What do you look like?


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Physical Description
By Jose Maria Jaramillo Salazar

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What do you look like?

  1. 1. What do you look like? Mr. Jaramillo
  2. 2. hair Long Brown hair Short blond hair Straight black hair Bald Curly red hair Mustache and beard
  3. 3. Age Young Middle aged Elderly Handsome Good looking Pretty Looks
  4. 4. Height Short Fairly Short Medium height Tall Very tall Fat Build Plump Thin Well-built
  5. 5. To describe people appearence we can do it using possesive pronouns or the verb have/has What do you look like? I’m short and thin. My hair is medium length and black . My eyes are small and dark brown. What do you look like? I’m tall and well-built. I have short and black hair. I have big and dark brown eyes.
  6. 6. What does she look like? She is short and slim. Her hair is short and blond . Her eyes small. She has green eyes. What does he look like? He is medium height and thin. He is bald . His eyes are green. He has small eyes.
  7. 7. What does he/she look like?
  8. 8. Can you describe yourself. Write a short paragraph about you and tell your classmate what you look like. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, choose a person in your class and make a short description about him/her. Read aloud and the class will guess who you describe. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. Complete the paragraph, using his, her, or the verb have/has Do you know this famous group from Mexico? Well if you don’t know who are they, let me introduce them. Anahi is one of the girls, ______ is medium height, ________ hair is long, wavy and dark brown. She _______ beautiful eyes. Alfonso is the tall and thin boy, he _________ short black hair. __________ eyes are dark brown. Dulce Maria is not very tall. She is slim. _________ hair is long and straight. She _________ dark brown eyes. Christian is thin. He _________ blond short hair. He __________ dark brown eyes. Mayte is pretty. ________ hair is long and black. __________ eyes are big and dark brown and she _________ a beautiful smile.
  10. 10. Before and now What does Luis Miguel look like? He is good looking. He is tall and thin. He has brown short hair. He has dark brown eyes. What did Luis Miguel look like? He was good looking. He was short and thin. He had brown long hair. He had dark brown eyes.
  11. 11. Maria Felix was a beautiful woman. She was medium height and slim. She had brown wavy hair. She had dark brown eyes. Mario Moreno was a talent comedy actor. He was medium height and thin. He had brown short hair. She had dark brown eyes.