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We are a professional laser equipment and body slimming manufacturer, located in China.Our main products include beauty machine, diode laser hair removal ,jet peel machine, IPL hair removal, co2 ...

We are a professional laser equipment and body slimming manufacturer, located in China.Our main products include beauty machine, diode laser hair removal ,jet peel machine, IPL hair removal, co2 surgical system , weight loss machine, ect.
In addition we also introduce advanced production equipment and employ specialized personnel to strictly monitor each productin process. Now our products are well received by large chain beauty salons、clinics、spas and hospitals, ect. If you are in need of any body slimming machine and hair removal equipment and other related produccts, pls contact us and we will always at your service.



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Charming diode laser system x6 manual Charming diode laser system x6 manual Document Transcript

  • Diode Laser System X6User ManualCHARMINGLASER
  • Technical Parameter:Laser type AIGAAS DIODEARRAYS CWWavelength 808nmPower 500Watts/300WattsWorking model HR, SHR,SRRepetition rate SHR-10HZ; HR-0.5Hz-5Hz; SR-1Hz-4HzSpot size 12mm*12mmEnergy density SHR up to 25J/cm2; HR up to 120J/cm2; SR up to 20J/cm2Pulse duration 10ms-1400msCooling Direct coupling through sapphire tipDualChill Intrgrated Skin Cooling 4°C Contact coolingElectrical 110/220V 15A max 50/60HzDimensions 400*550*1260mmWeight 55KgCHARMINGLASER
  • About Charming :Charming Electronic Technology Company is a professional laser equipment and body slimming manufacturer,located in China.Our main products include beauty machine, diode laser hair removal ,jet peel machine, IPL hairremoval, co2 surgical system , weight loss machine, etc.In addition we also introduce advanced production equipment and employ specialized personnel to strictly monitoreach productin process. Now our products are well received by large chain beauty salons、clinics、spas and hospitals,ect. If you are in need of any body slimming machine and hair removal equipment and other related produccts, plscontact us and we will always at your service.Our ownfactory--------- highqualityequipment at low priceSince 1993, we have been manufacturing IPL equipment , and have been registered for manufacturing RF beautyequipment for a long time. Over 10years of research and development of beauty products enables us to offer acomplete range of laser beauty equipment and body slimming machine. Due to this we have got the certificate ofregistration of RF beauty equipment.To ensure the quality, we establish long-standing cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers, so we areable to acquire high quality materials at low price.Add: 82# 3F Beauty Exchange City , Guangyuan West Road,Guangzhou ,China.Mobile :+86 13924179119Tel:+86-20-62670737Website:www.charminglaser.comEmail: View slide
  • Chapter 1 Brief IntroductionThis equipment is designed to conform to international standard. The operator has to be trained with correctoperation procedure. Before operating on this equipment, please read this user manual carefully. If you have anyquestions about this user manual, please contact with our company.Caution!The other controlling, adjustment or operation procedure of this equipment beyond scope of this user manual mayresult in danger to operator and patient.So before operation, the operator shall be familiar with the safety requirement and operation procedures of thisequipment.This user manual shall always accompany with this system and all the operators shall know this user manual.This manual provides product images are for reference only, actual appearance please subject to real product.1.1MaintenanceThis equipment needs periodic test and maintenance. And the procedure can be done only by professional technicalmember.If you failed in sealing for help from our company because of unclear of warranty period, please contact with ourcompany.1.2 System ReformAny system reform unauthorized by our company will lead to warranty failure. Besides our company has noresponsibility for any reformed system.1.3 Symbols & Meanings” Inch℃ Centidegree℉ Degree FahrenheitA AmpereAC Alternating Current (AC)cm CentimeterCw Continuous Wave(CW)Hz HertzIEC International Electric CenterIVF Living FIRTILIZATIONJ Joule(unit of energy) (J)J/cm2 Joules per square centimeterKg KilogramLbs. PoundLCD Liquid CrystalDisplay (LCD)LED Light-Emitting Diodem Metermm Millimeternm NanosecondOD Optical Density (OD)Rep Rate Repetition RateSec SecondHR Hair RemovalSHR Swift Mode Hair RemovalSRP SkinST Skin TightenTEC Electric CoolingV VoltageVAC Voltage ACW WattNote: Before using the instrument, please check the local laws and regulations. If it violates any locallaws and regulations,it is not authorized to use.CHARMINGLASER View slide
  • Chapter 2 Operation Safety2.1 SummarizeThis chapter describes safety of diode laser system X6, mainly optical and electrical safety.Caution!When press down emergency switch, dangerous voltage is broken. This equipment has adopted special design tominimize possible accident danger and radiation danger.2.2. System Safety TestX6 is designed to maximize safety of doctor and patient.2.2.1. Electrical Safety1. On the maintenance panel, there is an electricity breaker. When overload happens, the electricity breaker willprotect system. Turn on the equipment again, please uplift the electricity breaker;2. Software protection contains:* After starting the equipment, the system tests all the relative safety hardware.* Monitor system goes on working during treatment.