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Management lessons

Management lessons



Management lessons

Management lessons



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    Management lessons Management lessons Presentation Transcript

    • IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 1
    • IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 3
    • • Leaders make their own rules• Necessity is the mother of invention IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 4
    • IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 5
    • • Leader should make a fair deal with his/her team. Remember how Coach Kabir selected the captain of the team• Individual Goals are also important along with organizational goals. Remember two girls fighting for having more goals• In today’s competitive era, team building & spirit is the best way. Remember those who didn’t work they were out of the team• Leader should not hesitate in taking hard decisions IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 6
    • • Each and every member of the team should work & f i g h t f o r c o m m o n g o a l . R e me mb e r M c D o n a l d f i g h t .• Conflict are always the part of organization. Leader s h o u l d k n o w h o w t o d e a l w i t h i t . R e me mb e r t h e fighting of coach with the experience players.• Stress has always been the concern in all o r g a n i z a t i o n s . R e memb e r t h e 7 0 m i n u t e s o f t h e f i n a l match. IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 7
    • • Every employee should be punctual in his routine work. Learn Time Management . Remember in the beginning one of the player came late and she was punished .• Company should always do the SWOT analysis of their own organization . Remember coach was telling the strong and weak points to team players.• Always talk straight with your team. Remember coach was always strict & straight with his team players IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 8
    • IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 10
    • • Progress of a child is measured by outcomes & results of examination• Agenda in everybody’s life are common . Teachers & Parents always want good score of children . But it doesn’t work always• In today’s 21 st Century, both parents are so much busy in their work that they forget what child wants & in which way they want. IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 11
    • • Parents & Teachers both should do a job of friend & mentor with children .• Always understand that which way will be the best to explain children . We people lack in them.• Explain in simple language while imparting lesson to them. IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 12
    • • Education = understanding children & learning experience• Its all about creativity, numbers, connection with words, people, events, etc.• Best way to explain children is with pictures. They will remember it for the life time.• Nothing is better than happiness . IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 13
    • • Underst anding & respect ing each o ther’s role is t he import ant st ep o f co - operat ion• Today w e get loads o f complain o f children, it ’s because o f t he dist urbing gaps in classrooms .• O ur Educat ion syst em o f India needs t o upgraded .• All educat ion inst it ut es must have high level o f commitment & wide participation with deep interaction & l ong t erm benefits . IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 14
    • To Summarize “Being Literate does not suffice, being a ranker does not suffice, being clear with conceptsdoesn’t suffice but how educated you are today is the key thing to remember” IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 15
    • IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 16
    • TERRORISM MANAGEMENT For them, Market is Country & their people Have long term planning with different strategies all the time to attack country Provide rigorous training to terrorist on how to operate weapons. Work in team & tasks are divided in several groups They are also given huge amount of incentives if their attack is successful and provided they are not caught They always have a leader who directs them on how to attack the country They do make plans, organize them, in which direction they want to go and how to control the situation >>Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 17
    • TERRORISM MANAGEMENT Terrorism is like a politics in an organization wherein people are also paid ransom amount to shoot some person who are innocent. Here person is dead while in organization employee is fired. It is a pure business of religion, money & death. Even attacks and bomb blast have failed to blast as police force of country find the bomb. Same way products do get failed. They do have 3 levels – Top Management, Middle Level & Bottom level. People at the bottom level assist middle level to complete their mission Terrorists work on the motivation theory of X & Y i.e. positive & negative towards mission Before recruiting, terrorists under go physical check up for their fitness Terrorists are also taught to commit suicide, to stay hungry. IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 18
    • • Indian Airlines flying to Kathmandu was hijacked and 1 was stabbed with the warning attack . “This is the situation of Controlling”• Top level - LET the main person, Middle level – terrorists working under them and lower level always assist them• Mumbai Attacks – approximately 10 terrorists came in team & they divided themselves in a group of 2-3 and then attacked several places.• Maoists are paid huge incentives and are promoted too. It is a business of 1500 crores IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 19
    • • If we compare this with organization the only difference will be:“ ” IIPM AHMEDABAD 09-11 20