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Unit 1 Level 1 Introducing Yourself
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Unit 1 Level 1 Introducing Yourself


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Tittles, Greetings and Goodbyes, Personal and Adjectival Pronouns, Verb to BE, Countries and Nationalities, Giving and Requesting Personal Information

Tittles, Greetings and Goodbyes, Personal and Adjectival Pronouns, Verb to BE, Countries and Nationalities, Giving and Requesting Personal Information

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  • 1. Nice to Meet You Introducing yourself M.D. Sandra E. Meza Peña SEMP
  • 2. Titles, Greetings and Good Byes SEMP A woman I don´t know Ma´am A man I don´t know Sir My friend Juan, Ana, . . . Divorced woman or man Mrs or Mr Reyes Widow woman or man Mrs or Mr Cantu - Women -Single or married females Ms. Lopez - Women -Single females Miss Perez - Women - Married females Mrs. Rodriguez - Men - Single or married males Mr. García Status Titles
  • 3.
    • Hello, Mr. Tellez
    • Hi, Mario
    • Hello there!
    • Good afternoon, Miss Gonzalez
    • Good evening Maria
    • See you later Mrs Leija
    • See you guys!
    • Bye Toño
    Titles, Greetings and Good Byes SEMP
  • 4. SEMP
  • 5. Personal Pronouns SEMP
  • 6. MY PERSON, WHO AM I? SEMP They Ellos, ellas You Ustedes We Nosotros It Eso (una cosa o un animal) She Ella He El You Tú I Yo Personal pronouns Pronombres personales
  • 7. Practice No. 13: Which is the correct pronoun? they they they he it it it he you we it we she they it we you she they they SEMP _____ The week 20 _____ The women 10 _____ The house 19 _____ The dogs 09 _____ An eraser 18 _____ Rosa 08 _____ Luis 17 _____ The children 07 _____ The teacher and you 16 _____ Pedro and You 06 _____ The students and I 15 _____ Jesus and I 05 _____ A pencil 14 _____ The book 04 _____ The man 13 _____ The woman 03 _____ The men 12 _____ Maria and Pepe 02 _____ You, Pedro and I 11 _____ Jorge, Roberto and Juan 01
  • 8. SEMP
  • 9. Pronouns + BE SEMP
  • 10. MY PERSON, WHO AM I? SEMP are The birds are They are The boys and you are You are The boys and I are We is The dog is It is Sonia is She is Pedro is He are You are You am I am I BE Persons Verbo BE Personal pronouns
  • 11. Complete using the verb to BE
        • Mr. Rodríguez ______ Mexican.
        • Mrs. Martínez _______ 26 years old.
        • They ______ friends.
        • I ____ happy.
        • It ______ a hammer..
        • The girls ________ thirsty
        • Manuel and Tomas _______ in the laboratory.
        • Sofia _______ pretty.
        • Miss Gonzalez _______ in the house.
        • I ______ from Montemorelos.
    is is are am is is is am are are SEMP
  • 12. MY PERSON, WHO AM I? SEMP are They are You are We is It is She is He are You am I Verb to BE Personal pronouns They ´re You ´re We ´re It ´s She ´s He ´s You ´re I ´m Contractions
  • 13. SEMP
  • 14. Adjectival Pronouns SEMP
  • 15. Adjectival Pronouns SEMP father Their sus de ellos (ellas) Their They teacher Your sus de ustedes Your You class Our nuestro(s) Our We tail Its (the dog) su(s) de eso Its It bag Her su(s) de ella Her She house His su(s) de él His He name Your tu(s) Your You friend My mi(s) My I Nouns Adjectival Pronouns Pronombres adjetivales Adjectival Pronouns Personal pronouns
  • 16. Choose the correct Pronoun
        • This is my father. (Her / His / Your) name is Jack.
        • This is my mother. (Her / His / Your) name is Margaret.
        • This is my sister. (Her / His / Your) name is Linda.
        • These are my brothers. (Your / Our / Their) names are John and Paul.
        • And (I / My / You) name is Charles.
    • RICK: Hello, I´m Rick.
    • LIZ: Hi Rick, my name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz . Nice to meet you.
    • RICK: The pleasure is mine.
    • LIZ: Where are you from , Rick?
    • RICK: I´m from Monterrey , I´m a regio , and you?
    • LIZ: I´m from Montemorelos , I´m an ombligona girl.
  • 18. SEMP
  • 19. Countries and Nationalities SEMP
  • 20. Where are you from? England / UK English Canada Canadian United States American Portugal Portuguese Mexico Mexican Japan Japanese SEMP
  • 21. Where are you from? Russia Russian Brazil Brazilian France French Egypt Egyptian Korea Korean Spain Spanish SEMP
  • 22.
    • I´m from Spain.
    • I´m Spanish.
    • He is from Italy.
    • He´s Italian.
    • They are from Australia. They´re Australian.
    Where are you from? SEMP
  • 23. SEMP
  • 24. Now, It´s time for practicing in the book! SEMP Contact: [email_address]