* When error happens, system would show error message for operator and stop any operation.3. After starting the equipment, the connected handpiece will do self-test as well;4. After starting the equipment, electrical circuit will do self-test. This test will go on during treatment.2.2.2 Laser Safety1. Closed light conductor will lead light to skin area to be treated with. The light emits from the front part of thelight conductor;2. When emergency switch is pressed down, the system would stop running;3. The system has an emission indicator: One blue indicator locates on the top of handpiece;4. When system is ready for emission, the blue indicator will light;5. Only when press footswitch and press switch on handpiece at the same time, the laser can be emitted - it willavoid misusing;6. After starting the equipment, water circulation will cool the handpiece immediately;7. Test the temperature of water to avoid handpiece too hot; if water stops running or water temperature is morethan 40 degrees,the laser can’t emit;8. This equipment equips with medical footswitch for convenient using. It will avoid any short-circuit and increasethe durability.2.2.3 Treatment RoomThe treatment room must post a laser dangerous mark.1. The treatment room shall not place any reflective objects including mirror;2. Only allow people well trained to enter the room;3. Make sure that operator is familiar with using of this equipment and turn off system in the emergency.2.2.4 Prevention1. Read this user manual carefully before using this equipment;CHARMINGLASER
  • 2. Always keep the handpiece clean. Remember to wipe the cooling gel after each patient using;3. Be careful when moving the equipment to avoid damage on human and machine. Please handle it gently andmust not drop it down. MUST not pull handpiece to move equipment.2.2.5 Caution1. Technical staff is qualified to maintain the system,including adjust inner power, cooling system;2. Make sure that X6s voltage is coincident with your countrys. (110V or 220V)3. During maintenance, system shall be turned off and unplug power cable since turned on system may causedamage to operator or system;4. Please turn off the equipment if you don’t use it.5. Shall not let system stay at ready condition for too long time;6. Person who isn’t trained can’t operate this equipment.7. Unless the handpiece is placed on the skin to be treated with, don’t press footswitch and handpiece switch;8. During maintenance,the system could not be turned on, opened or without Person’s attention.2.3 Relative Caution about Laser Emission2.3.1 Burn HazardX6 emits invisible light with wavelength 810nm which can burn eyes with third- degree burns. Please be careful.2.3.2 Eye Injury by Radiation1. In the treatment room, it is important that all the persons (patient and doctor) wear the protective glasses;2. Even if the patient wears the protective glasses,he shall close eyes during treatment;3. If the treatment area is very close (such as eyelid) to eyes,patient need to wear cornealprotector.2.3.3 Safety GlassesScattering from diode can do harm to eyes. All the persons have to wear safety glasses. Ensure that safety glassescan provide enough protection (OD>5).This equipment is equipped with operator safety glass and patient goggles. You can order more from our company.2.3.4 Explosion and Fire Danger1. This equipment is not allowed to use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygenor nitrous oxide. Do not operate it in the presence of volatile solvents such as alcohol or gasoline;2. While using this equipment, we advise you to wear clothes with fire prevention materials and fire preventionfunction;3. Areadily accessible fire extinguisher in the vicinity of the system is also recommended.2.3.5 High Voltage HazardVoltage of this system is 220V/110V. To prevent injury, make sure machine is well installed with preventive coverbefore using this system. Do not disassemble preventive covering. X6 generates high voltage in several parts andsome parts may still has electricity after unplug the power, so only our company authorized technical personnel canmaintain the system. Never leave the system turned on or unattended during system maintenance.2.3.6 System GroundingThe system can be grounded through the grounding conductor and grounding pin in the power cable.CHARMINGLASER
  • 2.3.7 System SafetyThe system has many safety features. Clinical persons shall be familiar with the position and operation of thesesafety devices.2.3.8 Emergency Shut-OffKnobThe system has emergency shut-off knob for emergency shutdown. When press emergency switch, it immediatelydisables the power. To continue normal operation, release the emergency shut-off knob, then you can restart thesystem.2.3.9 Laser Emission IndicatorsThe system has special laser emission indicators: LED indicatorThe LED has three modes of operation:★ OFF --- When system is in Standby Mode;★ On--- When system is in Ready Mode;★ Blinking --- When laser beam is emiting (Both footswitch and handpiece switch are activated.)2.3.10 Double-tiered Laser Emission SecurityLaser beam emission is enabled only when footswitch and handpiece switch are activated at the same time.These two controlling devices help to reduce laser mistaken emission.2.3.11 FootswitchSystem uses medical footswitch to avoid short circuit and ensure footswitch durability.2.3.12 Cooling SystemThe handpiece tip adopts thermoelectric cooling method to reduce uncomfortable after treatment. During treatment,tip temperature is less than 4ºC. The cooling water and temperature are monitored to ensure no risk of overheatingof the diode.2.4 HandpieceThe handpiece is designed to ensure system safety:1. Since the handpiece generates laser, it does not need other beam launching system. On the contrary, handpiecehas an optical mixer. The optical mixer concentrates the light of thousands of transmitters together to produce thebeam of monochromatic square. As the laser beam is limited in the handpiece, there is no harmful optical radiationin the console or cable.2. While treatment,make the tip touch skin fully to reduce light deviation and improve treatment effect.2.5 System Classification according to IEC 60601-1◆ Classify according to anti-electric shock protection method: system is class-I equipment;◆ Classify according to anti-electric shock protection degree: laser tip is B type part;◆ This equipment is not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or withoxygen or nitrous oxide.CHARMINGLASER
