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Finger print

  1. 1. SRI RAMAKRISHNA INSTITUTE OFTECHNOLOGY Pachapalayam, Coimbatore-641010 PAPER PRESENTATION… Title Name: FINGER PRINT LICENSE…V. SASI KUMAR,Email:SOFTWARETECH@ymail.comContact Number: +9198655 53629
  2. 2. Biometrics : the body, and include but are not limited to: fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, Biometrics (or biometric palm print, hand geometry, irisauthentication) consists of methods for recognition (which has largely replaceduniquely recognizing humans based retina), and odour/scent. Behavioralupon one or more intrinsic physical or characteristics are related to the behaviorbehavioral traits. In computer science, in of a person, including but not limited to:particular, biometrics is used as a form typing rhythm, gait, and voice. Someof identity access management and researchers have coined the termaccess control. It is also used to identify behaviometrics to describe the latterindividuals in groups that are under class of biometric.surveillance. More traditional means of access control include token-based identification systems, such as a drivers license or passport, and knowledge- based identification systems, such as a password or personal identification number. Since biometric identifiers are unique to individuals, they are more reliable in verifying identity than token and knowledge-based methods, however, the collection of biometric identifiers raises privacy concerns about the ultimate use of this information. Biometric identifiers are thedistinctive, measurable characteristics AVANTE BIOMETRICused to identify individual. The two REGISTRATION SOLUTION FORcategories of biometric identifiers NATIONAL ID, VOTING, DRIVINGinclude physiological and behavioral LICENSE AND OTHERcharacteristic. Physiological APPLICATIONScharacteristics are related to the shape of
  3. 3. Incorporating biometrics of an efforts in enhancing national andindividual is now critical aspect international security, ICAO is nowwhenever security, safety and privileges promoting passport system that usesare involved. Driver license besides RFID smart card chip embedded withinidentifying individual having specific the pages of passport book to improveprivilege to drive, is also one form of the security against tampering andidentification commonly used for counterfeiting.identify individuals like a form ofnational ID card. As such, they must be AVANTE has extensive experience andsecured against counterfeiting and patented technologies in providingtampering. Voter registration application identification registration system andmay be a sub-set of any national ID badge and card issuing for varietysolution requiring additional efforts of applications from driver licensing,the voters in qualifications. national identification, voter registration, and commercial applications such as access control system and visitor and show attendee registration and badging applications. Besides using traditional specialty printing and holographic digital images for anti-counterfeiting and tampering prevention, AVANTE uses RFID and data encryption for additional security. The traditional counterfeit AVANTE Driver License Managementprevention uses optical hologram and System (DLMS) and optional Nationalspecial printing inks and features similar Identification System (NIDS) use web-to that of printed money. Still one can based technology or centralized andfind many websites representing controlled database solution address the“services” to provide fake driver license business, user acceptance and technicalof related identification. With additional components required. AVANTE has
  4. 4. experience and staff that have image, fingerprint image and/orsuccessfully developed, installed and digitized signature and personaloperated all facets of Driver License and data encloded with AVANTENational Identification Management patented relational check codesSystem. to prevent tampering and counterfeiting (US 6,961,000) Online and onsite driver license,AVANTE Biometric national identification, voterRegistration Systems and registration form design, printSolutions include the following and distributioncomponents: Handheld RFID smart card reader system for stationary and Digital facial image capture mobile authentication of RFID Fingerprints digital image smart cards capture and minutia templates Activities based track-and-trace formation using patented RFID smart card Dynamic digitized signature dtechnology (US 6,883,710) capturing with AVANTE Implementation logistical and patented “movie” of signing for project management full biometric authentication (US System integration including 6,694,045) procurement and delivery of all RFID smart card driver license components cards with photo-image, .NET web-based automated data fingerprint image and/or capture technology for both digitized signature and personal onsite and online application data encloded AVANTE patented relational check codes to prevent tampering and counterfeiting (US 6,961,000) RFID smart card national ID and/or voter cards with photo-
  5. 5. Staff checks for accuracy and completeness of data before capturing voter biometrics. Image capturing: AVANTEs Biometric Voter Registration Solution captures facial images in conformance to the quality requirement of ICAO and in compliance to ISOOVERVIEW AND standard 19794-5.APPLICATION Programmed to automaticallySPECIFICATIONS capture multiple sequential facialOriginal voter filled registration form images over a period of secondsimage scanning and data capturing: to ensure that choices are available with both eyes open. AVANTEs Biometric Voter Automatically checks for Registration Solution creates and brightness to ensure acceptable prints voter registration with image quality. OMR automatic data capturing Optional manual cropping to format with unique form ensure facial image quality. identifiers. Voters complete the forms by filling in the ovals of the OMR Fingerprint Capture and forms. Voter registration staff Verification: may assist those that need help in filling out the registration form. Captures and stores finger The form is scanned and the images into templates of minutia personal and demographic data is in compliance with ISO 19794-2 automatically captured. for use in automatic finger
  6. 6. identification (AFIS). (1:1 Support for multiple databasematching) platforms as well as flat file dataFinger image data are stored in structures.BMP and compressed file Live feedback to operatorformats. These images may be instructing on placement andconverted with current or future movement of fingersgeneration software fingerprinttemplates for processing(primarily used for identification Signature collection:or 1:N matching) Direct digital signature capturingAVANTEs Biometric Voter using electronic signature pad.Registration Solution has been Optional dynamic biometricengineered to capture multiple signature may be captured andfingerprint image samples from used for additional biometriceach finger and ensure all authentication.samples have sufficient image Alternatively, digital image ofquality and is convertible into the signature can be capturedtemplate minutia. using document imaging scannerAutomatically detects and with at least 300 dpi resolutionensures that fingerprint images from the original voterare captured with acceptable registration form.contrast ratios, sufficient ridgequality and includes the detection While physical biometrics are moreand prevention of partial finger definitive in identifying an individualprints on the sensor. whenever applicable. In some casesSupports a variety of fingerprint when physical biometrics cannot be usedsensor technologies including based on privacy objections, dynamicinteroperability between many signature biometrics may be a goodsensor types and manufacturers. option for such identification applications. AVANTE patented D-Sign dynamic signature technology represents
  7. 7. one of the advanced solution that that would require biometriccaptures the "movie" of how the markers on all states driverssignature is made and authenticate by licenses within five years,comparing the same. according to federal legislation the pair filed Wednesday.BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE Reps. Jim Moran, a Democrat,AUTHENTICATION - Digitized and Tom Davis, a Republican,Signature With Full Signature want a drivers license to carryBiometrics Using Less Than 300 Bytes the drivers retinal scan, fingerprint or some other kind of The first digitized biometric biometric marker within an signature capturing how the encrypted chip in the license. signature is signed with full Critics charged that the "movie" rather than traditional legislators are trying to evade template data. popular opposition to a national Patented most efficient biometric ID card by creating what would capturing method using less than in a sense be a national drivers 300 bytes (US 6,694,045, license. "Generation and verification of a digitized signatrue) for signing process with replayable "movie". Compatible with standard Conclusion : signature pads and Pocket-PC, Windows and Palm operationg Technologies for scanning systems. fingerprints have evolved over the past years. The traditional method which is used by law enforcementBiometric drivers licenses agencies for over a hundred yearswithin five years? now is making a copy of the print that is found at a crime scene or any Two Virginia congressmen have other location and manually proposed a $315 million program examining it to find minutiae.