The Ultimate Marketing Success Checklist

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Download your FREE copy of 'The Ultimate Marketing Success Checklist' - A $97 Value, FREE!. …

Download your FREE copy of 'The Ultimate Marketing Success Checklist' - A $97 Value, FREE!.

This exclusive Checklist provides you the Mega-Vaulable 20-point checklist to help you avoid the critical marketing mistakes that almost every marketer makes, (without knowing it) saving you time and money.

And, after you check out the Ultimate Marketing Checklist you may want to also check out because it promises to help you Build Your Next Marketing Plan and Marketing Calendar FOR UNDER $10 BUCKS in 7 Minutes or less. Believe it or don’t... the choice is yours.

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  • 1. Price $97.00 **** SPECIAL REPORT **** “The Ultimate Marketing Success Checklist” Checklist Provided By: Sandy Barris Business Marketing Services 8823 Satelite Dr., Suite 107 White Lake, MI 48386 248-335-8080Please share this checklist with your friends, family & colleagues Also, Visit these Websites for More Proven Marketing Ideas and Marketing Help: Sign-Up Now For Free Marketing Secrets Copyright ©2011 Sandy Barris. All rights reserved.
  • 2. The Ultimate Marketing Success 20-Point Checklist1. Your marketing and sales pitch employs AT LEAST one of the following 7 Key Drivers, and preferably all 7. (If not, start over): ■ Fear ■ Guilt ■ Flattery ■ Exclusivity ■ Greed ■ Anger ■ Salvation2. What follows are the 13 most powerful and evocative words in the English Language. If your marketing message is not spiked with these, go back and insert them wherever you can. ■ You (Your) ■ Money ■ Guarantee ■ Love ■ Results ■ Proven ■ Safety ■ Free ■ Save ■ Easy ■ New ■ Health ■ Discovery3. Your marketing and sales pitch DOES NOT USE any of the following words: "We," "Us" or "Our(s)." (If it does, get rid of them. Replace them with “You or Your”). ■ Yes ■ No4. Your marketing and sales pitch is emotional (rather than analytical and highly rational). ■ Yes ■ No 8823 Satelite Dr., Suite 107 • White Lake, MI 48386-3355 P: 248-335-8080 F: 248-335-8766
  • 3. 5. "Your future client doesnt give a damn about you, your company or your product, service or idea. All that matters is, Whats in it for me?" –Sandy Barris You are not emphasizing your company or yourself over the benefits of your product, service or idea? ■ Yes ■ No6. "People want quarter-inch holes, not quarter-inch drills." -MBA Magazine Your marketing and sales pitch highlights benefits- what this product or service will do for you (e.g., Think of it! You can create quarter-inch holes)-not features (e.g., We want to sell you a quarter-inch drill). ■ Yes ■ No7. “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” - David Ogilvy Your headline is the ad for your marketing message. Is it strong enough to stop someone dead in his or her tracks to continue on the slippery slide of your message? ■ Yes ■ No8. You make an offer: (It’s amazing how common this is, but not common sense). ■ Yes ■ No9. "You cannot sell two things at once." -Dick Benson You are not giving the prospect too many choices and causing confusion. ■ Yes ■ No 8823 Satelite Dr., Suite 107 • White Lake, MI 48386-3355 P: 248-335-8080 F: 248-335-8766
  • 4. 10. The right offer should be so attractive that only a lunatic would say No." -Claude Hopkins Your offer is the very strongest one you can possibly make. ■ Yes ■ No11. Your company name, address, phone number and Website address appear on every piece of marketing you ever do. ■ Yes ■ No12. You include a guarantee of some kind. ■ Yes ■ No13. You include testimonials from happy customers, clients, patients or donors. ■ Yes ■ No14. You have a built-in mechanism that allows the reader, viewer or listener to respond: ■ Yes ■ No15. You make it easy to respond. ■ Yes ■ No16. You have a fail-safe system in place that enables you to measure the response of every marketing campaign. ■ Yes ■ No17. You are ready to immediately follow up to all who respond. ■ Yes ■ No 8823 Satelite Dr., Suite 107 • White Lake, MI 48386-3355 P: 248-335-8080 F: 248-335-8766
  • 5. 18. Included with your product or service are foolproof instructions. ■ Yes ■ No19. If the marketing effort is successful, you can turn on a dime and repeat it over and over and over again to a new list of future clients. ■ Yes ■ No20. Twenty percent of your marketing budget is for testing. ■ Yes ■ NoThe key here is you have to promise methat you will use this marketing checklist.Scout’s Honor!Because, you know that if you keep marketing the way you alwaysmarketed, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.Commit yourself to using this proven checklist andI guarantee your marketing response will go through the roof.Dare Something GreatSandy BarrisPresident - Business Marketing ServicesCEO - FastMarketingPlan.com248-335-8080 8823 Satelite Dr., Suite 107 • White Lake, MI 48386-3355 P: 248-335-8080 F: 248-335-8766