  • 2.6 Equipment labelLocated on the service panel, label information is in the following◆ System name and part number◆ Serial number and date of manufacture◆ System power requirements◆ Conform CE standard◆ Anti-electric shock protection degree and typePower supply requirement label: Locates on power line connectorLaser emission danger label: Locates on system panelHandpiece safety label: Locates on laser emission partFootswitch label: Locates on maintenance panelFill/Drain water label: On the back panelCHARMINGLASER
  • Chapter 3 Installation and OperationSystem transportation and installation are carried out by our company authorized technical person.Main items are:Unpack the equipment and position it in its pre-selected location;Verify the integrity of this equipment and its components;Connect handpiece, footswitch and interlock system;Connect specified power outlet;Test cooling water system;Test measurement and operation function of system parts and software.Caution!Any damage or system damage when open the package, please report to our company and to the insurance carrierat once.3.1 Equipment RequirementsBefore unpacking, make sure the installation location meet the following requirements.3.1.1 Space and LocationThe working area and system location shall meet equipment good ventilation, always ensure that the system left thewalls or air obstructions at least 0.5m (20”). After determining the location, press the wheel top and pedal to lockthe wheel braked. Thus system is fixed.3.1.2 Electrical RequirementsSystem requires for an independent line voltage:Monophase 110VAC±10%, 20A, 50/60Hz or 220 VAC±10%,10A, 50/60Hz.CHARMINGLASER
  • The input power should be no transient current, voltage and current spark, no power vertical and surge. Input powershall have no transient current, voltage and current spark, no power vertical and surge. So this system shall beseparate from other high-power electric equipment, such as elevator, air conditioning, the giant motor.When connected with external power supply, system is grounded through the grounding conductor in the powercable. Proper grounding is very important for safe operation.Caution!Ensure that use local correct power line (110 or 220 VAC).This equipment adopts independent lines and separated circuit fuse. Unless the system use dedicated circuit, itcannot be sure work normally.3.1.3 Environmental RequirementsAir quality:The system should work in a non-corrosive atmosphere. Corrosive substances such as acids can damage thesurface of the wires, electronic devices and optical components. Dust in the air should be kept to a minimum. Thedust particles absorb light and produce thermal effects, while thermal particles will damage the surface of theoptical components. Metal particles will corrode the electronic equipment.Water quality:The system must use deionized water (pure water or distilled water).Temperature and Humidity:Work temperature:10-30ºC (50-85 F)Storage temperature:0-55ºC (50-1310 F)Work relative humidity: Max 80%Storage relative humidity: Max 90%Note!Prolonged use produces heat, it is recommended to install air-conditioning in the room.3.2 Screen ConnectionThe screen is easily installed and disassemble. And the screen should be install on the front and top of the system.After unpacked, please fix the screen with screws as picture showed below:Fix screen with screws.CHARMINGLASER
  • 3.3 Handpiece Rack ConnectionThe rack should be installed on left side of the system. Please install and fix it with screws as picture showedbelow:3.4 Handpiece ConnectionThe handpiece is designed to be easily changed and have safety prevention. Handpiece is connected on the front ofthe system. When insert or unplug the handpiece, you have to press the button and clockwise turn the button 90Degrees. Put the handpiece on the handpiece rack to protect handpiece.3.5 Footswitch ConnectionTo improve safety of system while using, it is equipped with a footswitch. Only when footswitch and handpiece arepressed down, laser can be emitted. Please connect the footswitch onto the power supply panel on the back of thesystem螺钉固定位螺钉固定位Fix the rackwith screws.footswitchconnectionOpen and lockHandpiece rackPowercabletiPower switch2 FusesFill water/releaseRelease airCHARMINGLASER
  • 3.6 Fill WaterWater quality will greatly influence the system working and laser output, please use deionized water only!The cooling water tank must be filled with deionized water. Change water per month to ensure normal working ofsystem.Filling water procedure:1. Tack off cover of TANK-EXHAUST to release water tanks water.2. Connect funnel with WATER/DRAIN (Following picture).3. Fill 3L deionized water. When water flows from tank-exhaust, stops filling water.4. Put on TANK-EXHAUST cover again and take away filling water tools.5. Connect power.6. Start equipment and let it run for 5 minutes without activity.7. Be ready for treatment.Note!MUST not fill running water into the water tank, but fill deionized water only!Please be sure to let system run for 5 minutes before usage after each water add/ change. This process makeswater have enough time to run over from handle to water tank and to detect system fully.3.5 Release WaterWater should be released when system is placed in environment where temperature is lower than 4ºC or whensystem is on delivery.1. Take off cover of TANK-EXHAUST.2. Put a container (about 3L) near the rear panel.3. Connect a clean water pipe with Water of the equipment.4. Water will flow out until there is no water in the tank.3.6 TransportationPlease followe these steps to move system:1. Put handpiece in its rack.2. Unplug power code and footswitch.3. Release water.4. Release wheelss lockers.5. Slowly push or pull system with handles in front or back.CHARMINGLASER
