaThe objective for the London 2012 Olympic Superyacht marina project was for publicity ahead of the Extreme 40s match racing events that will be held in Royal Victoria Docks during the Olympics
  7. 7. Cloud 9 – Engineering solution The objective with Cloud 9 was to find a solution for the new liferaft launching system using a 3D model. The shape of the superstructure meant that 2D AutoCAD drawings were too complex an option at design stage.This model is available on request as an orbitable 3D model in PDF, ie; you can orbit this model using the same Acrobat Reader software with which you are viewing this Profile.
  8. 8. AdvantagesThe SeeSite process has always translated into a very practical solution for our clients’ objectives.Changes are easily made where a client has decided to make modifications after reviewing how a project actually will look, and prior to start ofactual build ... especially useful during the planning stages of project management and development.This all saves everybodys time, money, supplies and materials costings by making content alterations and corrections to the “virtual” model,and not to the actual finished product.Critical Path Analysis at its level best – it’s almost a false economy not to use The SeeSite Constructive Service.sandy@seesite.orgSkype; sandygrahamOffice; 0034 971142267Mobile; 0034 677449602