  • 6. BUSINESS MARKETING SERVICES Life Get Really Exciting When Your Marketing Starts WorkingFor people who are almost (but not WEBSITE LANDING DEVELOPMENT Why doquite) satisified with the response of mostBecause a website is not ainglorified brochure, its a off? companies investment their Website never paytheir marketing—and can’t quite direct response sales and marketing tool. It must have a very focused objective, driven by good copy, compellingfigure out what’s missing. offers, and plenty of visitors. We can help you achieve that.DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING is totally unique WEBSITE TRAFFIC GENERATION is crucial. Itin its ability to target prospective customers with laser doesnt matter how good your website is if nobody gets there!precision, and deliver a complete and compelling sales We have five years of experience in search engine placementmessage to them at very low cost. With direct response and a profitable track record in the powerful but complexmarketing you can establish a solid presence in your new "Pay Per Click" GOOGLE ADWORDS strategies.prospects or customers mind and consistently generate sales WEBSITE TRAFFIC CONVERSION to paying clientsand profits. is equally important. It doesnt matter how many people visitI’ve designed direct mail campaigns that reliably bring $7.79 your Website if they dont do what you want them to do onceof sales for every $1.00 spent on marketing. Is that a good theyre there! Our potent combination of informationinvestment? Sure beats the stock market lately! Contact me marketing, development of compelling offers and responseto discuss your project in detail. mechanisms, and good copywriting makes your web traffic profitable.COPYWRITING Good advertising copy is without doubtone of the most underestimated business power tools. A Bottom line: if your Marketing Response, Sales, Cashflow orskillfully crafted and integrated sales message - via web, Profits are not where you would like them to be, call me atdirect mail, or print advertising - can transform your 248-335-8080. We’ll invest a few minutes on the telephone,business literally overnight, and reliably generate sales for for no cost of course and I’ll be able to determine if I can helpyou for years. Good copy is THE overriding factor that you.determines whether your advertising works for you, or if its Let me leave you with this thought.just wasted money. If you really knew how to increase your marketing responseThe true test of a good copywriter is always in the numbers. wouldnt you be doing it already ? In most cases it isnt aDo his ads, sales letters and web projects make the telephone matter of knowledge it is a matter of simply doing somethingand cash register ring? What kind of Return On Investment and testing they produce? Sanford Barris has a proven track record in With that said, if you are frustrated because your marketing iswriting results-accountable direct response copy for costing you a fortune instead of making you money and youbusiness-to-business marketing, both for direct sales and are almost (but not quite) happy with your results and justlead generation. dont know how to improve them. Well I do and I am happyADVERTISING especially when combined with help, can completely eliminate cold calling for your To Your Continued Success,sales people and position you as an authority in your field.Skillful advertising can differentiate you from everycompetitor and make you a formidable opponent in themarketplace. Sandy BarrisFrom lead generation with multi-step marketing campaigns Call Now 248-335-8080to one-step direct marketing campaigns, we can create an P.S. Check out,advertising mix that reliably and profitably brings you andbusiness with minimal investment and "manual labor" sales for many marketinggrunt work. strategies, secrets, tip and tactics. 8823 Satelite Dr., Suite 107 • White Lake, MI 48386 P: 248-335-8080 F: 248-335-8766
  • 7. Discover The Lazy Business Owners Way To Create A Marketing Plan & Calendar FAST! Now YOU Can Shortcut The Creation Your Next Marketing Plan & Calendar! Your Exclusive Fast Marketing Plan Membership INCLUDES: • Pre-loaded industry marketing plan templates; • 100% customizable marketing calendars for make a few quick changes and be ready to view, your product, service and business... print and download in only seven minutes! • Sign-up Online & Start Instantly. Almost immedi- • Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Manager ately after your online order is accepted youll create and Business Owners tools to save time & your next marketing plan and calendar. Start using money... Fast Marketing Plan within minutes of payment... • How to go beyond the “usual” marketing and busi- • 8 categories of proven marketing tactics ness ideas! including the new Social Media Marketing... • Youll discover over 997+ profitable ways to • The easy to use, paint-by-number interface saves market your business including detailed you time, effort and money... descriptions of every marketing tactics, how • 24/7 Access to the Members-Only Area that they can be used and a typical starting contains marketing ideas, tips, secrets, budget... strategies and other free marketing materi- • The Monday Morning Marketing Tactic als you can use to create your marketing E-mail Reminders to get your week off to a fast plan, find more clients, and generate more start... profits... • Save Money • Gain a competitive advantage Save on advertising agency fees by using • PLUS, well set aside as much time as is proven marketing plan templates! needed to answer your specific questions • 7 Ways to Increase client retention using proven about building your next marketing plan! relationship-building tactics... • And so much more... Still Under $10Sign-Up Now —You’ll Be Glad You Did