  • Chapter 4 System description4.1 IntroductionThis chapter is a detailed description of diode laser system, including main components, controlling parts and eachsubsystem.4.2 ApplicationX6 diode laser is a compact system with wavelength 810nm. The energy can go up to 120J/cm2.The whole system is constituted by main system, footswitch and handpiece. During treatment, handpiece wouldtouch fully on skin and laser pulse comes by pressing footswitch and handpiece at the same time.The tip on top of handpiece has been done with cooled system to lower skin temperature continuously duringtreatment.4.3 ComponentsMain System*1 LCD Screen*1 Handpiece*1 Rack*1Footswitch*1 Water Funnel*1 Power Cable*1 Tank-Exhaust Cover*1Goggles*1 Operator Glasses*1 Keys*2 Fuse(15A)*2CHARMINGLASER
  • 4.4 X6 Casing IntroductionNote: the above pictures are for reference only, please object to real machine.4.5 Product Marks10.4" touch screenHandlePlug-in holeWheelEmergencyPower KeyHandpiecHandle RackanticreepiAirDraiWater/DrainFootswitch Fuse Powerline anticreeping switchTank-ExhaustEmergency SwitchHandpieceWheelsCHARMINGLASER
  • 4.6 Program Introduction4.6.1 Main Screen DisplayThe screen shows mainly parameters and treatment areas.4.6.2 Error DetectionThis equipment equips self-detecting device. System is continuously monitored by password lock. Softwarecontinuously detects the error of hardware. If it find error, it will show error information.4.6.3 Control panelIt includes:Emergency shut-off knob --- Red, mushroom-shaped button, which is used for shut off system in the emergency;LCD screen --- It supplies system;Key switch --- Start the system after turning off equipment.4.6.4 Cooling SystemCooling system contains:1. Water cooling system2. Thermoelectric cooling system (TEC)3. FanCaution!To avoid overheating and system functional faults, must not stem the air exit hole. Water CoolingClosed-loop system operates with deionized water to achieve water cooling. Its purpose is to make laser cavityhave a longer life. Cooling system contains heat exchangers, water containers, water pump and particulate filter.For security, when water temperature gets to 40℃,laser energy emission function fails.4.6.4..2 FanTwo fans are separately used for water cooling and system cooling.4.7 Laser HandpieceIt contains diode laser array, light crystal, medical protection window, cooling fins, handpiece trigger mounted inthe handpiece and indicator.Mark 1Power SupplyMark 2Laser SafetyMark 3FootswitchMark 4FuseMark 5Fill Water/ Release WaterMark 6Release AirCHARMINGLASER
  • Caution!The handpiece contains precise optical components. Components may suffer serious damage after falling. Becarefulwhile in use and in delivery.4.8 Plug-in Type ConnectorThe plug-in connector for handpiece is located in front of the system. Please press and ring the button clockwise90º or counterclockwise 90º when install or uninstall the handpiece.4.9 FootswitchFootswitch is brake pedal. It is connected with connector on rear panel. Only when footswitch and handpieceswitch are pressed at the same time, laser can be emitted. These two controlling devices help to reduce lasermistaken emission. Only when system is at Ready mode, footswitch and handpiece switch can be started.4.10 Parameter Setting ModeUser can control equipment by selecting different parameters:1. Application mode2. Energy density3. Repetition frequency4.11 PauseFor security, if there is no need of immediate laser emission, the equipment shall stay at Standby situation. Ifoperator leaves treatment room, the equipment shall be turned off.4.12 Parameter Specifications4.12.1 OutputLaser type :★ Single Pulse Laser★ Double Pulse LaserWavelength: 805nm~815nmEnergy Density: HR mode: up to 120J/CM2SHR mode: up to 25J/CM2SR mode: up to 20J/CM2Pulse Repetition frequency: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 10.0 HzSpot size: 12mm*12 mm4.12.2 Operation and ControlSystem control● LCD touch screenLaser emission indicator● OFF: No laser emission● While laser emission, indicator continupus lightCHARMINGLASER
  • 4.12.3Appearance Dimensions400mm*500mm*1260mmWeight: 50 KG4.12.4 Power Supply110VAC 20A,50Hz220VAC 15A, 50Hz4.12.5 Other SpecificationsHandpiece: Multi-purpose, UnpasteurizedSkin cooling: Thermoelectric, 4℃, Continuous, skin touch cooling4.12.6 ClassificationCDRLlaser classification, comply with 21CFR1040.10: Section IV classLaser classification, comply with EN60825-1: Section 4 classProtection against electric shock mode: I class equipmentProtection against electric shock level: B type equipmentCHARMINGLASER
  • Chapter 5 Control and IndicatorThis chapter is detailed description of operation method for diode laser system.Caution!● According to local law of each country, only allow authorized person to operate this equipment.● This system provides laser danger labels.● Improper operation of the system and the changes will affect the instrument’s warranty. Operation not mentionedin the user manual shall be allowed by our company.5.1 Error DetectionThis equipment equips self-detecting device. System is continuously monitored by password lock, circuit breaker.● LCD shows error information and system stops;● The system will make sound tone which lasts longerUnder this situation, you shall turn off the equipment and restart the equipment. If error still exists, refer to Chapter7---Troubleshooting---More notes.5.2 Preparation Before Operation1. Connect the power line;2. Make electricity show ON;3. Insert key and release emergency switch;4. Connect handpiece with equipment;5. Connect footswitch with service panel;6. Make sure that all the persons in the clinic room wear suitable safe glasses.5.3 System OperationBefore operating this equipment, you shall:1. Start equipment (Refer to 5.3.1)3. Enter languages selecting interface (Refer to 5.3.2)4. Enter mode selecting interface (Refer to 5.3.4)Caution!1. Before laser emitting, make sure that all the persons are well protected from laser or reflected.2. To protect eyes from injury and discomfort, make sure that all the persons in the clinic room wear glassesrecommended by our company.3. Even though wear suitable safe glasses,you cannot look laser in the eyes or through reflective objects.4. Never emit laser without touch skin. Laser only emits to skin to be treated with.5.3.1 Start System1. Make sure that emergency switch is released (release it by clockwise turning);2. Make anticreeping switch show ON;3. Turn key switch 90 degrees;4. Screen shows “0% Loading…”. At the same time, system make self-test. If self-test success, screen shows“100% Loading…”.CHARMINGLASER
