Evaluation Question 2
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Evaluation Question 2






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Evaluation Question 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Evaluation Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  • 2. Our brief for our ancillary task was to create 2 posters, one being a filmmagazine front cover and the secondbeing a single page spread film review for the magazine. I believed it was essential that the individual productsworked well together with the short film production.
  • 3. Ancillary Task - Poster
  • 4. ImagesThe images used on the Ancillary task poster were takenduring the photo shoot with the cast. I manipulated theseimages on Photoshop to fit the poster. I cropped and thenblended them into the background image so the actorsappear to be coming out of the background and changedthe image to make them look more like cartoons, I felt thiswould be appropriate as action comedies tend to showhumour in their film posters.
  • 5. BackgroundI decided to be very creative and make my background looklike an explosion, I did this as I felt it fits well with the genre, beingan action comedy. A typical convention of action films are thatthey tend to have a lot of explosions. I also added ‘BOOM’ and‘POW’ to connote this. There are images of grenades andtargets coming out of the explosion to suggest the genre of thefilm will be action. I have also added a clock at the bottom lefthand side, this helps show the significance of time, and our shortfilm shows a loud ticking clock at the beginning, again toexaggerate that there will be a race against time, which tendsto be the case in the majority of action films. This is the image of the explosion I created, I did this using Photoshop, and gradually added the significant elements around it, such as the target and grenade. The remaining parts of my background have been left a plain white as I did not want to over power the poster with too many colours.
  • 6. FontsI downloaded the font for my main image using awebsite called ‘Dafont’. The font really appealed tome and I felt it fits the poster very well. It seems to havean Austin Powers look to it and fits the poster very well. I downloaded this font using ‘Dafont’ I then edited it to make it fit the poster. I decided to keep the font in capital letters as it looks strong and bold as in action films. The font used for the cast names is the same as the title although it is not in capital letters, its similar to a fonts used on comedy posters therefore I felt it was appropriate.
  • 7. ColourI’ve stuck with a colour scheme of 3colours, black blue and grey with awhite background. As the majority ofthe audience for the production aremales I decided to go with a strongshade of blue. Magazine posters tendto stick with 3-4 main colours so theydo not look to over powering, I havealso stuck with this.
  • 8. Codes and Conventions when researching film posters I realised there were many codes and conventions to consider when creating a film poster, I have stated the main ones below. Tag line Main image Cast names title Ratings/ Film Credits Quote BBFC Company Film website logo/name Date/InFacebook/Twitter cinemas page
  • 9. Ancillary task – Single page spread
  • 10. ImagesBelow is the main image I have used for my magazine reviewpage. After researching many magazine reviews I found the mainimage tends to be taken from a specific moment in the film,therefore I decided to print screen a shot from the final filmproduction and add it onto my review page. I feel this gives aprofessional look to the review page and the picture fits well. Bothof the main characters are also present in the image. The imagehad to be edited using Photoshop as the lighting was very dull, Ichanged the filters to heighten the contrast and brightness whichlead to my final picture (below)
  • 11. Fonts The fonts I used are similar to those in magazines. I used ‘Times New Roman’ for the main article, this is a font which is very popular and tends to be used most. It is familiar with the audience and very easy to read.I decided to change My tagline is athe font of the title typical style youfrom the regular would see in astyle. They usually magazine. I triedtend to be plain and to duplicate this tobold, however I make my reviewwanted mine to page lookmatch the genre of professional. Itthe film, therefore I consisted in usingdownloaded my 3 different fonts ofown font and different sizes.adjusted it to fit theproduction.
  • 12. ColourAfter researching Film Review pages I foundthe colours tend to be very subtle, I decidedto stick with this as I wanted my finaloutcome to look professional. I decided touse Orange, Red and Grey as my maincolours, these are the main colours used in‘Empire Magazine’ a film magazine, and Idecided to use their colour scheme as aguideline for mine. However I altered thetones to be slightly brighter as it looked alittle bit dull.
  • 13. Codes and Conventions Looking at existing posters I found there are many codes and conventions to include on a film review poster, I have stated these below. Main image border Tag lineRelease date Plot Title cast Article (columns)Running Time Verdict Page number Company name Date Magazine name Web address