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This pdf includes all tips, tricks and best practices for blog commenting which everyone needs to follow to get most our of this link building strategy. For more info, plz visit:

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Blog Commenting Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

  1. 1. Blog Commenting BlueprintThe main focus while doing commenting should always be to get the commentapproved. This blueprint contains all the necessary guidelines that one needsto follow to get the most out of blog commenting. So read it carefully andimplement next time you go for blog commenting.Actually Read The Post: Reading the post you are commenting on goes a long way. You aremore likely to pick out points, spot mistakes and be able to contribute to the blog showing themoderator/blogger that you read their post in the first place. Don’t rehash what the author said by justreading the first line or paragraph of the post.Interact with other blog Commentor’s: Start a dialogue with someone in thecomments (as long as it stays relevant) instead of just leaving a general comment about the blog. It looksmore natural and chances of approval will be more. If you spot a comment with an unanswered question –reply to it with an answer. You’ve saved blogger’s time and they will appreciate it.Read previously posted comments: It is very necessary to read earlier commentsbefore posting. if there are more than hundred’s of comments it’s enough to read a few comments so thatyou can know on which topic the conversation is going on and also it will help you avoiding the commentthat anyone has already posted.Reply to the First Commentor: This one is great for posts with too many comments tocount. Simply reply to the first commenter (or the second one, if the first one had nothing intelligent to say)and your comment will be just as visible to the readers as the first one. Make sure to make a good pointthough!Use Blogger’s Name: ALWAYS, always, always use the blogger’s name when commenting.First of all, it shows respect and help you get noticed by the blogger. It’d be much better if you write “HiJames” rather than “James” and “Thank you, Victoria” rather than “thanks.” Secondly, it might be the verything that will help your comment to emerge from the spam folder should it end up there.Introduce Yourself : Bloggers are friendly people and they want to meet you. Say hello. Let theblogger know where you are from. Commenting doesnt get any easier than this. Leave a regards, sincerelyor cheers ending line and then your name.
  2. 2. Three sentence minimum: Writing a 3 sentence minimum for your comments will help youmake sure you are actually leaving a thoughtful comment behind. Blog owners can spot a stock comment(Great post! Very informative. Thanks so much!) a mile away.Add value to blog: Make sure your comment adds a great insight, another solution to theproblem stated in the post, a few more points to the post list, an alternative point of view. You can evenstart a debate; just make sure you can back it up.Don’t comment if you have nothing to say or contribute. One really insightful comment has more powerthan 100 spammy ‘great post’ comments any day.Get a Gravatar (for word press blog): Gravatar is a universal system that shows thecorresponding profile picture (avatar) to its email address, for example, if you leave a comment on a sitewith your Gravatar registered email address, on the blog instead of the default picture it will show yourcustom profile image instead. A Gravatar helps build a brand around your name which helps getscomments approved at a faster rate. Blog owners tend to approve comments with Gravatar as it gives afeeling that the person commenting is serious about his own image and not out there to SPAM blogs.You have to just create an account on Gravatar using email id which you will use for blog commenting andadd a real picture. That’s it. It will start appearing when you will comment on any word-press blog using thatemail id. You can also add more email ids (so more images also) to your account.Comment Early, Comment Often: You will get the best bang for your blog commentingefforts if you’re the first one to comment. At the least you want to be in the top 5. You will get a lot moreexposure with more people seeing your comment and link than if you’re commenter #254. Additionally, ifyou find blogs that easily accept your blog comments become a frequent commenter to increase your oddsof getting traffic back to your site.To comment early and often, we have to do a little extra work. We have to take the RSS feeds of the highPR blogs and add it to the Google Reader. Make a separate folder for each client and put the RSS feed ofblogs related to that client in that folder. Now whenever there will be new post on those blogs, we will benotified and can comment on frequently. (Let me know if you are not familiar with this, I will create amanual)Dont do mass commenting: For instance, if you see several blog posts on the samewebsite, dont submit one comment for each. It can be targeted as link spamming even though you areproviding valuable comments.
  3. 3. Make the look unique: Besides writing a unique comment, make it look unique as well. UseHTML formatting, i.e. make the text bold, italic and you can also use numbering for making the list ofpoints. Formatting will help your comment look different and stand out among are some commonly used tags:1. <strong>Makes a sentence bold</strong>2. <em>Makes a sentence italic</em>3. <blockquote>Add a quote</blockquote>4. <ul><li>Make a list – point 1</li><li>Make a list – point 2</li><li>Make a list – point 3</li></ul>Ask Questions: You can ask questions in your comment when it make sense. Bloggers appreciatethe question and tend to give answers to themKeyword or Fake Name as Anchor text: To decide upon this thing, have a look onother comments which have been approved. IF there are comments which contains keywords and havebeen approved, then go for the keyword otherwise use a fake name (preferably an opposite sex)How much time to spend: It’s tough to say an exact time we should be spending oncommenting. It will vary blog to blog. You have to decide on it keeping the following factors in mind –A) Page Rank of the BlogB) Allows keywords as anchor textC) Do follow/No follow (A Firefox Addon will do this)D) Number of commentsE) Chances of ApprovalIf a do follow blog has high PR with few comments & we can put our keyword as anchor text, then don’tmind spending some time on it. Also you can do also a little research if chances of approval are more.
  4. 4. How to Judge Approval Rate: Mainly the approval rate is the subject matter of thecomment you post. But there are other factors looking at which we can judge the approval rate of thecomment. Here are some of them:a) Previous comments approvedb) Date of last comment (more recent post, more chances of approval)KeywordLuv Blogs: KeywordLuv is a WordPress plugin that allows commentators to adddesired keywords to their name link when leaving a comment on keywordluv enabled blogs.For Example - If you enter “Steve@the best bank” in the Name field (without quotes), your comment willlook like:Steve from the best bank Says:Here Steve is the name of the commentor and “the best bank” is the keyword.So the format we have to use is “name@keyword”. We will be commenting more on this type of blogs aswe get the full link juice.CommentLuv Blogs: CommentLuv is also a WordPress plugin and works same as .keywordluv Once you post your comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs, CommentLuv checks the linkyou provided and it *automatically* posts a small snippets of text from your most recent blog post and thenlinks back to that post. The cool thing is, this happens right away... no waiting, and your comments areauto-approved!Find CommentLuv enabled blogs in your niche ->Your Keyword & “title=”CommentLuv Enabled”"keyword +”CommentLuv Enabled”keyword +”Enable CommentLuv”Find KeywordLuv enabled blogs in your niche ->Your Keyword & “Enter YourName@”Your keyword +”KeywordLuv”About Author: Sandy is owner of a online marketing agecny which helps small busines to make abetter online presence and gain higher return on investment.