  • 5.3.2 Selecting LanguagesThe system X6 provides 3 modes of languages for option: English, Spanish and Chinese.5.3.3 Selecting Working ModesThe system X6 provides 3 working modes for option: HR, SHR and SR.Click the working mode you want and go into related mode parameter selection interface. E.G. clickgo into HR working mode interface.5.3.4 Introduction ofHR Working Mode5.3.4.1 Interface ofHR working modeCHARMINGLASER
  • Click and interface will go into the HR parameter setting interface.Note: "SKIN TYPE" is default skin type 1 when login the interface. Skin type selectionYou can select skin type I-VI from "SKIN TYPE"table here:Each skin type has relative default parameters.Energy decreases from skin type I to skin type VI.Skin Type Frequency Energy level Energy level scope levelⅠ 1.0 27 1-120 Default levelⅡ 1.0 25 1-100 Default levelⅢ 1.0 23 1-80 Default levelⅣ 1.0 21 1-60 Default levelⅤ 1.0 19 1-40 Default levelⅥ 1.0 17 1-20 Default level5.3.4.3 Parameter adjustmentAt "FLUENCY J/cm2)" area, click and to decrease and increase energy output.At "FREQUENCY(Hz)" area,click and to decrease and increase laser pulse frequency.CHARMINGLASER
  • Note: on HR mode, FREQUENCYcan be 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz,3Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz.We suggest that you use lower frequency first and use higher one when you are familiar with this laser X6.Click "READY" to get laser X6 prepared for treatmentClick "STANDBY" to logout ready status.Click to get back to working mode selection interface.5.3.5 SHR Working Mode5.3.5.1 Interface ofSHR working modeClick and interface will go into the HR parameter setting interface.Note: Energy of FLUENCYis default 10J/cm2. Parameter adjustmentAt "FLUENCY J/cm2)" area,click and to decrease and increase energy output.Note: At SHR working mode,the laser output frequency has default 10Hz.CHARMINGLASER
  • Click "READY" to get laser X6 prepared for treatmentClick "STANDBY" to logout ready status.Click to get back to working mode selection interface.5.3.6 SR Working Mode5.3.6.1 Interface ofSR working modeClick and interface will go into the HR parameter setting interface. Parameter adjustmentAt "FLUENCY" area,click and to decrease and increase energy output.At "FREQUENCY(Hz)" area,click and to decrease and increase laser pulse frequency.CHARMINGLASER
  • Click "READY" to get laser X6 prepared for treatmentClick "STANDBY" to logout ready status.Click to get back to working mode selection interface.5.4 Emitting LaserCaution!When system is at Ready status, the indicator light on handle will light on (RED).When system is at Ready status, laser emits once pressing footswitch and handpiece switch at the same time.Note!When system is at Ready status, you are not able to adjust parameters; if you want to adjust parameters, please goback to Standby status.1. If cooling system isn’t blue, must not begin treatment;2. Make sure that tip has aimed at skin where should be treated with before press footswitch;3. After pressing footswitch, press handpiece switch. Only when the two switches are pressed down at the sametime, the laser can emit;4. Total pulse number used will show5. Release handpiece switch or footswitch, laser will stops emitting.Note!If you press handpiece switch or footswitch only by accidence,laser will not emit.5.5 Detection System in X65.5.1 System TestAlarmWhen system find system error during treatment or standby mode, system will note “System Error”.Click can login the detection interface.Cooling system indicator lightCHARMINGLASER
  • 5.5.2 Routine Test ParameterState: This interface is the self-detection interface of diode laser system X6. It will real-time monitoring water flow,water temperature and crystal temperature, etc. In this interface, when all numbers in "Electricity" and " SU" showsin green means all is in normal station. If any of the numbers shows in red, it means that part is abnormal andsystem cannot go on working.Detection Parameter Table:Detection ParameterSymbolIdentity ofSign Status DisplayI1 Hall sensor collecting circut Number displayI2 Power current output Number displayI3 Power current output Number displayV1 Power voltage output Number displayV2 Power irradiation/ non-irradiation Ok or NGK1 Power dead-stop/ normal Ok or NGD1 Power launch/ non-launch Ok or NGNOTICE:1. "OK" means the working is in normal status;2. "NG" means the working is in abnormal status;3. "Number display" refers to the value of real-time detection, "Number in green" means the working is normal,"Number in red" means the working in abnormal.5.6 System Shut Off1. Go back to Standby mode;2. Turn off system by turning key switch counterclockwise 90 degrees;3. Turn OFF the Electricity breaker;4. Unplug power supply;D2 Power overpressure/ normal Ok or NGQ1 Power shortcircuit / normal Ok or NGJ1 Power open circuit / normal Ok or NGX1 Power overcurrent/ normal Ok or NGW1 Water inlet current of laser generator Number displayW2 Water outlet current of laser generator Number displayT1 Inlet water temperature of laser generator Number displayT2 Outlet water temperature of laser generator Number displayW3 Water line lower limit directive Ok or NGT3 Temperature of crystal Number displayWX1 Detection of inlet water current circuit of laser generator Number displayWX2 Detection of outlet water current circuit of laser generator Number displayTX1 Detection of inlet water temperature circuit of laser generator Number displayTX2 Detection outlet water temperature circuit of laser generator Number displayTX3 Detection of crystal temperature circuit Number displayX3 Detection of crystal temperature circuit Number displayCHARMINGLASER
  • 5. Clean handpiece (refer to Chapter 6)6. Put handpiece on handpiece rack.Note!You can press down the emergency switch to shut off the system if necessary and can release it when problemsolved.Never leave key switch in the system to avoid unauthorized person using equipment.Chapter 6 System MaintenanceNormal maintenance can be carried out by non-authorized technical person unless it is specially stated.For health, please keep equipment and handpiece clean after each treatment.Caution!Please maintain equipment after turning off equipment and unplugging power supply or it may harm person andequipment.6.1 Regular MaintenanceRegular maintenance ensures best working condition.Authorized technical persons should check by following operations every 6 months:· Total system test.· Inner test,including cleaning accumulated dust.· Use energy meter to check laser output power.· Cooling system:1. Test water level; If needed,add deionized water2. Change ion filter;3. Clean water tank4. Check the seal ring of ion filter connectorCaution!System’s inner part shall be tested by professional technical person only!6.2 Service InformationMatters of this system are relative to serial number on the rear panel. It is necessary when we are doing after-salesservice for you.Caution!Unmentioned, unauthorized maintenance and modify can make radiation to operator.Unsuitable using and adjusting this system may lead to warranty agreement invalid.6.3 Normal MaintenanceThe below maintenance process should be finished by operator.Caution!CHARMINGLASER
  • System causes high voltage and laser radiation after connecting with power. So before maintenance, please turn offequipment and unplug power cable.Maintenance insides the machine should be processed by technical persons.6.3.1 Clean and DisinfectionUse cotton with 70% alcohol to clean system cover.6.3.2 Clean HandpieceCheck handpiece everyday, including test its integrity and its crystal. If handpiece cannot clean easily, please usewet cotton.Use cotton with 70% alcohol to clean crystal after treating with each customer.6.3.3 Change FilterCooling system has deionized water and this will prolong laser lamp lifetime. To ensure water quality, coolingsystem is installed ion filter.Change filter once a year at least (we suggest you change it each 6 months) and the procedure can be finished byoperator.Changing Ion Filter Procedure:Take out :1. Release water form system.2. Open cover of system on right side and you can see the ion filter.2. Press the connecting keys (A and B) to make ion filter leave them.3. Lightly pull the ion filter form the clip.4. Throw away the used ion filter.Installation1. PressAand B;2. Connect ion filter connector with Aand B;3. Make ion filter go through the clip;4. Close the cover.5. Add water again,make system run for 5 minutes and then you can operate it.CHARMINGLASER
  • Chapter 7 Troubleshooting▲X6 diode laser system has self-test software and it will monitor system operation.▲When it finds error, LCD screen will show error information.▲The error will stop the system but operator has to turn off system by key switch and power switch.▲If situation unmentioned in this chapter happens, it should be handled by technical person. Please contact us first.▲ Don’t try to disassemble or open system’s cover if not authorized.7.1 WarrantySystem warranty is one year.Unsuitable using and adjusting this system may lead to warranty agreement invalid.7.2 TroubleshootingThe below table shows the proper error message/alarm information, reasons and solutions. If this form can’t helpsolve problem, pls contact with us.Error Message/Alarm Reasons SolutionsOut of order System trouble. Restart / contact with us.Error nothing Test system has trouble. Restart / contact with us.Key-stroke of handle failure Handle does not well-connected.Turn off the system, re-connect the handleand restart the system.Foot switch failure Foot switch is not well-connected.Re-install the foot switch and restart thesystem.Water current alarm (W1, W2)There is no water inside the machine;Water current sensor has wrong detection;Water pump is not working.Fill water into system fully;Restart system after 1 minutes waiting.3. If problem not solved, please contact us.Water temperature (T1,T2)Too high water temperature;Temperature sensor has wrong detection.Restart system after 5 minutes waiting;If problem not solved, please contact us.No display after key switch on.Emergency switch is locked up;Power switch on back of system is lockedup;No power supply;Screen has no display.Restart system by clockwise rotatingemergency switch;Uplift power switch;Check if there is power supply and ifpower plug is well-connected;If problem not solved, please contact us.No cooling when laser isworking.Not enough time for cooling;Hardware failure.Wait for 1-2 minutes;If problem not solved, please contact us.Laser does not come out whenpressing foot switch andhandle.System is in standby status;Foot switch does not service panel;Foot switch faulty.Switch over to Ready mode;Check the connection of foot switch;Change a new foot switch.Crystal temperature alarm (T3)Too much temperature on crystal;Temperature sensor has wrong detection.Wait for 5 minutes after turning off system;If problem not solved, please contact us.Water line alarm (W3)No water in water tank or there is noenough water there;Sensor has faulty detection.W3 showing red means water line lowerlimit, please add water;If problem not solved, please contact us.Laser power alarm (K1) Too much power output. Go to the alarm interface and press ResetCHARMINGLASER
  • Laser power has problem. to restart system;Reinstall the handle and restart the system;If problem not solved, please contact us.No display on screen.Wrong signal between screen and maincontrol panel;Signal line is not well-connected.1. Check if the screencorrectly install and restart the system;If problem not solved, please contact us.CHARMINGLASER
  • Chapter 8 Clinical Guide8.1 IntroductionThis part can provide help to professional person who operates laser diode system. This chapter descripts how touse this equipment, how to prevent danger and warning information. Please read the chapter 1-7 before reading thischapter.8.2 Applications and Indications1. The laser diode system can be used for hair removal on body and face. It can achieve hair reduction permanently.The system is expected to be used for all skin types.2. The hair removal process is based on selective photothermolysis principle. This method is to destroy hairregeneration. It rises hair follicle temperature high enough to destroy hair generation cells, but it will not damagethe epidermis and surrounding tissue.3. The unique cooling technology make laser shoot to hair roots, at the same time, the cooling protects the skin andsurrounding tissue, improves patient’s comfort.4. Diode with 810nm wavelength is suitable for removing excess hair. The effect is stable, long or permanentreduction.8.3 ContraindicationsCancer,especially skin cancerPregnancyUse photosensitive drugs and traditional Chinese medicineDisease easy activated by 810nm wavelengthSun exposure or tanning 3~4 weeks before treatmentSkin to be treated with has inflammationScar tumor historyDiabetes (dependent on insulin injections)Sensitive skinEndocrine disorders (light irritation)Use anticoagulantEpilepsyBlood coagulation history8.4 Side-Effect after TreatmentDiode system is similar to other laser technical products. Normally it can cause controllable or uncontrollableinjury to tissue:◆Erythema and edema may happen and l last for severalweeks in 2-24 hours after treatment;◆In 48 hours after treatment, patient may feel allergic, itching, mild burning sensation or pain symptoms ontreated skin;◆After treatment, there may appear blisters, skin necrosis or surrounding skin ppears pigmentation. They exists forseveraldays or severalweeks and they may obvious;◆Eyes may get injured if people in room do not wear glasses;◆It is very important to observe the reaction of skin during the treatment. Improper usage or energy is too highCHARMINGLASER
  • may cause injury and other effects.8.5 Other Possible Effect during Treatment◆Discomfort --- During laser emission, some patient feel discomfort; Some feel like bitted, others feel likeflagellated lightly or burning sensation lasts for one hour after treatment. Most patient can tolerance the treatmentand some patients need anesthesia before treatment;◆Skin texture damage --- In some cases,the patients blister who may need to do routine wound protection;◆Pigmentation change --- Pigmentation of treated skin may change. IV and VI skin types may appearpigmentation or pigmentation reduction, and this may happen to patients who has exposed to sun one week beforeor after treatment. Some patients may cause pigmentation even if he does not expose in sun. These pigmentationsdisappear gradually in 3 to 6 months. Only in rare cases,pigmentation will leave;◆Scarring --- Scarring is very rare, such as proliferative hypertrophic scars or keloids. Compliance with this clinicguide before and after treatment can be effective in reducing the scarring possibility.◆Excessive edema --- After treatment, nose and cheeks appear temporary edema. Usually edema disappears inseveralhours or lasts for severaldays;◆Fragile skin --- Treated skin and surrounding skin becomes fragile after treatment. If this happens, dont make upand do massage right after treatment.◆Bruises --- After treatment, purple bruising may appears and lasts for several days. When bruises disappear, theskin turns red and the color disappears in 3 months.8.6 Eye Protection◆It is very important for all persons in the clinic room to wear safe glasses;◆Eye’s optical density is 5 (OD>5);◆The patient has to close eyes during treatment, even if he wears safe glasses;◆If patient could not wear glasses,he can use eye patch to completely prevent glare into eyes;◆If treated skin is very close to eyes or eyelids, use cornealboard to protect eyes.8.7 Vision Safety◆Avoid glare into eyes;◆Eye shall not straight on emitted laser or reflecting surface,even if it wears safe glasses;◆While operating pause,the system is set to standby mode to prevent laser emission with negligence;◆Only when the light aims at skin to be treated,you press footswitch and handpiece switch.8.8 Fire Safety◆The hair of treatment part shall be removed. If it is necessary, place disinfectant soaked gauze near the treatmentarea;◆Ensure that you can get fire extinguishers at any time;◆Avoid using combustible paper products or ensure that they have been volatile before laser/optical radiation;◆This equipment is not suitable for use in the presence of combustible or anesthetic;◆The oxygen pipe has to be laser safe.8.9 Application ModeEach application mode contains predefined pulse parameters: the mixed-mode rate, warm-up pulse segment andtotal pulse width of treated pulse segment;Mixed-mode --- Energy is transported with pulse processing method which is controlled by proprietary software.During treatment, warm-up pulses and therapeutic pulses are mixed by this method to become the optimal pulse forthe skin type.CHARMINGLASER
  • Pulse width --- Each pulse duration (from warm-up to treatment segment) is in milliseconds. The operator set thesystem pulse width according to pulse type key via software control.8.10 Energy DensityIn each treatment, the operator set the energy density output (joules/cm2). Energy density is: total energy (joules) ofselected pulse type/ spot size (cm2).Scattering of a large spot (12mm*12mm) is minimal. So the result is sustained energy output and deeperpenetration; the greater the energy density, the higher temperature of target hair tissue, surrounding tissue andepidermis.8.11 Before TreatmentThe parameters are depended on skin type, hair color, hair type, hair intensity, etc. Once treatment parameters arechosen, you should shave hair, clean treated skin and remove all hair and scrap that may affect treatment.8.12 Cooling TechnologyThe cooling technique reduces the initial skin temperature to protect it before, during and after treatment. It canreduce discomfort and increase energy to maximum without increasing adverse effects.Dense hair (30-40 hairs /cm2 ) produces higher temperature because each cm2 has more melanin. Surroundingtissue will produce excessive heat and hurt tissue and so the more bushy, use lower energy.8.13 Take PhotoWe recommend taking photos before and after treatment to record treatment results.8.14 Surface AnesthesiaThe system incorporates a unique mixed-mode and dual cooling technology. Patients can still use anesthetic (suchas EMLA) to avoid any feeling. The anesthetic is usually coated in the preoperative period of time (1 hour).Remove all narcotic residue before treatment.8.15 Explanation before Treatment8.15.1. PrefaceConsult physician for the first time:◆ Bring detailed medical record, including previous treatment method and check whether the skin is appropriateto accept the system treatment;◆ The patient who accepts prolonged sun exposure or artificial sunbathing within 48 hours before treatmentcannot do treatment;◆ Patient who will accept prolonged exposure to sunlight cannot do treatment;◆ If skin to be treated has herpes simplex history, the patient needs preventive drug treatment before treatment;◆ Identify patients;◆ Discuss with patient about treatment goals.8.15.2. Consolation ServiceThe physician shall tell patient following at the first consolation:Understand why the patient seek treatment and his or her expectations.Discuss with patient about :CHARMINGLASER
  • ◆Laser treatment needs multiple treatments and a few months time;◆It may cause some discomfort or pain during treatment;◆It may cause temporary erythema and edema after treatment;◆Skin gradual recovery may last for severalmonths;◆Have a very small possibility of adverse effects,such as skin color changing is usually temporary.8.15.3. Skin TestEnergy is the key for best treatment effect and minimal adverse effects. Usually patient should make a skin testwith following parameters before treatment:Fitzpatrickl-VISkin typeHair type Treatment times (Scope) Energy AreaI Thick 6 10 12*12Thin 9II Thick 6 10 12*12Thin 9III Thick 6 10 12*12Thin 9IV Thick 6 9 12*12Thin 8V Thick 6 8 12*12Thin 7VI Thick 6 8 12*12Thin 7Advice: wait for 30 minutes for I-III skin, wait for 45 minutes for IV-VI skin and see skin reaction.8.16 TreatmentStart after selecting treatment parameters.Caution!Extensive heat transmission may hurt skin and cause skin hypertrophy, atrophy or abnormal pigment and othersymptoms.1. Ensure that the patient comfortably lie on the operating table and wear goggles.; All personnel have to wear safeglasses. Operator can easily touch treated area.2. Clean perfume, make-up residue and sunscreen of skin.3. Check the handpiece and make sure it is cold.4. Select appropriate settings and save selected parameters. The operator can treat with patient who has the samesituation, using the same parameters.5. Make handpiece perpendicular to skin and touch skin; Gently press the end of handpiece on skin to make fulltouch.6. After starting treatment,check skin at any time to observe its response.7. Carefully diagnostic test results.8. If get desired effect,continue treatment with the same parameters.9. Press footswitch and handpiece switch to start treatment.CHARMINGLASER
  • 10. From time to time to view the color and hair follicle morphology of treated skin (erythema and edema). You canalso smell hair burning even if parameters set is appropriate.11. If adverse effect (such as excessive redness) happens before good response of hair follicle, please reduce energyto reduce hurt. Reduce damage by decreasing 5-10% energy or adjust pulse type to a larger value.12. If skin has no adverse reaction or morphological changes,you increase energy 5-10% to get expected effect.13. Cool skin right after treatment.Caution!Laser can lead to serious eye damage or blindness. In order to improve safety, the patients need to wear gogglesduring facial treatment.NoteDo not treat with hair whose color is lighter than surrounding skin.8.17 Treatment ParametersThe parameter reference setting is based on the user experience. In addition, users can select and set parametersbased on real practice. Treatment parameters includes skin type, hair density, laser energy density and repetitionrate.Note: the average treatment area is 12mm*12mm. You can adjust treatment times based on the real treatment area.8.18 Post-Operative CareAfter treatment, put cool (not frozen) water bag/towel on treated skin to reduce edema and discomfort. You can alsouse cooled & soaked gauze.Pay attention to prevention of injury in 4 hours to 5 days after treatment and avoid hot bath, aerobics and massage.● Sun exposure --- Patients need to smear a high index of sunscreen (the SPF>30) and avoid direct sunlight in amonth after treatment. Postoperative exposure can cause pigment regeneration, resulting in pigmentation.● Make-up --- make up can be applicable in daytime. During this period, skin is sensitive. Avoid hurting skin orget infection when removing make-up.Fitzpatrickl-VISkin type Hair typeTreatment times (Scope)EnergyEnergyIThick8 (6-10)10Thin 9IIThick8 (6-10)10Thin 9IIIThick8 (6-10)10Thin 9IVThick8 (6-10)9Thin 8VThick8 (6-10)8Thin 7VIThick8 (6-10)8Thin 7CHARMINGLASER
  • ● Other advice --- Patient shall avoid strenuous exercise or similar activities within a few days untilrecover completely.8.19 Follow-upThe following is follow-up suggestions and the patient can test his own situation according to these:◆ Usually, the patient can accept more treatments in 6-8 weeks after treatment. The time is different according todifferent treatment result and hair growth cycle.◆ If no need for more treatments, patient shall accept checking again in 3-4 months after treatment or patientshall accept checking when hair growth in treated area.◆ If parts of hair is removed, patient shall accept checking again in 6-8 weeks after treatment.◆ If you observe no changing, change treatment parameters, do more treatments, adjust interval time to let newhair grow in different parts (growth cycle) and different individuals (sex, hormones).◆ Recommend patients to avoid sunlight during treatment process.8.20 Finish TreatmentThe professional person judge when finish treatment or decide according to patient satisfaction of treatment goal.CHARMINGLASER